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Above: Producer/Director Roger Corman with Screen writer Charles Griffith.

Classic Movie Screen writer - Charles Griffith talks about Monster Bash Magazine!

MONSTER BASH magazine is a delight! Publisher Ron Adams has a winner on his hands! Magnificent layouts and graphics by the talented gentlemen,Ted A. Bohus and Ron Adams! After reading issue no. 6. I throughly enjoyed the well - written article by Joseph C. Romano about the Corman films! Also the intriguing interview by Lawrence Fultz Jr. with the highly talented writer/director Ib Melchior! In fact all the articles in it are interesting and well informed. The elegant covers by Kerry Gammill and Lorraine Bush are amazing! They are beautiful works of art. I enjoy how this magazine does well in covering all aspects of the Sci-Fi and the horror genre. This magazine is also excellent in covering that wonderful era in film of the 20s to the 60s! I enjoy how the magazine explores every aspect of Sci- Fi and horror from this genre. Definitely highly talented artists and writers combine to make this magazine top-notch in its field! I can't wait to get issue no.7.! Anyway Ron and crew keep up the GREAT work!
- Charles Byron Griffith


Above: Teenage monsters and director Herbert Strock.

Classic Movie Director-Writer-Film Editor, Herbert Strock talks about Monster Bash Magazine!

I have gone through two issues of Monster Bash and I was amazed at the amount of research, editorial finesse and layout planning that went into this horror magazine. I really should not call it a horror magazine, as it goes much deeper into the genre with interesting articles about the actors, their background and thoughts as well as the films themselves. I felt the layout by Ted Bohus was exceptional and held the readers interest throughout! The vast amount of photographs was amazing. The covers are exceptional "eye catchers" very talented artists! The centerfolds by Joe Busam are works of art and will catch the attention of the reader. As a writer-director of several films that fall into this category I was deeply interested in the in-depth research that went into the articles, and I certainly came away with more knowledge and understanding of the actor, the story, the work that went into the shooting these films that have found a singular place in the history of motion pictures. I believe that Monster Bash magazine is an outstanding thoughtful interesting approach to the subject matter it covers! My congratulation to Ron Adams, Ted Bohus, the writers, and all those who are involved in getting this magnificent magazine before the public! - Herbert Strock.

Classic Movie Director-Writer - Ib Melchior talks about Monster Bash Magazine!

I read with interest what my friend and colleague Herbert Strock had to say about MONSTER BASH magazine, and I ditto his remarks with the exception that I would include in kudos the excellent article about Herbert by Lawrence Fultz Jr., which I found most enjoyable. Herbert and I worked as writers/directors in that fabulous realm of science fiction movies at a time when we spent imagination rather than dollars. It is refreshing and gratifing to see a magazine such as MONSTER BASH keeping those times alive for a new generation of si-fi fans to experience. As the greeting went in my film THE TIME TRAVELERS so is mine to the creators of MONSTER BASH - "Be well"!  Give my regards to Ron Adams and all the talented writers and artists involved in the covers, articles and photo layouts in this wonderful magazine. - Ib Melchior

Actor Jonathan Haze chimes in about Monster Bash magazine!

It is one of the best horror and sci-fi magazines out there, that's for sure.  I thoroughly enjoyed the many different articles.  Just to name a few I enjoyed: the amazingly well-written articles by Jeff Barnes and Bob Pellegrino!  Also the amazing interviews done by Kevin Surnear and Larry Fultz, Jr. The covers done by the highly talented artists,  Kerry Gammill and Lorraine Bush.  Their covers are beautiful! 

I really enjoy this magazine.  In fact I take my hat off to all your incredibly talented writers!

-Jonathan Haze (AIP actor)

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