I attended Monster Bash for the first time this weekend and it was excellent. You guys did a fantastic job. I have a blog (The Hitless Wonder Movie Blog) and I am planning on writing a post about the Bash. I was wondering if you could give me the real names of the gentlemen who impersonated Abbott & Costello? If I'm going to mention them in my blog I'd like to give them proper credit. Thanks again for a wonderful time!!,

-Dan Day, Jr.

Hi Dan, the terrific team was Joe Zeigler (Lou Costello) and Bill Reiley (Bud Abbott).


To the Creepy Classics Crew,
Linda and I thank you for a great weekend. Greg Mank's talk on "Frankenstein Meets The Wolf Man" was brilliant, and Bob Pellgrino Q&As get better every year. I had never attended one of Tom Weaver's Monster Quizzes before, and had no idea of the fun that I was missing. The celebrity guests are all so affable and easy to talk with. All around a great time.



Thanks for an excellent Bash

After his class at UNC-Greensboro today, my son Dalton text'd me

"I wish we were back at the Bash. I am wearing my Invisible Man shirt."

-Phil Smoot



Hi Ron. Just wanted to let you know that I enjoyed Monster Bash so much that I intend to make it my yearly convention outing. After going to Fan Expo in Toronto all these years I really wasn't prepared for the individual attention that we received. I feel like everybody there went out of their way to make us feel welcome and I really appreciate it.

You guys have an amazing thing going and I now fully understand why your attendees are so loyal and love your show so much; it's because you're so loyal to them and love what you are doing so much. Count me in as one of those who have adopted the mantra BASH OR BUST.

Dave "Frankensteinhead" Battams
Toronto, Canada


Hi Ron,

Many thanks to you, your staff and your lovely family for making my first Monster Bash so much fun. I'm looking forward to 2014 already. Take care and I sincerely hope that you and your family have a healthy and happy upcoming year. Look forward to seeing all of you in less than eleven months.

Best wishes,

Steve Smith


Thanks for another great Bash. I really enjoyed it!

-Susan Smith, Ohio


Hi Ron,

Most sincere congratulations on the 2013 MONSTER BASH! It was superbly organized, had a wonderfully upbeat atmosphere, and from all I saw last Friday and Saturday, was surely a great success.

Many thanks for all the courtesies that you so kindly and generously extended to Barbara and me. We had a terrific time -- so much so that we already have made hotel reservations for next year.

The MONSTER BASH was a very positive experience and I know you must be personally and predominately responsible for it being so. It clearly made a lot of people happy, and you can feel very proud of the event.

Congratulations again, and please stay in touch.

All very good wishes and many thanks again,

Greg and Barbara Mank


Hi Ron,

Well, I was only able to spend Friday at the Bash this year. Saw you a few times, and would have said "Hi," but I could see you were pretty busy making everything run smoothly!

So even though I could only make it Friday, I had great time...THE RETURN OF THE CREATURE short was a real highlight; amazing to see! Got to enjoy Mexican Movie night with the guys and gals of the B-movie cast... It's become a traditional time for me to hang out with my best college buddy, and this time he brought along his little brother, who also had a good time.

Anyway, I had a great day/night at the Bash!! I'll see ya next year...

-Ryan Lengyel



Monster Bash 2013 is in the books and I had a blast meeting you, your wife and, of course, your family. You guys really know how to do things right.

Warm regards.

Caesare Belvano


I just wanted to shoot you a line and thank you for this past weekend. I wanted to thank you for another fun year. Mary had such a good time, she loved the Abbott and Costello guys and she couldn't stop talking about the Elvis impersonator (she caught one of the teddy bears). You always put on a great show, Me and the gang have been to a ton of cons in the past 15 years and since our first year at Monster Bash, it instantly went to our number one favorite con. Monster Bash is always jammed with great activities, a nice family atmosphere, a genuine love for the genre, and the kindest staff of any con we've ever been to.

Thank you again,
John Tatarelli Jr.


The following letter is from Rocky Thein, a long time Monster Bash attendee who travels hundreds of miles on motorcycle to do the Bash!

Hello Ron:

I wanted to let you know that I made the 800 miles in 15 hours back to Iowa on the Harley from the Monster Bash with no problem except a little rain in Ohio Monday morning and some storm dodging in Iowa later that afternoon.

I sure like the new Bash location and appreciate all the effort you went thru to find a host hotel that is handy for everyone. I am always awed by how much entertainment you can fit into 3 days.

I arrived at the Bash on Friday morning at 8:45 am just in time to check in at registration and watch "Monsters We've Known and Loved" and hardly left Bash all weekend except to sleep a few hours.

Everyone on your team is so nice and helpful and the guests, programming and dealers room were "fantastic." Late Sunday afternoon I did ride over to Mars, PA to check out the Flying Saucer in the town park. The only thing I have in Iowa that even comes close to that is a monument behind the former barbershop, in the town of Riverside, that marks the future birth site of Captain Kirk of Star Trek.

I'm catching up on my sleep that I missed out on and already dreaming about next years Monster Bash! Monster Bash is my highlight of the year.

My sincere appreciation to you all.
Rocky "Ghostrider" Thein


Hi, Ron – Congratulations to you and your crew for another wonderful Bash. My friend Glenn Odden and I had a wonderful time, and we loved the new facilities. I’ve already made reservations at the hotel for next year! I’m having dinner tonight with my colleague Father Joe Lanzalaco, and will bestow upon him his own official “Mad Doctor” diploma from the Monster Bash University. I know he will cherish it as much I as I do mine!

All the best,

"Mad Doctor" Tim Madigan


Hi Ron,

I just wanted to thank you and everyone for another fun filled Bash! Just so great seeing all my friends and guests and events, I took lots of pictures and videos.

Let the countdown begin for next year!!

Malcolm Gittins


Hi Ron!

This was my second time at Monster Bash, and was seriously one of the absolute best convention experiences I've ever had in my life! The hotel, the amount of just sincere and kind guests, the amazing vendors, etc. What else can I say but thanks for putting on another fantastic show! I'll definitely be there next year!

Matt Majeski


Dear Ursula and Ron,

We want to thank you and The Bash Staff for putting on another fantastic Bash. The Bashers all seemed to be haing a fun time and I heard a lot of positive feedback. As always, the guest and programming were first rate! The Bash Boys in concert was the best band we've heard all year! And, Debbie was honored to give a talk at her favorite convention. We would travel a thousand miles to BASH!

-David Hawk & Debbie Painter


Dear Ron,

As I sit down to write this, I can't believe it's already been a week and a day since m'lady and I packed up the car, blasted off from Woodbridge, NJ and zoomed to Mars for the 2013 Monster Bash.

It was our second Bash in a row and we loved every minute of it. I'm sure you've heard this many times before, but it's by far the best convention we've attended, bar none. The feeling of family and community is so strong that it's palpable. In a day and age where communication is the easiest it's ever been, it's devoid of human connection. Monster Bash is all about the connections we make with each other as human beings. It's an inviting atmosphere that promotes eye contact, the shaking of hands and the exchange of hugs. Above all else, that's what will keep us coming back. We've already booked our room and bought our tickets for 2014.

So, Ron, thanks to you, Ursula and all the orange shirts (hopefully it doesn't carry the same stigma as "redshirts" - YIKES!) for making Monster Bash what m'lady and I now refer to as "the best weekend of the year".

I hope this e-mail has found you and yours in the best of health and spirits.

Rob X Román


This kind note in from Pittsburgh iconic TV horror host, Chilly Billy Cardille!:

Hi Ron and Ursula-

Congratulations on a terrific “bash.” The best in all the 17 years.

Next year same time – Same place – Great stars and fans.

Thanks for making the “happiness” for everyone.


Bill Cardille

“Chilly Billy”



Ron , just a quick note to say thanks once again for putting on a GREAT venue !! And , for making this one particularly special for me !!

As always , keep up the ghoul work,


Hi Ron,

Just another WOW and a THANKS for the work you put into Monster Bash. It was my first time and WOW, what an event. The conference was a full one, with so many interesting topics covered, movies, the vendors had an awesome selection, it just blew me away. I am sure that this event requires a lot of hours by many people, so please share my THANKS with all of them. Everyone had something to do, and it all went well. You had great moderators, registration people, helpers everywhere.....all was great. The video clips played before the actors talked were top notch.

I had placed the Monster Bash on my list of things to do, and it all came together this year.

By the way, there was a video playing above the conference registration desk that kind of promoted BASH, with a bunch of trailers and information about the conference. Can you get me a copy of that video piece, or is it (or can it be) on YouTube? I loved it, as well.

Thanks again, and I will see you at another BASH!

Tom Kiurski

Hi Tom, the MONSTER BASH 2014 trailer is right here on YouTube:

Hi Ron,

Thanks to you and your amazing crew for putting on another fantastic Bash. To say you went over and above the call of duty is definitely an understatement.

Thanks again for an unforgetable time!

Paul Speidel, Canada

Hi Ron,

  Tony and I would like to thank you for having us at Monster Bash and letting us display our figures. This being our first time at the Bash we would like to say what a well run convention it was, probably the best run convention we have ever been to.The bashers seemed to really enjoy and appreciate our display as much as we enjoyed presenting it.We wish you continued success with the Bash.

Thanks Again,

Tony Pitocco
Bill Luciani

From John Saxon's wife:

Hello Ron,    

Thank you for hosting such a lovely weekend.  John was happy to see so many old and new fans.   The group leader with the Saxon tee-shirts had flown down to Nashville TN to see John in I think, 2007.   Your attendees are gentle and mature.  

THANK YOU so much, Best, Gloria and John

Hey Ron!!!

Absolutely FANGTASTIC Bash!!!!
The Mars Police ticketed our Flying Saucer for double parking!!!
Joey Vento

Hi Ron -- Congratulations! Another great Bash...

Best to you and the family,


Hi Ron,

Just wanted to take a moment and thank you and the Bash family for another great weekend! Seems like the Bash just gets better and better each year. Connecting with other monster kids (and plain ol' monsters) is something I always look forward to. My Bash got off to a rousing start even before I got there! I was able to stop in Fouke, Arkansas, where THE LEGEND OF BOGGY CREEK was filmed and take a few pictures. They have a cool little monster museum (with lots of monster goodies for sale). I also went down to Boggy Creek and looked around. More than once I found myself looking over my shoulder!

When I finally arrived at the new Bash hotel (after a 22 hour drive), I was immediately hooked. That HUGE lobby is perfect! I loved the new, simpler layout of the Bash, too. Easy to find everything. (It took me about 5 years before I finally learned my way around the Butler hotel!).

Of all the guests, the talk with Gregg Palmer was my favorite. What a hoot, with a real dose of patriotism thrown in. LOVED IT! (Kudos to Scott Goettel for doing what a good interviewer does---get out of the way and let the guest shine.)

Showing my family's homemade horrors this year was truly bitter-sweet, knowing they were the last with my kids. I knew I might shed a few tears, but it hit me harder than expected. I truly loved every minute of making these movies with my family, and the nine years we showed them at the Bash were some of the best years of my life. Thank you for allowing us the privilege of having a place to share our love of classic monsters.

Like it happens every year, before I knew it Sunday afternoon had arrived. The dealers began packing up their goodies, the front desk and lobby display were taken down, the creepy room was emptied. It's such a sinking feeling, sort of like being a kid on Christmas night and knowing it's all over. But hope springs eternal, and I know there'll be another Bash next year!

Thank you again, my friend, for a magical weekend every year.

Brian Nichols
College Station, Texas

Dear Adams Family, In PA.,

We have been just as busy since returning from your Super Successful Convention and Show. You guys really know how to put that event on.

Great show and Convention.....Thanks, Good Friends...


Hey Guys at Creepy Classics!

Had a great time at Monster Bash last week!

Thank You!

Tim Dzilinski

Hi Ron and Monster Bash Staff:

Many thanks for an immensely enjoyable Monster Bash 2013. I just want to thank you all for making our first Monster Bash a truly memorable one.

See you next June.

Thank you,

Steve Smith

As usual we had a fantastic time at the Bash and we're glad it's only 11 months until we Bash again.


Jim Clatterbaugh

Monsters From the Vault


Hi Ron,

What a weekend! Thanks for the great effort that you and your staff put into the Bash. We especially loved the Abbot and Costello act. They hung around the hotel lobby all weekend, talking with anyone, staying in character, and posing for pictures. Even Hollis thought they were funny, and I thought that he would be too young to understand their act. He really loved seeing Autumn on stage with them. Could they become regulars?

Other items of note:

Zach Zito – Autumn’s favorite. How does he remember so much dialogue? Amazing.

Ron Chaney singing with the Bash band. He really went out of his way to be entertaining, then and during his "Phantom" act.

Father Mike’s Sunday message, always inspiring.

Four Points – Definitely roomier. Everyone loved it. But I kind of miss navigating that jammed hallway at the Days Inn, from the lobby to the movie room.

Before the Bash even started, we went to the Phipps Conservatory in Pittsburgh. We try to see at least one Pittsburgh attraction every year. There are a lot of great things to see there, if people can find the time.

See you next year,

Karl, Cathy, Autumn, Hollis



I want to take time again to thank you for a great Bash!! People just dont know the TIME & EFFORT that is spent by all of Bash workers. I have attented every Bash, including the Winter Bash,which was small but really Grrrrreat!

Its also great to see the young people, and what is really great is that they are very knowledgable, and a lot of them dress the part very well. It was also great to serve Mass with Fr.Mike and Ursula,we did the readings. The Hotel was by far the best. See you next year and keep up the great work.

Jack Dowler


I thank you for putting on another great convention. I really enjoy being around Ron Chaney and his family it was great seeing them all again. I hope to be at next year's Bash too.

Mark Wilhelm


Hi Ron,

We can't say enough great things about this year's Bash: AWESOME new location, great movies, history presentations, and documentaries, and dealers offering everything you could possibly want in classic monster and sci-fi...and the cool guests who were so friendly--especially John Saxon!

There just wasn't enough time to do and see (and buy) everything. We can't wait till next June. Thank heavens it's only 11 months away, which is what everyone was saying at the end of the Bash. It was so difficult to leave, we had so much fun getting together with old friends and meeting new friends (that means you B-Movie Podcast guys! Vince, Mary, Nick, Juan, you ROCK!).

All the best wishes to you and the whole Monster Bash family,

Tom Jackson and Eileen Wolfberg


Hey Ron!

In some respects I couldn't imagine this Bash being better than the Prehistoric one as far as content, but I had an absolute blast, and though the guests were all fantastic and I was inspired to watch more of their work.

The new venue was wonderful. I did this Bash different, going out of my way to know people I have met through Vince Rotolo's BMovie Cast, and that made it all the more special.

I was worried my family would be bored and whining, but they had a blast too, Kendi made some friends, and my wife seemed to enjoy what she participated in.

Thanks so very much for fighting through the broken ribs and putting on another great Bash, the only bad part is when it ends, I feel sad, I want it to go on and on.

I look forward to a year of looking forward to the next Bash and seeing all the cool stuff at the best website on the net.

Thanks again, greetings to all and see you soon!

Ken Blose, Mexico


Hi Ron,

I just wanted to thank you for putting on such a first class event. This was my first Monster Bash and I got to share it with my 10-year-old daughter, Allie, who is a Monster Kid like her dad. What a pleasure to be able to share our love of classic monsters in such a family-friendly atmosphere.

Everyone was so nice. We were fortunate enough to become friends with Butch Patrick when he appeared across the road from our house at the Haunted Garage in Tipp City, Ohio last year. Allie was very excited to see Butch again and to meet Pat Priest (her favorite Marilyn.) One of the highlights for her was to meet Ron Chaney, as her favorite classic monster movie is "The Wolfman." He was so gracious with her.

I've wanted to attend Monster Bash for years, but due to scheduling conflicts when I coached baseball, I could never make it happen. I'm so glad that when I did finally make it I got to share it with my daughter and make some great memories. And isn't that what all of this is about? The wonderful memories we all share of these classic movies!

Thanks again for the obvious passion and dedication it takes to pull all of this together for the enjoyment of so many. I hope to get to do it again!

Scott Uzzel

Hi Ron, I'm a little late sending this, but just wanted to say I had a GREAT time at the new Bash hotel! Initially, I had a little trouble finding it, but now I know where it is and how to get there.The dealer room size makes for a more enjoyable experience. The movie room was better, in that people weren't always coming in where the guests were speaking, causing a distraction, as in Butler. The SPACIOUS lobby offered a nice place to relax and unwind.

I already have my pass and room reservations in place for next year. I couldn't believe you booked Barbara Steele. And, I think I would "walk" to the Bash to get another chance to Julie Adams again! I enjoyed Stan Gordan's talk about ufo's and bigfoot, as I'm a local guy. It was soooo nice to meet Veronica Carlson - I really didn't get a chance to talk to her the last time. I'm getting to the place in life ( age 61 ) that I really appreciate people who are still with us.

The Bash is the BEST thing I do all year. I don't know how long you will continue to bring it to us - but I promise to keep coming back as long as you have it. As Gomer Pyle said in his tv series . . . "THANK YOU-THANK YOU-THANK YOU!!!!!"

THANKS RON FOR ALL YOU DO - WHICH I CANNOT IMAGINE HOW MUCH WORK IT IS. You and yours brings us joy and happiness - and the way the world is going these days, we sure need you. You are the best there is at what you do. You are all the best directors - you are the William Castle and Alfred Hitchcock, and everything combined, and the love you have for the Bash and all it represents just oozes out, every time you take the mike and get on stage, or even just watching from the audience.

-Dan Wegrzynek


The Bash just keeps getting better and better! I'm really looking forward to next year's...I hope you have a great summer.

All my best to you & yours,

Paul Riggie, WV


My grandkids wanted to be superheros this year.  Gabriela was Supergirl and Korbin was Spiderman.  One day he decided to be the Grim Reapers nephew, but we could only find a sith and a hangmans hood.  We made some fake blood with glue and food coloring.  He saw Grim before and after, but not while he had the outfit on.  Had a great time this year, as always.

Gaby loved the Monster in the front and now she wants to be the Bride of Frankenstein next year.  Korbin wants to be the Grim Reaper's nephew, but with a real Grim's outfit. 

We made a side trip to Evans city cemetary, Gaby would not get out of the van when we told her the first zombie move was filmed there.  Korbin got out, but he made the statement that its a good thing zombies don't come out during the day, I told him he was confused with vampires.  I never seen him run so fast and buckle himself in his car seat.  He was yelling at us to get out of there now.

-Sandy Castle

Thanks Ron,
I can't express what a great convention this is, and how I so much enjoy being in the company of all those that attend....The thrill that I get dressing up as one of the greatest "Horror Hosts" to ever hit the airways is unsurpassed.

I am already looking forward to next years gala event..... "Thanks for all the effort that you put into this great convention"....Mark (Ghoulardi) Hale


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