Dealers for
Monster Bash October 19-21, 2018

Dealer Tables....get yours on-line right now, just CLICK HERE.

Or, you can e-mail a request for a contract to creepyclassics@creepyclassics.com. We are most interested in vendors selling items related to classic films.

Or, you can call to have a contract mailed to you. Call (724) 238-4317.

Dealer Hours:

Friday October 19, 2018 - 3PM-9PM

Saturday October 20, 2018 - 10AM - 6PM

Sunday October 21, 2018 - 10AM-5PM

Dealer set-up times - Thursday October 18 from 7PM-11PM and Friday October 19 from 8AM-3PM.



Dealers scheduled to arrive via Carpathian Mountains at MONSTER BASH...we are still updating...there are more, more, more COMING!


CREEPY CLASSICS - Thousands of horror and sci-fi films on Blu-Ray and DVD. You ask for it, most likely, they got it. Plus horror & sci-fi CD soundtracks from the classics, t-shirts, monster mags, monster toys, monster models and collectibles. Sponser of the Bash!


SCARY MONSTERS MAGAZINE - Loads of magazines, books, collecibles, comics and everything a Monster Kid wants! It's Don Smeraldi and one of our favorite magazines out there - Scary Monsters! Advertising sponser of the Bash!


Bob's Bin of Bargains - He's crazy, he's insane!!! Everything MUST go. The master of the liquidators of monster goodies.



Classic Monster Movie Art by Malcolm Gittins - Malcolm is a Monster Bash Lifetime Achievement Award winner and Rondo Award Winner and presents his art prints and other art related items for fans at MONSTER BASH. Make sure to visit his Facebook page...CLICK HERE.



The Distaster Area - That's what our parent's used to call our rooms, right??!! Well, Mike at The Disaster Area has gathered together all that cool stuff we used to let pile up in our rooms. Monster models & toys. Monster Pop-Tops, MPC monsters, plastic monster models, resin kits...he's got it for screaming sale at the Bash.



Hollywood Hounds - Loads of original movie posters, half sheets, lobby cards and various collectibles to please all monster movie nuts...like you and me.


John-Paul Checkett's Haunted Five-and-Dime - John-Paul is back with the creepy cool stuff that Monster Kids love. Rare CDs, DVDs, monster toys and premiums that you will love.



Leonard's Lair of Loot - Comics, movies, books....lots of used stuff in good condition....cheap!



Martin Grams - Old Time Radio source on CDs and cassette for that drive home from the Bash. Plus, rare DVDs or classic films. And, meet Martin, author of scores of books on the golden age of entertainment! Make sure to check out their stock at the show!



Son of Ghoul - TV Horror Host in Ohio appears with great collectibles too! Rare DVDs, real collectibles and more.


That's Terri-ific! - Original gifts for fans from Terri Mount's company! Great original themed gifts for fans of super heroes, star trek, Star Wars, Whovians, and many television shows. Items range from small convenient wallets to large messenger bags., computer and ipad cases and shirts, not to mention unique aprons, baby quilts and so much more.



Zach Sierocki Art - Space age art meets the monsters! Creepy cool fine art in mixed media from artist Zach Sierocki. A super nice guy and super talent. Get some original aret for your living room or movie room at home.



Zanol's Zombie Hut - The hut is back! Unbelievable deals on monster books, monster toys and various collectibles. Dan and Ken will rock your Monster World!


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