Hi Ron,

As always, it was a great time. In fact, I had a real "kid" moment on Saturday. Remember when you were a kid and were having so much fun playing with your friends that your mother had to force you to come inside to eat? I realized late Saturday afternoon "Hey, I haven't eaten anything...I've been having too much fun!" ....and my mom couldn't do a thing about it :)

I also noticed the number of little kids (real kids, not wanna-be's like me) who were there enjoying the bash. I glanced at some of them during the Abbott & Costello shows, and they were doubled over in laughter-a whole new generation has discovered A & C thanks to the Bash!

Anyway, I hope you and your crew have a chance to rest a bit, you deserve it. Looking forward to the next one!

-Paul Speidel, Manitoba *

We're already looking forward to October! See you then!!

Keep Smiling!


Howdy Ron!

Well, I made it back to Texas. Just wanted to thank you for another great Bash! I picked up a ton of movies, plus some magazines and other monster kid goodies. I plan to spend the next few days watching movies.

-Brian Nichols, College Park, TX

Here's my blog post on the 2015 Monster Bash: The Hitless Wonder Movie Blog: Monster Bash June 2015

-Dan Day, South Bend, IN

Dear Ron,
Monster Bash was absolutely great! This was our first full Bash, and we enjoyed every minute. Being there with my dad was a real treat.
Monster Bash gives an amazing level of access to special guests, and this year's group was extraordinarily friendly. Very neat.
Our Monster Bash episode is now posted, so anyone interested can listen at or
And next week, we will devote an entire episode to "The Ultimate Abbott and Costello Tribute Show." The guys gave us a fantastic interview.
I'm so glad we discovered Monster Bash. You and your staff work hard--please know you create a great experience for everyone.
Mark Matzke

My family and I attended Monsterbash in Mars, PA from 6/19-6/21 and it was absolutely wonderful! Would you mind letting us know when and where the Summer 2016 Monsterbash is scheduled to occur? We are interested in attending next Summer's event. Thank you!

-Kellie Dobbert

***Kellie, thank you for the kind words. Our next summer show will be July 8-10, 2016! Details coming soon (if not already) at

Linda and I had a great time at the Bash. I was pinned to my table selling books for much of the weekend, and many wonderful people dropped by for conversation.  I enjoyed both of Greg Mank’s talks. Linda had never heard him speak before, and was very impressed. Conrad Brooks is a joy to speak with, and I always get a real thrill watching Wes Shank, guardian of the original Blob, work his table. His enthusiasm is so contagious.  We gave Victoria Price some genealogical information on her family, and she seemed very pleased. We missed Don Reese’s act, but he told us some great jokes in the hallway (ask him about scaring two guys—one with a real heart and one with an artificial one). See you next year.

-Frank & Linda Dello Stritto, TX

Hello Ron. I want to thank you for another great Monsterbash. It is well worth the 800 mile motorcycle trip out from Iowa to spend 3 days with you all each year. This was my 14th year! Highlights for me were attending Greg Mank's Mummy and Bride of Frankenstein presentations and Frank Dello Stritto's talk on the British Band on Horror movies. I also always enjoy sitting near the back of the movie room and watching Geoffrey and Brian work there magic on the 16mm movie projectors and video presentations. Ron, again, thank you so much for the highlight of my summer each year.

- Rocky Thein Harley rider.

Hi Ron,
This is George Robertson (Crazy Ed's Classic Crypt). I just wanted to send you a note on what a fantastic time I had last weekend. I went from fan to vendor and couldn't believe how much fun it would be. You staff is the best!! They were so helpful and friendly all weekend long. Great show and I can't wait till October.

- George

Hi Ron

Had a blast at the Bash!!

here is a link to the latest podcast. It's our Re Cap of The Bash 2015


-Vince Rotollo - "B" Movie Cast

Ron & Company,

Another great bash, our 17th summer bash. It wouldn’t be summer, without the bash. Plus we’ve been to the one and only winter bash (2000) and one in October, for a total of 19. We came last October to meet Victoria Price, and we all loved her. Now the October bash may become a regular thing too.

It was all good, but our favorites were:

Autumn – Zach Zito, as always

Cathy – Abbott & Costello – It looks like they’re becoming regulars, which is great. They are funny!

Karl – old mummy movies, Una O’Connor film, Kris Yeaworth

See you in October!

Karl & the gang


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