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June 23-25, 2017

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We head to Mars, PA for BASH!

Also at Monster Bash...see Cortlandt Hull's Witch's Dungeon Roadshow Museum!


Guest Star List June 2017

Autograph Signing Hours

Friday 3PM-9PM

Saturday 10AM-6PM

Sunday 10AM-4PM

Some guests will leave early afternoon of Sunday to catch flights.

This is just the beginning....many more guests to come!


Ricou Browning

The Last Living Classic Universal Monster

For our 20th Aniversary, Ricou Browning is back. The last of our beloved classic Universal Monsters! Ricou played the gill-man in all the underwater scenes from The Creature Trilogy: CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON (1954), REVENGE OF THE CREATURE (1955), and THE CREATURE WALKS AMONG US (1956). Ricou also has directed and worked on the FLIPPER TV show (and also appeared as an underwater Creature in that show), two James Bond films and the SEA HUNT television show.


Above from HOW TO MAKE A MONSTER starring Gary Clarke and Gary Conway.

BOTH Coming To BASH!


Gary Clarke

Gary Clarke joins Gary Conway at MONSTER BASH for a reunion of the Teenage Werewolf and Teenage Frankenstein from HOW TO MAKE A MONSTER! Gary Clarke went on to appear in scores of movies and television shows. His resume includes, of course, THE VIRGINIAN as Steve Hill, THRILLER with Boris Karloff, ALFRED HITCHCOCK PRESENTS, MISSILE TO THE MOON, THE ABSENT MINDED PROFESSOR, WAGON TRAIN, GUNSMOKE, MY THREE SONS, The creepy made-for-TV- movie THE EYES OF CHARLES SAND, EMERGENCY, LASSIE, THE SIXTH SENSE, THE ROOKIES, THE A-TEAM, THE YOUNG RIDERS TV series, TOMBSTONE, 2012's THE PAPERBOY and much more.



He's on his MONSTER BASH!

Above: Gary Conway from TV's TIME TUNNEL, Gary Clark with his monster mask and Gary getting into make-up in HOW TO MAKE A MONSTER.

Gary Conway

He was the Teenage Frankenstein in HOW TO MAKE A MONSTER (1959). He was in THE VIKING WOMEN VS. THE SEA SERPENT (1957). Plus he starred in classic TV: LAND OF THE GIANTS and BURKE'S LAW. Gary also appeared on television shows COLOMBO, MAVERICK, 77 SUNSET STRIP, DANIEL BOONE, CIRCLE OF FEAR, LOVE BOAT, POLICE STORY and more. A body builder, athlete, artist, musician, winery owner and simply amazing well as being one of our favorite monsters!

Gary's Facebook Page: CLICK HERE

Follow Gary on Twitter: CLICK HERE


Marian McKnight

While her future husband was playing one of the ugliest monsters to grace the silver screen in I WAS A TEENAGE FRANKENSTEIN and HOW TO MAKE A MONSTER, Marian McKnight had just earned the title of "Miss America 1957!" Marian was in the 1967 version of JACK AND THE BEANSTALK, acted in 77 SUNSET STRIP, THE LOVE BOAT and MATT HOUSTON. Marian is co-owner of a California winery. She graces MONSTER BASH for Summer 2017 with her husband, Gary Conway.


Terry Moore

Hollywood legend Terry Moore was the original jungle gal with a pet gorilla in MIGHTY JOE YOUNG (1949). She appeared on THE LOVE BOAT, THE RED SKELTON SHOW, RAWHIDE, PLAYHOUSE 90, the feature THE CLOCK and has never stopped working. She was recently in the TV mini-series, THE ENFORCER in 2016. She is a licensed flight pilot, was Howard Hughes' girlfriend, appeared in 77 feature films and scores of TV shows. An amazing woman.


Larry Storch

We are very happy and very excited that Larry remembered us after missing, due to illness, a couple Bash's ago. A true old school trooper. Larry is best known for his work on the classic TV show F-TROOP, he also brings soooo much to the table. He reunited with Forrest Tucker and was joined by Bob Burns as Tracy, the gorilla on the original GHOST BUSTERS TV show, Larry's worked with Vincent Price, appeared in a grand canyon of TV shows and films.


Cartoons, he's done scores of cartoon voice acting: SCOOBY-DOO, SABRINA - THE TEENAGE WITCH, SUPERMAN-BATMAN HOUR, TENNESSEE TUXEDO and more, more, more.

He's worked with everybody and has the stories for you and me.


Jo Morrow




Veronica Carlson

The beautiful star of Hammer films' DRACULA HAS RISEN FROM THE GRAVE and THE HORROR OF, THE GHOUL and more! Don;t miss out getting an autograph from one of the nicest actresses around. Veronca's appearance is sponsored by Mark Statler, Dan Weber and Ron Adams.



Bert I. Gordon

The man behind some of the most beloved science fiction films of all time, producer, director and writer - Bert I. Gordon. Nick-named "Mr. B.I.G." by Famous Monsters' Forrest J Ackerman. Bert is responsible for the films EARTH VS. THE SPIDER, BEGINNING OF THE END, THE CYCLOPS, THE AMAZING COLOSSAL MAN, WAR OF THE COLOSSAL BEAST, TORMENTED, KING DINOSAUR, FOOD OF THE GODS, EMPIRE OF THE ANTS and many more.



Kris Yeaworth

Kris was on the production crew for THE BLOB (1958), DINOSAURUS (1960) and THE 4-D MAN (1959). He is the son of the director of THE BLOB, Irvin Yeaworth. He'll have props and memorabilia from the stories. He can tell you all about those movies, hanging out with Steve McQueen, Patty Duke and everyone involved. Plus, he's a singer and will perform his song about the making of THE BLOB, "One Night in '57." His book of memoirs "Chester Springs, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love The Blob" is out and available too!



Beatlemania's John Babcock

We are proud to announce that John Babcock who played Paul McCartney in the touring Beatlemania and was McCartney for "The British Invasion" at Disney for 15 years. Not only is John a Beatle guy, he's also a Monster Kid through and through! He grew up in New York watching CREATURE FEATURE and CHILLER THEATER like so many of us.

In fact, he has an album out that will be re-mastrered and re-issued in time for MONSTER BASH with the title track....CHILLER THEATER!

John will be performing with back-up from The Bash Boys at MONSTER BASH 2017.

When many of us were growing up, it was monsters and music. John ties that all together.

Here's John as Beatle Paul:

Here's John doing "Chiller Theater," wait till you hear the end of this song! It features Billy Joel's drummer, Liberty DeVitto:

John's new release of original music for Monster Kids, CHILLER THEATRE:


Also Appearing, More Bash Family....

Tom Sullivan

Special effects artist and actor Tom Sullivan will have a huge display of art, props and photos. Tom is known for his work on THE EVIL DEAD, THE FLY II, ARMY OF DARKNESS and more!



Conrad Brooks

The man, the actor, the legend! Yes, one of the remaining Ed Wood stock players. He hung out with pals Tor Johnson , Bela Lugosi and Ed Wood. Conrad can be seen in the feature films: PLAN NINE FROM OUTER SPACE, BRIDE OF THE MONSTER, NIGHT OF THE GHOULS, THE MAD MAGICIAN (with Vincent Price), THE BEAST OF YUCCA FLATS and much more.


Cortlandt Hull

Cortlandt Hull is the nephew of Henry Hull (the WEREWOLF OF LONDON) and Josephine Hull (ARSENIC AND OLD LACE). Cortlandt, in his own right, is a sculptor and artist, heading The Witch's Dungeon in Connecticut. On display you'll see some of Cortlandt's life-size wax classic monsters!


Bill Diamond

Muppeteer and chief producer of MONSTER TV! Bill will be binging cool movie props and do a talk with Cortlandt on the 50th Anniversary of THE WITCH'S DUNGEON museum. Bill always has cool Monster Kid stuff to show us.



Daniel Griffith

The driving force of Ballyhoo Productions, director and producer Daniel Griffth. This is the man that makes the most entertaining documentaries on cult classic films around! Super research and a quirky sense of humor! His latest, on AIP films will be sceened at MONSTER BASH. Don't miss it!


Penny Dreadful's Shilling Shockers!

TV Horror Hostess, Penny Deadful, along with her troupe will be back gracing the halls of MONSTER BASH. Meet New England's groovy TV personality Penny, pick some shows on DVD, get an autographed photo. Meet the cast.


Mr. Lobo

He's back, it's Mr. Lobo and Dixie! The horror host and his assistant that has taken the Internet and broadcast TV by the throat. Super fun and knowledegable, meet Mr, Lobo at MONSTER BASH!



North East Ohio Ghostbusters

Who ya gonna call at BASH? Why the North East Ohio Ghostbusters, of course! Bobby Venkman and crew will be roaming the conference, squelching any incidents of paranormal apparitions.The kids love getting their picture taken with them, and they'll have their Ghostbusting vehicle parked out front for photo ops too.



George "E-Gor" Chastain

One of the most fun artists on the monster scene! George, known by many simply as "E-Gor" has the spirit of pulp magazines, monster movies, dinosaurs and cowboys. It's a mixed brew that all of us Monster Boom Generation kids can relate to! George will have prints, original art, books, magazines, collectibles and will be happy to sign the cover of your MONSTER BASH SPECIAL #3 that he did the cover for.


Monster Bash Comedy:

Sample below, open with care....give it a moment, then you'll be laughing off your chair!

Don Reese

He's baaaaackkkk! Run for our lives, the atomic age comedian is in the Monster Bash House! One of the most friendly intimidating guys on this planet. The very, very funny Don Reese. His stand-up humor stems from monster movies, growing up, comic books, weird experiences and is a visionary of humor in nightmare situations. His humor is the perfect fit for kids (like us) that grew up loving monster movies.....Don is plugged-in to the classic monster scene and will make you laugh! You won't be able to help yourself!


Our Local Monsters!:

Tom Savini

Sculptor, Make-Up Master, Special Effects Genius, Classic Monster Supporter, Actor, Director....he does it all. Check out his incredible display at Monster Bash!

John Russo

Screenwriter and zombie from the original NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD! John has also taught film students and directed too. Meet John at MONSTER BASH!


Tony Greco's Munsters Drag-U-La

The classic DRAG-U-LA will be back at MONSTER BASH in June. Get your picture with THE MUNSTERS car, the DRAG-U-LA courtesy of Tony Greco, one of the biggest MUNSTERS collectors in the country.

See more about this creepy cool car, CLICK HERE!


Monster Bash 101:

Above: Stan Gordon, including Stan at Kecksburg, in front of a replica of the UFO that came in woods back in the 1960s.

Stan Gordon

Nationally recognized UFO-Bigfoot researcher. Stan Gordon has appeared on numerous world wide TV networks and is most known as the go-to guy for the world famous Kecksburg UFO Incident. He's written numerous books.

More info on Stan Gordon, CLICK HERE.



Son of Ghoul

The horror host that rocks Cleveland through to its bones! Son of Ghoul will be back to put the scare on you. Make sure to visit him at Bash and if you're in Ohio, check your local listings for that SOG listing! Son of Ghoul will host Saturday Stooge Matinee at Bash.

Bill Luciani & Tony Pitocco's Monsters

Bill and Tony are back with their life-size classic monsters for photo ops and for sale too! Wouldn't one of these six or seven foot creations look great in your home movie room?

The Writers & Historians :


Frank Dello Stritto

Writer-historian Frank Dello Stritto has some of the best books out on the genre...including the much acclaimed VAMPIRE OVER LONDON on the life of Bela Lugosi when he traveled to England, plus I SAW WHAT I SAW WHEN I SAW IT....Frank's latest book. Frank makes talks fun and interactive.


Rick Goldschmidt

Author of THE ENCHANTED WORLD OF RANKIN/BASS. He worked directly with Rankin/Bass (Videocraft International) founder Arthur Rankin, Jr. (until his untimely death in January, 2014) and has written four books, many articles, CD booklets, and DVD liner notes about his movies, career, and style of animation. Rick has also designed figurines for Enesco Corp. and have been involved with many events honoring the success of Rankin/Bass Productions.


Deborah Painter

Author of THE LIFE OF FORRY, the great biography from McFarland Books on the founding editor of FAMOUS MONSTERS OF FILMLAND - Forrest J Ackerman.


Robert Michael Cotter

Long time Monster Basher, author Bobb Cotter will be set up at Bash signing books and hanging with the Monster Bashers. Bobb's books for McFarland include A HISTORY OF DOC SAVAGE, THE GREAT MONSTER MAGAZINES, THE MEXICAN MASKED WRESTLER & MONSTER FILMOGRAPHY, and a forthcoming book on Hammer actress Ingrd Pitt! Also, don't miss him introducing our Mexican Movie Night at Monster Bash!

...and last, but NOT LEAST:

David "The Rock" Nelson

The producer of dozens of monster movies and wild personality! Once you know him, you'll love him (and get a rubber ant or lizard thrown at you). Before you know it, you'll be in a movie. Renegade movie maker David "The Rock" Nelson will appear MONSTER BASH!

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