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We head to Mars, PA for October 16-18, 2015 with great guests for the MONSTER BASH ZONE : CLASSIC TV that we grew up with!


Our Local Legedary TV Horror Host

Chiller Theatre's "Chilly Billy" Appearing Friday and Saturday!


Guest Star List October 2015


Anne Serling

Rod Serling's daughter, Anne, will have a very special presentation on her father. Find out about the man himself behind THE TWILIGHT ZONE, NIGHT GALLERY and the most profound TV dramas ever written.


Just Added! The King of the Drive-In Movies:

Director/Writer/SPFX Master - Bert I. Gordon

Mr. B.I.G.

We are proud to have the king of the most fun sci-fi movies of all-time back at MONSTER BASH. The one and only Bert I. Gordon. He's a director, writer and special effects master of some of the most memorable monster classics ever made. His credits include: KING DINOSAUR, THE AMAZING COLOSSAL MAN, BEGINNING OF THE END, WAR OF THE COLOSSAL BEAST, EARTH VS. THE SPIDER, THE CYCLOPS, THE BOY AND THE PIRATES, EMPIRE OF THE ANTS, FOOD OF THE GODS, NECROMANCY, VILLAGE OF THE GIANTS, ATTACK OF THE PUPPET PEOPLE, TORMENTED and his new movie SECRETS OF A PSYCHOPATH.



Just Added! Jeremy Ambler

Young actor Jeremy is best known as a classic "Walker" on THE WALKING DEAD TV series. He has also appeared in KILLING LINCOLN, THE TOWN THAT DREADED SUNDOWN (remake), THE THREE STOOGES movie, PRO WRESTLERS VS. ZOMBIES, THE CRAZIES, JOHN ADAMS (TV mini-series), THE DUKES OF HAZZARD (2005) and more. His is currently in the film that's still in production NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD: GENESIS. Meet him at MONSTER BASH!



Lisa Marie

Lisa portrayed "Vampira" in the Tim Burton Film ED WOOD....and was just incredible. She also appears as the evil Martian in MARS ATTACKS and you can see her in PLANET OF THE APES, SLEEPY HOLLOW.


Blue Demon, Jr.

The legend lives on! Blue Demon was one of the greatest and most loved Mexican wrestlers of all time. His son has carried on over the past decade, and now one of the most loved luchadors right along side his father. MONSTER BASH is proud to have the great Blue Demon, Jr. appear all three days.

BASH! This October!

Blue Demon, Sr. - Father:


A celebration of Blue Demon with Blue Demon, Jr.

Blue Demon was one the most popular Mexican wrestlers ever and made scores of movies where he met and fought monsters...classic monsters, aliens, blobs, werewolves, vampires....he never failed to save the human race. His son has carried on the legacy and is one of the greatest wrestlers in the world and is in the movies too....meeting monsters!



Felix Silla

One of the greatest TV shows of all-time for the monster kids, THE ADDAMS FAMILY, featured Cousin Itt played by Felix Silla. Felix was in so many great shows of TV and in films. Felix was in: BONANZA, PETTICOAT JUNCTION, THE MONKEES, SHE FREAK, PLANET OF THE APES, BEWITCHED, Rod Serling's NIGHT GALLERY, THE MANITOU, BUCK ROGERS IN THE 25th CENTURY, THE RETURN OF THE JEDI and many more! He's worked with everyone!


Pat Priest

The other greatest TV show of all-time for Monster Kids - THE MUNSTERS featured the beautiful Marilyn portayed by Pat Priest. Pat is one of the nicest people you'll ever meet at a convention...or anywhere! She's got all those memories of the folks we've lost like Fred Gwynne, Al Lewis, and Yvonne DeCarlo. You may know her from THE MUNSTERS and the crazy INCREDIBLE TWO-HEADED TRANSPLANT, but she also made appearances on: MANNIX, THE MARY TYLER MOORE SHOW, BEWITCHED, DEATH VALLEY DAYS, VOYAGE TO THE BOTTOM OF THE SEA, MY FAVORITE MARTIAN, IRONSIDE, MISSION IMPOSSIBLE and much more! Appearing Friday and Saturday only.


The Drag-U-La

Tony Greco's Drag-U-La (Munsters car) will be back appearing at MONSTER BASH right out front of the hotel. This could be your chance to get a picture with the car...and maybe even with Pat Priest (Marilyn Munster) who will also be at MONSTER BASH OCTOBERFEST!

A very cool ride. Revved and ready to BASH!


Ed Wood & Monster Bash Stock Player:

Conrad Brooks

B-Movie legend, Conrad Brooks! He was close friends with Ed Wood and Bela Lugosi. Conrad appeared in some of the greatest low-budget epics ever: PLAN NINE FROM OUTER SPACE, THE BEAST OF YUCCA FLATS, BRIDE OF THE MONSTER, NIGHT OF THE GHOULS and even Vincent Price's THE MAD MAGICIAN.


Monster Bash Comedy:

The Ultimate Abbott & Costello Tribute Show

Joe Ziegler (Lou Costello), Bill Riley (Bud Abbott) and Jason Crutchley (Scoop Fields) bring back the perfect Abbott & Costello recreation to Monster Bash. Expect spontaneous skits in the halls of Bash and the routines so perfect that you could swear you're back in 1940s-50s with "The Boys."

Check Them Out:



Bill Diamond & The Witch's Dungeon

Artist, muppeteer, film producer - Bill Diamond will be on hand to rock your Monster World with THE WITCH'S DUNGEON life-size figure display! Bill will also tell you all about the museum up in Connecticut and future expansion plans. You won't want to miss talking with Bill at BASH!



Zach Zito

One man show actor with incredible talent....once you see him perform, you'll never want to miss his "live theater" at BASH. It's the stuff of magic!


"Roberto" Bobb Cotter



Monster Bash Make-Up Department:

John Tatarelli, Jr.

Make-up artist and sculptor John Tatarelli willbe making monsters in the Monster Bash Make-Up Department. He'll be providing live classic monsters that wil be roaming the halls of Monster Bash! Look for Hammer Horrors like The Reptile and many children of the night. You can see the crew AS THEY WORK in the Monster Bash make-up room off the lobby at Bash!


Daniel Griffith

Daniel Griffith is an documentary filmmaker specializing in cult cinema and retro-television. He has produced and directed features about Mystery Science Theater 3000, The Twilight Zone, classic Universal Pictures science-fiction films, and several Hammer horror classics. He is also the owner of Ballyhoo Motion Pictures. 

Recently, Griffith produced and directed the feature documentary on the history of “THE TWILIGHT ZONE” television series, as well as the feature documentary on the making of Vincent Price's final horror film appearance, “FROM A WHISPER TO A SCREAM”. He is currently in post-production on an in-depth feature film exploring 1980’s schlockmeister Charles Band and his first production company, EMPIRE PICTURES. 


The TV Horror Hosts:

"Chilly Billy" Cardille

The host of Pittsburgh's Chiller Theatre from the 1950s through the 1980s on Channel 11, Pittsburgh, PA. This is the man who brought you spooky movies and made pizza partiies a way of life on Saturday nights for the city of Pittsburgh for three decades. Bill will only be at the Bash for a limited time. Make sure to get an autograph from this Pittsburgh icon. Appearing Saturday and Sunday.

Here's Chilly Billy opening a show in 1981:



Son of Ghoul

Ohio's TV Horror Host legend - SON OF GHOUL! One of the longest running on-air TV horror hosts that's actually still alive. It's SON OF GHOUL! You'll see him hosting our Stooge Matinee and Saturday Morning cartoons here at MONSTER BASH. Plus, visit his table in the MONSTER BASH dealer ballroom for DVDs of his shows, plus RARE, DVDs and more!

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