Dealer Room
Monster Bash JUNE 21-23, 2019

Dealer Tables are $250 each (discounted if you buy early) and come with two vendor badges per table. Tables are six foot by 30 inches for MONSTER BASH!


Get your dealer table for the June BASH right now, CLICK HERE.


Or, request a dealer packet to be mailed to you: creepyclassics@creepyclassics.com. We are most interested in vendors selling items related to classic monster films.

Dealer Ballroom Hours:

Friday 3P-9P (events go to 2AM)

Saturday 10A-6P (events go to 2AM)

Sunday 10A-5PM


Dealer set-up times - Thursday before Bash from 7PM-11PM and Friday of Bash from 8AM-3PM.

Dealers will be happy to fill your coffins with classic monster merchandise and earth from your native land.

MONSTER BASH is a conference and expo that focuses on the classic horror and science fictin films of the silent era through the 1960s...and it's pop culture that swept generations of kids from the 1950s through the 1980s.

Dealers scheduled to arrive via Carpathian Mountains at MONSTER BASH:

CREEPY CLASSICS - Thousands of horror and sci-fi films on Blu-Ray & DVD. You ask for it, most likely, they got it. Plus horror & sci-fi CD soundtracks from the classics, monster magzines, posters, tee shirts and collectibles. Sponsor of the Bash!

SCARY MONSTERS MAGAZINE - The monster mag publisher and advertising sponsor of the Bash. Don's line includes Scary Monsters, the new Castle of Frankenstein and Journal of Frankenstein. Plus, he features one of the largest collections of classics mags and mail order ghoulish goodies.


Alternative Images - Scott Kelley is back with Alternative Images. The great new classic monster resin kits are on hand. Get those garage monsters for your shelves!


Another Mad Production - It's Tony from eastern Pennsylvania with tables packed with rare, vintage CDs, Euro horror and a variety of monster collectibles.



B-Movie Cast - Mary Rotolo crries on the legacy of the great B-Movie Cast! Check out the T-Shirts and B-Movie merchandise!


Beast Wreck Art Stuff - Jared Moraitis will be Bashing with his Beast Wreck line of art! T-shirts, stickers, prints and more. Creepy cool!


Billy Jacobs - Hand made monster wood art, monster font collections, original art and more!


Black Forest Studios - Terrence Muncy - Artist and Filmmaker with over 25 years in the field...From Comics, DVDs, Line Art, FX Make-Up work, Creature and set fabrication.


Bob East - Caricatures and Horror Art for a Monster Boom Generation!



Bob's Bin of Bargains - He's crazy, he's insane!!! Everything MUST go. The master of the liquidators of monster goodies.



Brad Braddock - Author and classic horror fan, Brad Braddock has written the prequel to Bela Lugosi's WHITE ZOMBIE. Talk to Brad about his research and, by all means, get this great book! Plus -- a new double feature of bloody horror to be debuted at Bash -- the new books DEATH DOTH HOLD NAME by Barad Braddock and NIGHT OF THE IRON MONSTER by Kurt McCoy.


Brian McGuire Sculptures - Brian and Lisa McGuire bring the coolest collection beautiful monster garage model kits and fabulous art pieces.



Bruce's Monster Memorabilia - From the wilds of New Jersey, where the Jersey Devil roams...here comes premiere collector Bruce Tinkel and his wonderful wife Sharon. Bruce has the most amazing selection of rare paper, from original posters and lobby cards to super rare DVDs, magazines, pulps and vintage collectibles from your favorite horror and science fiction films!


Charles Penick - Horror and Science Fiction movies for your collection!


Chiller Theatre - Kevin Clement - The premiere monster expo from New Jersey...Chiller Theatre and its creator Kevin Clement at BASH! Kevin is one of the biggest monster memorabilia collector's in the country and will no doubt have some great stuff at his table!


Christopher Gullo, Author - Christopher has written three Hammer related books of interest to all Monster Bash attendees: In All Sincerity - Peter Cushing, The Films of Donald Pleasence and Ralph Bates - A Biography.


Cineimages - Albert is in from Canada with a big selection of vintage original horror movie posters! You won't want to pass these up.


Cinema Wasteland - Ken and Pam will be landing in the Crypt with a HUGE selection of hard-to-find videos, posters, lobby cards, 8X10 photos and a wide array of cool items. And they'll tell you about Cinema Wasteland!



Colin Richards - Artist! See he beautiful, and yet monstrous, artwork at Monster Bash. Check out his prints and originals.


The Creature Crypt - Mask-maker Christian Quarantillo is bringing an amazing collection of latex monster masks to Bash this October.


Above: David Hardy pictured with Lisa Marie (Vampira in the film ED WOOD).

David Hardy - Classic monster artist that totally captures the essence of our heroes! Don't miss stopping by his table near The Witch's Dungeon for prints, commissions and original artwork that rocks our Monster World.


The Distaster Area - That's what our parent's used to call our rooms, right??!! Well, Mike at The Disaster Area has gathered together all that cool stuff we used to let pile up in our rooms. Monster models & toys. Monster Pop-Tops, MPC monsters, plastic monster models, resin kits...he's got it for screaming sale at the Bash.


"Drac" - TV Horror Host - Horror Host Hall of Famer Bob Kokai who is "Drac" of Frank and Drac (Allen Christopher and Bob Kokai, respectively) which aired on channel 19 WOIO in Cleveland, OH from 1987-1988. Meet Drac and in person and find out more!


Fifth Dimension Films - Juan is back from the BLack Lagoon in Florida with DVDs, original movie posters, and other movie collectibles just for you!


Galacticfish Productions - From San Antonio, Texas it's Mike Fisher, Starlog comic artist! Retro cool prints and t-shirts!


Ghosts in the Attic - Mike Squires returns to MONSTER BASH with a treasure trove of creepy cool stuff from the attic....that is haunted! Real frightful finds at his booth.


Malcolm Gittins - Monster Kid Artist - Malcolm, is a tried and true blue Monster Kid with art awards from both the Rondo Classic Horror Awards and a Monster Bash Lifetime Achievement Award (The Forry). See his art, original and prints, plus t-shirts and more. Don't miss Malcolm, a long-time Basher!



Gunga Jim's Drive-In - From the Monster Kid Lounge to your Monster Bash....Gunga Jim is back! The TV Horror Host with fun shows on DVD and loads of classic monster collectibles. Spooky service with a smile.



Hollywood Canteen - Rare, original movie posters, lobby cards and vintage paper! Look for your favorite horror and science fiction rarities with Mike Orlando.



Hollywood Hounds - Original movie posters, lobby cards and other paper collectibles from Hollywood's ghoulden age.


Hurd's Outpost - The vintage autograph dealer....one of the best in the country with a huge selection. Keith and Ramona have been with Bash sine the beginning.


John Del Gaudio - Rare collectibles of all types: film, original lobby cards, original posters, books, magazines. DVDs and more.


John-Paul Checkett's Haunted Five-and-Dime - John-Paul is back with the creepy cool stuff that Monster Kids love. Rare CDs, DVDs, monster toys and premiums that you will love.



Kartoon Comics - Casey Knoll was born, and has lived in, Pittsburgh her whole life. While the other girls in her class wanted to be princesses and put on make up, she wanted to read comics and watch cartoons all day.  Fueled by animated escapades like Batman: The Animated Series and The Powerpuff Girls, she dreamed of one day creating her own comic book with her own characters.  Today, that dream's finally been realized.  She hopes you enjoy her stories and characters as much as she enjoyed creating them.

“I'm always practicing and striving to improve my art.  Always be yourself, and NEVER let anyone tell you your dreams are worthless. As long as you keep working hard and never give up, you can achieve anything.”


Kingslayer Design - Michael Moore's company of design. Make your inner self show with what you wear and how you play.
Kingslayer is screen printing, embroidery and game publisher.



Kitley's Krypt - Jon is back with all those great horror movie books you had as a kid...and WANT to buy to reclaim your childhood. Handmade monster pillows, tote bags, and the best collectibles around.


L & L Collectibles - 16mm films, 8mm films, monster models, collectibles of all types....Lou Franchetti has it all!


Laura Inglis - Comic book heroes, sci-fi adventures, ghouls and monsters! Laura's at has all the stuff we love. Check out Laura's table at Bash. Don't miss it!


Leonard's Lair of Loot - Comics, movies, books....lots of used stuff in good condition....cheap!



Maria's Monsters - Featuring monster magazines, pulp magazines, Weird Tales, golden age comics, E.C. Comics, monster models, dolls, action figures, I.D.W. E.C. artist editions, horror books, filmscript books and more! Your monster man is Tim McDermott.



Martin Grams - Old Time Radio source on CDs and cassette for that drive home from the Bash. Plus, rare DVDs or classic films. And, meet Martin, author of scores of books on the golden age of entertainment! Make sure to check out their stock at the show! Plus, find out about his great show, The Mid-Atlantic Nostagia Convention!


McFarland Books - The serius study of the films we love...books from Tom Weaver, Greg Mank, Roberto Cotter and all the best authors!



Monster-Art - Publisher of MONSTER-ART magazine and artist, John Sargent, will have a huge display of originals, prints and his magazine. Plus, monster confections too!



Monster KId Radio - On the air for scare! It's podcasr Monster Kid Radio on broadcasting BASH! Check out Derek Koch and Monster KId Radio.



Monsters Among Us - Michael & Ria Pierce are regulars at Monster Bash. Mike will have all the great old mags we grew up with. Fill in the gaps in your collection! Also, original movie posters and other collectibles too.



MonsterRama - Anthony Taylor is back at Bash. He runs the premiere southern monster convention in Atlanta, Georgia....PLUS classic monster artist Mark Maddox will be set-up with him displaying some of the greatest original monster movie art around. Ask Anthony about MonsterRama!



Monsters From the Vault - Classic Monster magazine that features great articles and extra cool photos and images of our favorite ghouls. Jim Clatterbaugh, editor will have the latest issue as well as back issues and other cool collectibles.



The Mummy & The Monkey - They're back!!!! The Mummy and The Monkey. TV Horror Hosts and vendors of the coolest, ghoulest stuff...t-shirts, DVDs and more.

Straight Outta Cleveland, Janet Decay and Grimm Gorri have joined forces to host their  show: "The Mummy and the Monkey" in order to continue a local tradition that spans over fifty years! Influenced by local greats like: Ghoulardi, Superhost, Big Chuck & Lil' John, as well as nationally syndicated shows such as: Elvira and Mystery Science Theatre 3000, they strive to deliver wacky comedy bits and screen cheesy B-movies. Horror Hosting as you've known it, will never be the same...


Movie Palace DVDs - Chuck Penick is back at Bash with super rare DVDs in classic horror and sci-fi.


Nicholas Danish - Artist, Designer, Paper Engineer. Pop-up monsters and more from this talented artist!


Nathan Meacham - Classic Monster painter!


Pulpfest - Great vintage paper collectibles! Pulps, magazines, comics. Plus, find out about their convention too!



Radium Queen - Artist Robert Giglio will display his pen and color art at Monster Bash....monsters and creature for you and your friends!


Renewal By Anderson - They say even monster movie fans need windows! Award-Winning Replacement Windows. Superior Quality Windows. Free Consultations. Industry Leading Warranty. On-Time Guarantee. Durable Fibrex® Material. Hassle-Free Process. Signature Service Promise. Free Window Consultations.


Repertory 2 Company: Murder For Hire - Dwight Kemper, actor, magician, artist...!



Retro Daddio - Retro Daddio is Williamsburg, Virginia's one-stop geek shop! See us at BASH for a wide selection of fandom merchandise, CDs, vinyl records, and all kinds of cool sci-fi and monster merchandise....Daddio!



Rob Floyd - Artist, sculptor, monster collector! From Williamsburg Virginia, here's comes Rob, The Wolf Man!



Sam Irvin - I am a director with over 40 credits, including ELVIRA’S HAUNTED HILLS which is a spoof of the Vincent Price-Edgar Allan Poe-Roger Corman movies. I am a producer with over 20 credits, including Bill Condon’s Oscar-winning film GODS AND MONSTERS starring Sir Ian McKellen as James Whale. I started my career as Brian De Palma’s assistant on DRESSED TO KILL and THE FURY. I edited and published the horror movie fanzine BIZARRE (1972-1975) that included my interviews with Vincent Price, Christopher Lee, Peter Cushing, Ingrid Pitt and dozens of others. And I am far from retired. I directed 6 movies last year — 5 thrillers for the Lifetime Network and 1 Christmas movie for the Hallmark Channel. This year, I have already directed 1 film and will be starting another 2 back-to-back right after Monster Bash. I am the very proud winner of 2 Rondo Awards: Best Article of the Year for my study of FRANKENSTEIN: THE TRUE STORY in LITTLE SHOPPE OF HORRORS #38; and Best Interview of the Year for “Elvira Reveals All!” in SCREEM #36. I will be selling signed copies of both magazines at my table. See you soon!


Screem Magazine - Darryl and Screem Magazine will be set-up with a prize wheel and loads of fun for Monster Bash.


Severin Films - Since their founding in 2006, Severin Films has become the foremost studio dedicated to rescuing, restoring and releasing features from around the world. With offices in Los Angeles and London. BlogCritics.org proclaims, “Severin Films are well on their way to becoming the greatest indie label of all time.”



Small Town Monsters - Small Town Monsters began as an independent film series exploring lost and bizarre history around the United States. Focusing on small town folklore, our team tells stories through the words and experiences of those who were most affected by them - residents and witnesses.



Son of Ghoul - TV Horror host from Ohio with DVDs, T-Shirts and collectibles. A Monster KId from Day One!


SPFX-CANDID MONSTERS-Ted Bohus - Sophie is a young professional artist who does caricatures and can do YOU as your favorite monster on the spot. Please stop by and endorse a young budding artist.


Stephen Gale, Artist - Historical Horror artist - classic monster portraits in quality giclée prints. Come by and see Steve's frequently exhibited artwork of European stone ruins depicting actual sites of gothic horror - Berg Frankenstein, the workshop of the real life Dr. Jekyll and more!!



Steven Bejma, Classic Horrors - Paintings represent some of my favorite movies and actors. I hope you enjoy them as much as i enjoyed painting them.



Steve Sally Original Movie Posters - Premier poster dealer Steve Sally will have an original poster room with top premium original theater posters from your favorite classic horror and sci-fi films. The Steve Sally Original Poster room directly accross from the dealer ballroom.


Stoner's Monster Mayhem - Rick Stoner climbs out of the crypt and heads here to MONSTER BASH with great Monster Kid collectibles! Hold on to your eyeballs when you see his table of ghoulish goodies!


Super Happy Collectors - Ted Panullo is back with great prices on a little bit of everything! Magazines, DVDs, posters and other creepy cool collectibles!


Taylormade - The largest selection of movie poster reproductions around! From FRANKENSTEIN to THE DEADY MANTIS to Hammer Films...you'll find the beautiful images you want for your walls and collection.



That's Terri-ific! - Original gifts for fans from Terri Mount's company! Great original themed gifts for fans of super heroes, star trek, Star Wars, Whovians, and many television shows. Items range from small convenient wallets to large messenger bags., computer and ipad cases and shirts, not to mention unique aprons, baby quilts and so much more.


Time & Space Toys - Kevin Kreiss is here with all kinds of retro toys, Rankin-Bass stuff and and zombies! Kevin runs the LIVING DEAD WEEKEND in Evans City, PA too!


Troy Howarth - Writer, film historian, specializing in the works of Mario Bava. Find commentaries on DVDs and Blu-Rays of your favorite horror films too. Check out Troy's table and get your books signed!


The Witch's Dungeon Movie Museum - Cortlandt Hull, Henry Hull's nephew, will treat us to more classic wax figures and classic movie props!


Words & Music - Scott & Shirley Wilson are regular favorites among the vendors at Monster Bash. Scott has original lobby cards, posters, photo glossy stills, DVDs, books, monster mags and everything creepy cool!



Zanol's Zombie Hut - The hut is back! Unbelievable deals on monster books, monster toys and various collectibles. Dan and Ken will rock your Monster World!


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