Hi Ron!

Just wanted to say I had yet another fantastic time at Monster Bash this year! It was extraordinary meeting Julie and Ricou again, while also meeting some genuinely kind first timers (Jack Hill, Beverley Washburn) and old favorites (Charles Herbert)! Judith O'Dea was probably my favorite! So sweet and beaming with light!

Plus, all the great vendor tables in the dealer room made me wish I could buy out everything there! Hahaha! Met some amazingly talented artists and made some great contacts in the process too!

Thanks so much as always to you and your incredibly talented staff for putting on a phenomenal show, as well as keeping it going for as long as you have! You officially got yourself here a regular attendee! ;)

Matt Majeski


Had a blast at Monster Bash! What a cool event!

Steve Bodner

After Bash Review:

For a West Coast Horror Host Mr Lobo sure spends a lot of time on the East Coast. I wish he would just pick a coast and stick with it. Maybe I'm just sour grapes because he beat me out of a really nice JAKE SPEED poster in Leonard's Lair of Loot in the Creepy Classics room, or maybe it's because he makes me uneasy selling all that kid's play Slime. For all I know one day he will say the magic word or spin his hyno-thingy and all that slime will come to life and take over. Seeding the country with seemingly harmless Slime that becomes Blob-like on command is well, to quote one of the lines from THE WRAITH, "It ain't cool."

I asked around a couple of times about Ron Adams, creator of the Monster Bash Convention, editor of Monster Bash magazine, and winner of the Betty Crocker Bakeoff in 1988, but whenever he was pointed out all I could see was a blur of orange t-shirt. I also noticed a strong scent of Hai Karate aftershave in the area he recently vacated. I understand it's his favorite and have already made inquiries about getting him a gallon for an early birthday present.

Forry award winners were as usual a great bunch of people and if we ever start the town of New Vasaria I would like to live on their block.

Don Reese is a great guy and I admire the fact that he spends 362 days of the year preparing for the Bash. Just don't get in the cake line behind him or, if you have a solar setup keep him away from it as he tends to blot out the sun.

-M. Oleman

Thanks for another great Bash. I could not ask for a better audience for the talk that I gave on "Abbott & Costello Meet Frankenstein." You only find that many great fans in one place, and that is The Bash. Linda and I spent most of The Bash at our author's table in the dealers room (except when i sneaked away to one of the Abbott & Costello tributes, and got sprayed with water). We were worried about being tied to the table, but Bashers kept coming by with great anocdotes and insights. I made the acquaintance of Stephen Sally, from whom I--as a kid-- bought movie photos by mail order 50 years ago. Great guy.  Lots of great guys and gals, and that's a big part of The Bash. 

-Frank Dello Stritto

Dear Ron,

A sincere thank you for having Le-Thanh and I back to MONSTER BASH we truly enjoyed the experience more than ever at the new hotel with the fans, the other guests and of course your wonderful staff!

Wishing you only the best always,

Arch Hall Jr

Hi Ron-

As always, this years Bash was top notch and we had fantastic sales at the Monsters from the Vault tables. The attendance seemed to be the highest in years and the programming was awesome. We really loved all the MST3000 stuff and Joel Hodgson was great. Hats off to you and your staff on another VERY memorable show! We can't wait to Bash again in October.


Jim Clatterbaugh

Hi Ron;

As usual he Bash was a Blast! The next podcast will be a Re-Cap of The Bash.

Vince and Mary

We have our reservations for next year!!

The B-Movie Cast is a website podcast and forum devoted to all things B-movie and cult move related

Dear Ron,

It was a pleasure to meet you this past weekend, and I'm so glad that I made the trek up from Atlanta to be at Monster Bash on Sunday. Meeting Julie Adams was a dream come true for me, and I had a great time meeting all of the other celebrity guests, as well.

Thank you for all of your efforts, and for making Monster Bash such a fun experience. Take care!

Tony Berg
Atlanta, GA

Hi Ron & crew,

Just wanted to tell you what a great time we had at this year's BASH.
Those words actually seem inadequate to express my thoughts, so I guess I'll just have to say it was a REALLY great time.
Well done sir!

I'm sending a few photos for you to do with as you please. Take care-John

Hi Ron and Ursula,

My congratulations to you two for a most successful “bash.” The staff and fans were extremely professional.

You have an excellent, exciting classic bash.


Bill Cardille
“Chilly Billy”

Dear Ursula and Ron,
Please forgive this e-mail as opposed to a proper hand written note., but I realized that I don't have your address, so hope this will do.

Just wanted to thank you so very much for inviting me to your wonderful show. I had the BEST time!

Thank you for inviting me there and for making it truly the best experience ever.
You all made me feel so welcome and I thank you for the "Star" treatment! Really, everyone was so warm and welcoming, friendly, kind and it was just so much fun. I will never forget it actually. I was overwhelmed at how well Spider Baby was received and actually sold out of five different photos!

You certainly know how to put on a show and how to treat people and I am so grateful to have been a part of it. I loved doing the Q&A, and all the podcasts I was asked to do. So much fun! and the video clip that was put together was incredible! There were shows on there that I had actually forgotten I was on!

Your staff and volunteers went the extra mile and I will have this memory in my heart forever.

Thank you again so much for including me.
My love to you both and your adorable daughter Paisley.

Hi Ron, Just wanted to thank you and everyone for another fantastic Bash! I just had the best of times and had so many great things happened!
I'm 'lurking' forward to Oct Bash!!
thanks again!!

Hi Ron,

Just wanted to thank you for another great MONSTER BASH convention. I missed last year because of health issues and it was wonderful to be back again with my son.

The Abbott and Costello shows were great and perfectly done. Don Reese was Fantastic as usual and Zach Zito was Amazing. They are both a highlight of every MONSTER BASH.

Classic movies and all the guest interviews are another treat for everyone. Thanks again for autographing my MONSTERMAD magazine from 1997 about the first MONSTER BASH.

BASH WISHES, Felix Martella


Just wanted to drop you a note and thank you on behalf of Jason and I for another great Monster Bash! This was my first year at the new venue and it was nothing short of wonderful.

I had so much fun, shot a few interviews for our YouTube page, partook in some of the events, spent a lot of money in the Dealer's Den, met some great people, and was very much moved by the "Happy Birthday" moment for Jason's son, Thorsten. Possibly, my favorite year at the Bash yet.

Take care and hope to make it out next June.

Matt G. Paradise
Terror Transmission

Hi Ron,

I wanted to let you know that I and my Harley-Davidson made it back to Iowa from the MonsterBash. I left Mars PA Monday morning at 5:30 EDT and 870 miles later pulled into my driveway in northeast Iowa at 8:30 pm CDT. The ride went well with just a little storm dodging and a bridge construction detour both in Indiana . It's nice to ride home on one of the longest daylight days of the year.

Thanks for a awesome weekend that went by in a blur. I've been trying to narrow down my favorite parts this year but can't because it was all good!! This is my 13th year in a row attending and I'm glad to see next years summer Bash has the dates set. Do you have a theme set for next year's summer Bash? I won't be able to make it out there in October but will be thinking of you all at that time.

Thanks again for all your hard work. It's great to have a place to go to celebrate classic Monsters and Science Fiction. I wished I lived closer and could do more to help out.

Rocky Thein, Harley Rider from Iowa

Hi Ron,

Thank you for another FANTASTIC Monster Bash! It goes by much too quickly, but they always do don't they! It's so great to have the October Monster Bash to look forward to. Counting down the days til that!


~Scott Goettel, KY

My only trouble at the Monster Bash is getting to everything that I
want to see & hear and still find time to eat.

I never manage to do it 100%. I always miss something.

But it's so good that there is that much going on!

-Phil Smoot

Hi Ron,

Congratulations on the terrific MONSTER BASH 2014, and many thanks for all the kindnesses you generously extended Barbara and me. We had a great time and sold a lot of books!

Next year, I'll be there with my 80th birthday celebration presentation on BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN.

Again, the BASH was really great - very well-organized, upbeat atmosphere, wonderful variety of guests and programs, and so much more. Thanks for a fantastic job!

Very best,

Greg Mank

Ron --

Mom, Louise, and I had a great time at Monster Bash! Special thanks to you and your staff for making it such a fun event!
Many thanks again for all of your hospitality and generosity in having us at Bash --

Hope our paths cross again soon...


Hi Ron,
  I just want to drop you a line to thank you for having Tony, myself, and our friends back to MonsterBash. It was an honor for us to pay tribute to one of our all time favorite movies--Abbott & Costello Meet Frankenstein .I hope everyone enjoyed our display. It was taken to another level by Dan's (Dan Weber) amazing prop recreations and Joe  & Bill's (The Ultimate Abbott & Costello Tribute team) fantastic A&C routines, those guys are AMAZING,they truly have the boys down to a science and they, along with Scoop, are some of the nicest people I have ever met.

Thanks Again
Bill Luciani
Tony Pitocco

....and the top prize for the best convention goes to....MONSTER BASH 2014!

-Debbie Painter & David Hawk

Hi Ron,

I remember going to our first Bash, in 1999. There were five of us then. Cathy, me, and our three youngest children. The kids dropped out, until now only Autumn still comes. And she will always come, she is a DEADicated Basher. But now we are back up to five, with the addition of our grandchildren, Hollis & London. The Werewolf of London. 

It's always fun going to the Bash with someone for the first time. Especially when they’re four years old. London was amazed at the free cereal, cartoons, movies showing, monsters walking around, and especially the dealers’ room. What a great place, for kids to shop. 

Some random observations: The Fencing Match and Storytelling Time – These were two great ideas, new and different. Congratulations, Paisley. Everyone could tell, that you let Savini win that last match.

Who’s on first? Naturally. I hope these guys keep coming. Hollis & London are working on this act.

Other favorites – Zach Zito, the Bash Band, the Rock, and it’s great to have Don Reese back. 

We’re planning on coming in October. I’ve always wanted to meet Victoria Price. See you then!

Karl, Cathy, Autumn, Hollis, London

The Spisaks

Hi Ron:

I hope all is well with you and the family. I have been very backed up 
since the Bash with family matters and other projects and have really 
gotten behind with correspondence. I just wanted to thank you again for 
having me speak at the Bash. The response was great and many people came 
by to tell me of their experiences. The Bash gets better every year and 
you do a wonderful job of organizing and taking care of the guests.

Thanks again and have a great summer,

Stan Gordon

Once again it was a wonderful, fast, crazy, strange and fantastic time at
the Bash. Once again we had hardly a moment to sit and chat, but it's always good to
be a part of yet another adventure.

-Kevin Slick, Colorado

Hi Ron,
Hope this email finds you and your family well. Sorry this is a little late but we wanted to drop you a line and tell you again what a fantastic time we had at the bash in June. Tim loved portraying the creature! It always seems like after a bash we say "that was the best bash" and this year was. No different. The Arch Hall Jr./Joel Hodgson q&a was great and we we're glad to see Don Reese return. Also, we got a bust of the Wolfman (sculpted from Lon Chaney Jr's life mask) from the Scary Monsters booth in the dealer's room. It sits proudly on our mantle! We can't wait for October bash. The schedule of events looks amazing. We look forward to seeing you and roaming the halls with all of our monster bash family.

Take care,
Monica, Tim, and Eric Moehring 

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