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THURSDAY July 7, 2016

For people coming in early for Monster Bash, Ron Adams will run rare films in the afternoon and then projectionist Geoffrey Curtis will be doing his un-announced MYSTERY MOVIES! Screening various 16mm films through the evening at various times.

FRIDAY July 8, 2016



9:00 AM - 16mm FILM: MONSTERS WE'VE KNOWN AND LOVED. It's our traditional opening short film. A documentary produced back in 1964. A look at the classics from the early days through the eyes of 1964. Narrated by Joseph Cotten. Introduced with a welcome to the Monster Bash by Ron Adams.



Above: Farnsworth, on of the guides for THE WITCH'S DUNGEON and on the right, Dungeon master himself,Cortlandt Hull giving you the eye!

10:00 AM - THE WITCH'S DUNGEON PRESENTS: Cortlandt Hull, Bill Diamond and Farnsworth (Rob Lansley, will be hosting a sneak peek with what's new at "The Witch's Dungeon!" It's the 50th Anniversary of the Dungeon and there's a lot of cool stuff happening. Cortlandt is the nephew of Henry Hull (WEREWOLF OF LONDON) and oversees his museum in Bristol, Connecticut. He knew Vincent Price (who lent voice talent to Cortlandt's museum) and Cortlandt can answer questions about your favorite classic stars as well.


11:00 AM - CREEPY CLIFFHANGERS with LEONARD KOHL: THE VANISHING SHADOW (1934) and THE PHANTOM CREEPS (1939). See a great chapter from the first sci-fi sound serial and it's semi-remake with Bela Lugosi. We welcome Leonard and all our friends that love the cliffhangers from the "Serial Squadron!" Background and fun with film, serial and cartoon historian Leonard Kohl!


12:00 PM - TALK: UFO's OVER PENNSYLVANIA AND MYSTERIOUS BEAST SIGHTINGS. UFO and mysterious creature researcher, Stan Gordon, will again speak about real-life mysteries here on our planet. Expect an amazing talk with author Stan Gordon and he'll have a power point with photos. You decide. Stan will take your questions. His new book in "Asonishing Encounters."


1:00 PM - MOVIE: ISLAND OF LOST SOULS (1932). The manimals are in the house! See a mad doctor, deliciously played by Charles Laughton, creature man-monsters in attempts to humanize beasts. A film classic.


2:30 PM - TALK: DARWIN GOES HOLLYWOOD. Animals become men! Men become animals!! Mad Doctors rave!!! All while the Missing Link hides in the shadows, waiting its turn. A unique look at the history of the horror film. Frank makes it all informative and entertaining. Be careful--you might go ape!


3:30 PM - MONSTER KID SHOW & TELL: SPOTLIGHT ON FORBIDDEN PLANET - WES SHANK. One of the premiere prop collectors from classic films, Wes Shank, will discuss the fil FORBIDEN PLANET and display some of the original props from the film itself. A real treat....not to be missed.


4:30 PM - LIVE COMEDY: THE ULTIMATE ABBOTT & COSTELLO TRIBUTE SHOW. After two minutes, you'll totally forget that you're not seeing the real Bud Abbott & Lou Costello. These guys are great!


5:30 PM - MOVIE: SORRY, WRONG NUMBER (1948). The classic radio show thriller on film. Starring Barbara Stanwyck, Burt Lancaster and Jimmy Hunt.


7:00 PM - Q & A SESSION: JIMMY HUNT. The star of INVADERS FROM MARS (1953) who was also in SORRY, WRONG NUMBER (1948), SPECIAL AGENT (1949), THE FULLER BRUSH MAN (1948), HERE COME THE GIRLS (1953) and other films! Moderated by Bob Pellegrino.


7:30 PM - DOCUMENTARY: IT WAS A COLOSSAL TEENAGE MOVIE MACHINE: THE AMERICAN-INTERNATIONAL PICTURES STORY. Bug-eyed Aliens! Towering Monsters! Swinging Surfers! Tripping hippies! Rowdy Bikers! The 1950's and 1960's wouldn't be the same without American-International Pictures. While major studio's were bank-rolling "prestige" films for adults, this atomic-age movie company produced low budget, exploitation fare for the drive-in audience.

Now, for the first time in cinema history, the larger-than-life story of founder James H. Nicholson and his partner, Samuel Z. Arkoff, is brought to the screen in blazing color! From the B-grade creatures of Roger Corman to the gothic chillers of Vincent Price, audiences will witness the untold story of how two celluloid mavericks invented the American Teenager! Produced by Ballyhoo Motion Pictures and Directed by Daniel Griffith ("CITIZEN WOOD" & "TRAIL OF THE CREEPER: THE RONDO HATTON STORY").


8:30 PM - LAST CALL FOR THE DEALER BALLROOM TODAY. Get your groovy, ghoulish goodies before the dealer room closes. Quick!


Above: Monster Bash's house band, The Bash Boys.

10:05 PM - OPENING ACT - JEFF SCHMICH. Jeff opens our music program for Friday night with the unplugged original song "The hopped-up Beatnik Monster Bash!"

10:05 PM - HOUSE BAND: THE BASH BOYS: Enjoy The Monster Bash Band - "The Bash Boys" in the movie room. The band features staffers: Michael Pierce on guitar, Bob Pellegrino on the drums, Keven Scarpino thumping the electric bass, Bash vendor Steve Unger on keyboards and lead guitarist Steven Thornton. With a special appearances by the one and only Mark Statler.


11:00 PM -MEXICAN MONSTER NIGHT: LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD MEETS THE MONSTERS The movie is dubbed in English. Introduced by your Mexican Monster Night host, author of THE MEXICAN MASKED WRESTLER AND MONSTER FILMOGRAPHY - Roberto Cotter. Free tacos and burritos (while they last).


12:30AM - SPOOK SHOW & MOVIE: THE MONSTER AND THE GIRL (1944) Nothing like a good brain-swapping/ape on the loose/mad doctor/gangster/white slavery movie...this one's got it all. George Zucco is the mad doctor. Introduced by an old fashioned spook show that wil chill and thrill the audience...can you take it? Spook show by Leonard Hayhurst, Thom Shubila and Monica Moehring. A mad doctor, hypnotism and a gorilla...


2:00 AM -THE BASH LATE MOVIE: NIGHT OF TERROR (1933). Bela Lugosi as a mysterious servant sporting a turban (have they gone out of style?). A scientist works on a serum that preserves life and has himself buried alive. To top it off, there's a Mr. Hyde like monster loose in the woods. 16mm film.


SATURDAY July 9, 2016



8:00AM - SATURDAY MORNING CARTOONS & CEREAL. Cartoons for kids of all ages. Plus, FREE cereal is passed out to the audience...just the way Saturday morning used to be growing up...cartoons and cereal. Hosted by TV horror host SON OF GHOUL!


9:00 AM - MOVIE: A TRIP TO THE MOON (1902). The oldest film to be screened at MONSTER BASH! George Melies rare, kick-off for science fiction cinema. Film provided by Kevin Scarpino.


9:15 AM - MOVIE: JUNGLE JIM IN THE FORBIDDEN LAND (1952). Filmed on Columbia Studio's back jungle lot, Johnny Weismuller stars as Jungle Jim. A weird adventure that revolves around poachers in a hidden land of missing link creatures. These missing links look like a band of tall werewolves with pretty cool make-up! Special thanks to Ken Kish for providing the 16mm print.


10:30 AM - CREEPY CLIFFHANGERS with LEONARD KOHL: UNDERSEA KINGDOM (1936) and FLASH GORDON (1936). A double serial feature! UNDERSEA KINGDOM has Ray "Crash" Corrigan and bad guy favorite...Lon Chaney Jr. in an early role. FLASH GORDON sports Buster Crabbe at his best battling Ming - The Merciless! We welcome Leonard and all our friends that love the cliffhangers from the "Serial Squadron!" Background and fun with film, serial and cartoon historian Leonard Kohl!


11:30 AM - Q&A: CLAUDIA BARRETT & GREGORY MOFFETT. Together we remember one of the most fun "bad movies" of all time, ROBOT MONSTER (1953). Claudia and Greg starred in this notorious movie that everyone has seen! We'll get the first hand stories from the set and learn more about these two fabulous MONSTER BASH guests! Moderated by Scott Goettel.


12:00 Noon - MONSTER BASH BRAINTWIST QUIZ: Film historian and author Tom Weaver will test your knowledge on classic horror and science fiction films. Get ready to be tested and have a chance to win cool classic monster prizes provided by MONSTER BASH sponsor Creepy Classics.


12:30 PM - LIVE COMEDY: THE ULTIMATE ABBOTT & COSTELLO TRIBUTE SHOW. After two minutes, you'll totally forget that you're not seeing the real Bud Abbott & Lou Costello. These guys are great!


1:30 PM - MONSTER KID HOME MOVIE: ENCOUNTER AT DARK WOODS. Monster Kid filmaker, Brian Nichols, had produced another slice of monster movie fan life.....ENCOUNTER AT DARK WOODS! When we were kids oving monster movies, how could we not want to follow those "real life" monsters too? The Loch Ness Monster, The Abominable Snowman of the Himalayas, aliens in UFOs abducting humans for bizarre experiments and that thing that could be in the woods out back, North America's monster -- BIGFOOT! See the intrepid club of kids called The Falcons go on search of the hairy beast.


2:00 PM - TALK: THE BODY SNATCHER. An in-depth look at the classic Val Lewton horror from 1945. It has Boris Karloff, Bela Lugosi, Henry Daniell and the amazing child actress Sharyn Moffett. Greg Mank, historian and author, has dug deep into the RKO archives and will present an amazing talk and power point on the classic film.


3:00 PM - MOVIE: THE BODY SNATCHER (1945). Stars Boris Karloff, Henry Daniell, Bela Lugosi, Russell Wade and Sharyn Moffett. A young medical student finds himself in the midst of a medical professor with skeletons in his closet. Local cabman Grey was also mixed-up in the business and won't let the medical teacher forget. Gruesome doings with Lugosi attempting to blackmail "The Body Snatcher" and unscrupulous means for acquiring dissection material. All this unsavory story is unfolded with delicacy and poetry by director Robert Wise and Producer Val Lewton. One of the best films in the horror genre ever made. A shock ending that was edited out of British and television prints for years. "You'll never get rid of me, never get rid of me, never get rid of me......!"


4:30 PM - Q&A SESSION: SHARYN MOFFETT. The little girl we all loved from THE BODY SNATCHER (with Karloff and Lugosi). Her career as a hild actor also produced roles in: MR. BLANDINGS BUILDS HIS DREAM HOUSE (1948 with Cary Grant and Myrna Loy), THE LOCKET (1946 with Robert Mitchum), THE FALCON IN SAN FRANCISCO with Tom Conway), THE JUDGE STEPS OUT (1947 with Ann Souhern) and HER FIRST ROMANCE (1951 with fellow MONSTER BASH guest Jimmy Hunt). Moderated by Scott Goettel.


Above: Matthew Crick, a certain Gillman and Sam Borowski.

5:00 PM - DOCUMENTARY: CREATURE FEATURE: 60 YEARS OF THE GILLMAN (2014). Years in the making, the definitive history and pop culture impact of the CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON. Introduced by director/producer Matthew Crick and writer/producer Sam Borowski. Featuring Ben Chapman, Julie Adams, Bob Burns and a cast of hundreds!


5:30 PM - LAST CALL FOR THE DEALER BALLROOM TODAY. Get your groovy, ghoulish goodies before the dealer room closes. Quick!


6:30 PM - Q&A SESSION: JO MORROW. Jo has an amazing background...her story is amazing. Plus, she was sincere friends with her on-screen brother Charles Herbert, a beloved BASH guest who past away in October 2015. Jo has worked with William Castle and Ray Harrhausen (THREE WORLDS OF GULLIVER). Plus, you remember her from: GIGET (1959), TV shows MISSION IMPOSSIBLE, PERRY MASON, the cult film DOCTOR DEATH which had Moe Howard in a serious bit role. Moderated by Ron Adams.


7:00 PM - MONSTER MUSIC: Singer Mark Statler. Mark, along with his brother Theron have been bubbling under with amazing music aimed directly for Monster Kids! Retro rockin' fun with a MONSTER BASH mini-concert pperformed by singer, Mark Statler. A great way to welcome-in Saturday night at BASH!


7:30 PM - MONSTER BASH EVENING COMEDY: - DON REESE: Don Reese, the amazing colossal monster comicperforms! Don is a favorite of ours and perfectly wraps his stand-up comedy around the brains of baby boomers who grew up in the Monster Generation.

See a preview of Don here:


8:00 PM - 16mm PROGRAM: SATURDAY NIGHT WITH THE STOOGES. Cleveland TV Horror Host SON OF GHOUL hosts the best of the Spooky Stooge shorts: IDLE ROOMERS (Werewolf), WE WANT OUR MUMMY and WHO DONE IT? (with Nikko, The Goon!). Hosted by Cleveland area TV horror host Son of Ghoul!


9:00 PM - Q&A: AUDREY DALTON. She was there with all the great stars, a truly talented actress in some of the best remembered films that we all love: TITANIC, THE MONSTER THAT CHALLENGED THE WORLD, CASANOVA'S BIG NIGHT, MR. SARDONICUS. She graced our TV screen on THRILLER, WILD WILD WEST, BONANZA, THE WONDERFUL WORLD OF DISNEY...on and on. She worked with Boris Karloff, John Carradine, Basil Rathbone, Bob Hope, Alan Ladd, Lon Chaney Jr., Tim Holt and again....the list doesn't end. Moderated by Scott Goettel.


9:45PM - BASH SPECIAL: LET THEM EAT CAKE! Saturday night free cake for all! Reception with monster sized sheet cakes will be set up and served near Monster Bash registration in the lobby free to all Bash attendees! Served up by the Bash staff, assorted monsters (courtesy of Ron Chamberlain) Bud & Lou!



The following two events will take place in the grassy area out fromt of the hotel. We'll have a sound system and do our drive-in style open air movie

10:00 PM - OUTDOOR FILM: THE MONSTER THAT CHALLENGED THE WORLD (1957). Radiation brings to life an underwater caterpillar that grows to enormous (heck, monsterous) proportions. Get ready for Bash fun! We will show the film in the parking lot. You will need to have your car facing away from the hotel's main entrance. Or, you can bring a blanket and sit in the center lawn "island." We'll have the audio on a PA system. Special thanks to projectionist Geoffrey Curtis and Keven Scarpino for making this happen. In the event of rain..this will run indoors. Pre-movie cartoon provided by Son of Ghoul.


11:30 PM - LIGHTS OUT AT MONSTER BASH: With Your Host Mike Adams. Mike Adams will host a vintage radio program, and the lights will go down for a scary vintage radio show....GHOST HUNT starring Raplh Edwards. A chiller. Spooky fun for the whole family. Tune in with Mike Adams.


Above: The prize toss, besides beach balls, get ready for the flinging of free DVDs, Blu-Rays, Monster Magazines, Monster Toys and more!

12:00 MIDNIGHT BIG EVENT - THE MONSTER BASH "FESTIVAL OF THE NEW WINE Song." A Monster Bash tradition. Bob Pellegrino sings the "Festival of the New Wine" from FRANKENSTEIN MEETS THE WOLF MAN. Plus, the great free prize toss, this year featuring magazines, DVDs, and just plain cool Monster Kid stuff. WARNING: If you do not wish to get hit by flying free stuff, do not stay in hte room for this event. Enter and stay at your own risk. Thanks to Creepy Classics, Scary Monsters for providing the cool prizes for....what else?....our PRIZE TOSS! We'll kick off the midnight fun with the Monster Bash Lifetime Achievement Awards.


12:30 AM - LIVE THEATER: LOT #249. Actor Zach Zito presents this horrifying tale from Sir Arthur Conan Doyle about the living dead. If you've never seen Zach perform before, you are in for a real treat! An amazing stage actor with incredible intensity that will grip you to the bone. Published in 1892, the story's title refers to the auction number of an ancient coffin (and its contents) that were purchased by a researcher. Get ready!


1:00 AM - BASH LATE NIGHT MOVIE: KING KONG (1933) The original 1933 classic with Robert Armstrong, Fay Wray and Bruce Cabot. An enterprising promoter (Armstrong) and a young beauty (Fay Wray) travel to Skull Island. Dinosaurs and the mighty ape -- KONG, preside there. Armstrong captures the giant ape and brings it back to New York. Kong escapes and knocks New York on its ear. A classic in anyone's book. This special MONSTER BASH version is dug-up by special effects master Tom Sullivan. You'll be amazed.


SUNDAY July 10, 2016



MAKE THIS YOUR LAST CHANCE SHOPPING DAY! You MIGHT NEVER SEE THOSE COOL ITEMS IN THE DEALER ROOM AGAIN. Sunday is shopping day at BASH. In between our final great programming you have to hit the dealer ballroom. Hurry before that person that was next to you in the hallways gets that rare item you really wanted!


8:00 AM - MONSTER BASH MASS. Father Mike returns to give Mass at Monster Bash. All denominations are welcome. Yes, Father Mike is a real priest from Ohio. Attendees don't have to go out looking for a church. We do it here with all your friends.

9:00 AM - SUNDAY MORNING FILM SHORTS. Two spooky episodes from the Little Rascals canon: OUR GANG FOLLIES OF 1936 which features the crazy skeleton dance and SPOOKY HOOKY (1936) with the kids trying to break into the school at night, which now appears to be....haunted! And HIDE AND SHRIEK (1938) which takes place in a scary fun house (below)!


10:00 AM - MOVIE: 13 GHOSTS (1960). Stars Charles Herbert and Jo Morrow! A William Castle special. Castle directs another chiller full of sensationalism. 13 ghosts are haunting a house and reveal themselves to a young boy who has just moved in. MONSTER BASH guest plays older sister Medea Zorba.


11:30 AM - TALK: THE CLASSIC KIDS OF HORROR! Film historian and author Deborah Painter gives a wonderful talk and power point presentation on the children of golden age horror and science fiction films. Don't miss the kids we all related with on the big screen and TV screen when we were growing up (or, pretending to!).


12:30PM - MONSTER BASH SPECIAL: THE LIZARDS WE KNOW AND LOVE - STOCK FOOTAGE IN CLASSIC SCI-FI. We've seen those lizards, that's a hostorial look at the stock footage we know and love in our favorite low budget films. Hosted by Joe Kolakowski.

1:00 PM - MOVIE: THE FACE IS FAMILAR: TOM DUGAN. You've seen him in THE MONSTER AND THE GIRL and DOCTOR X! Hosted by producer Charles Henson.


1:30 PM - MONSTER BASH SHOW & TELL: JOEY VENTO. Joey runs THE HAUNTED BARN Movie Museum & Theater in upstare New York. He will be sharing some of his props with BASH attendees. They include items from Ray Harryhausen movies. Bash fun!


2:00 PM - MOVIE: ABBOTT & COSTELLO MEET DR. JEKYLL & MR. HYDE (1953). Boris Karloff joins Abbott & Costello in a wild send-up of the Jekyll-Hyde saga. Mr. Hydes (looking like a Wolf Man with a poor dentist) pop up everywhere. Can you tell which one is Karloff, which is stuntman Eddie Parker and which is....Lou Costello?! Great Saturday afternoon fun.


3:30 PM - MONSTER BASH COMEDY: THE ULTIMATE ABBOTT & COSTELLO TRIBUTE SHOW. Joe Ziegler and Bill Riley are the very spirit of Bud Abbott and Lou Costello. The legacy lives on with unforgettable performances. In one minute you'll forget that they aren't really Bud & Lou. They are THAT good.


4:30 PM - SPECIAL FEATURE - TRIBUTE: A fond look back at all the Monster Bash past guests and classic horror and sci-fi stars that we lost over the past year. Compiled, produced and presented by Charles Henson.


4:00PM - MONSTER BASH MEMORIES: MONSTER BASH 2015. Perry Edelbergs, Tom and the Cleveburg group have a fun look at last summer's MONSTER BASH FROM THE MUMMY'S TOMB!


4:30 PM - LAST CALL FOR THE DEALER BALLROOM TODAY. Get your groovy, ghoulish goodies before the dealer room closes. Quick!

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