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TALK: Frank Dello Stritto: Up from the depths, our favorite gill-man, the Creature from the Black Lagoon.

THURSDAY June 21, 2018

Pre-Bash: For people coming in early for Monster Bash, Ron Adams will run rare films in the afternoon and then projectionist Geoffrey Curtis will be doing his un-announced MYSTERY MOVIES! Screening various 16mm films through the evening at various times.

FRIDAY June 22, 2018



9:00 AM - 16mm FILM: MONSTERS WE'VE KNOWN AND LOVED. It's our traditional opening short film. A documentary produced back in 1964. A look at the classics from the early days through the eyes of 1964. Narrated by Joseph Cotten. Introduced with a welcome to the Monster Bash by Ron Adams.

Above: Cortlandt Hull with foundimg editor of FAMOUS MONSTERS magazine, Forrest J Ackerman.

10:00 AM - THE WITCH'S DUNGEON PRESENTS: Cortlandt Hull and Bill Diamond start our Bash festivities with information on "The Witch's Dungeon!" Cortlandt is the great nephew of Henry Hull (WEREWOLF OF LONDON) and oversees his museum in Bristol, Connecticut. He knew Vincent Price (who lent voice talent to Cortlandt's museum) and Cortlandt can answer questions about your favorite classic stars as well.

11:00 AM - MOVIE: THE DAY OF THE TRIFFIDS (1962). Stars Howard Keel, Nicole Maurey, Janette Scott, Kieron Moore and MONSTER BASH Guest Janina Faye. Meteors rain on planet earth creating a beautiful glow......but the BAD news is it blinds everyone who sees it. Then the space spores start growing as the planet becomes infested with walking, killing plants called Triffids. Filmed much more intelligently than you would think. Good stuff....but have the weed-wacker handy.

1:00 PM - Q&A SESSION: JANINA FAYE. MONSTER BASH is proud to have Janina as our lead off Guest for June 2018. Janina is known for Hammer's HORROR OF DRACULA, THE DAY OF THE TRIFFIDS, THE HANDS OF ORLAC, THE TWO FACES OF DR. JEKYLL, THE HEADLESS GHOST, The British THRILLER TV show, Hammer Studios' thriller NEVER TAKE SWEETS FROM A STRANGER, GREEN FINGERS and more. She's worked with Peter Cushing, Christopher Lee, Ingrid Pitt and so many more of those familar faces in films! Talk moderated by Scott Goettel.

1:30 PM - MOVIE: MASTER MINDS (1949). Stars Leo Gorcey and The Bower Boys, Jane Adams, Glenn Strange, Alan Napier, Skelton Knaggs and Minerva Urecal. One of the great horror setting films for The Bowery Boys. The boys run into a brain-swapping mad doctor who uses electronics to transfer brain patterns. Satch (Huntz Hall) gets his brain swapped with a werewolf-like giant monster (played by Glenn Strange). Great fun. Introduced by Bowery Boys' historian and biographer Leonard Getz.

3:00 PM - TALK: THE YEAR IN MYSTERIOUS EVENTS and SIGHTINGS. Stan will update us on some of the UFO, Bigfoot, and cryptid encounters. And historical accounts. Stan is the go-to authority on the famous Kecksburg Incident in 1965. Expect an amazing talk with author Stan Gordon and he'll have a power point with photos. You decide. Stan will take your questions.

4:00 PM - MOVIE: THE GHOST OF FRANKENSTEIN (1942). Lon Chaney Jr. is a hulking and frightening Frankenstein monster...full of power and evil. Lugosi is back as Ygor and is simply excellent in the role. Sir Cedric Hardwicke is Dr. Frankenstein and Lionel Atwill's eyes gleam as the power-crazed mad doctor Bohmer.

5:30 PM - TALK with Author Frank Dello Stritto: THE GHOST OF FRANKENSTEIN. Karloff was out, Lon Chaney Jr. took the role of the undying monster. Lugosi, he was back as the manical Ygor. Frank goes deep into the land of Frankenstein on the 200th anniversary of the novel. His presentation talks are always informative....and fun!

6:30 PM - MOVIE: DINOSAURUS (1960). Stars Ward Ramsey, Kristina Hanson and Paul Lukather. A frozen Tyrannosaur, Brontosaurus and caveman unthaw from watery depths and find themselves in the 20th century. A young boy befriends the Brono and even gets a ride. While the Tyrannosaur is just plain nasty (as expected) and the caveman provides the humor as he tries to cope with a modern world. The unforgettable climax has the T. Rex battling a steam shovel! Real quality kids entertainment for 1960.

8:00 PM - TALK & MUSIC: KRIS YEAWORTH. His dad was the director of THE BLOB, DINOSAURUS and THE 4-D MAN. He was a tech on the set of all the films. He hung out with Steve McQueen, Patty Duke and red ooze from outer space! He has the, Kris is a singer/songwriter and will perform a song he wrote about the making of THE BLOB. He was there. Update: Kris just let me know that he will be bringing the only existing footage from THE BLOB that is NOT in the movie. Slates and his dad, the director, at work on the set. Paramount had destroyed all the outtakes...this was saved by the editor and is the ONLY surviving footage not in the movie itself. You'll see it here at MONSTER BASH!

8:30 PM - FORGOTTEN HORRORS FILM: MURDERS IN THE ZOO (1933). Holy smoke -- what do I say about this? If you've never seen it, take my word for's incredible! Lionel Atwill's finest performance. Only he could play a slimy, nasty, evil guy with a sparkle and a smile. Graphic and horrifying. A modern day Poe-styled story with a man obsessed, murder and mayhem. The ending will put you through the roof. A four howler! Note: This is a pre-code film and there are graphic scenes at the beginning and end of the film. Introduced by film historian Rich Scrivani.

Above: Monster Bash's house band, The Bash Boys.

10:00 PM - HOUSE BAND: THE BASH BOYS: Enjoy The Monster Bash Band - "The Bash Boys" in the movie room. The band features Bash Boys, staffers: Kevin Slick on guitar, Bob Pellegrino on the drums, Keven Scarpino...his Beatle Bass, Bash vendor Steve Unger on keyboards,Michael Pierce on guitar/vocals and lead guitarist Steven Thornton. With a special appearances by the one and only Mark Statler.

11:00 PM -MEXICAN MONSTER NIGHT: SAMSON IN THE WAX MUSEUM (1964). The Beatles were making it big on the radio, but the Saturday afternoon matinee was rocking with Samson (Santo) movies. A Mexican masked super-hero wrestler stumbles onto a mad scientist whose got "master plans!" The doc runs a wax museum full figures with bad reputations. Included are the Frankenstein monster (looking a lot like Karloff) and a Mr. Hyde. Are they really just wax figures?

The movie is dubbed in English. Introduced by your Mexican Monster Night host, author of THE MEXICAN MASKED WRESTLER AND MONSTER FILMOGRAPHY - Roberto Cotter.

Free tacos and burritos (while they last).


12:30AM - SPOOK SHOW & MOVIE: THE BOWERY BOYS MEET THE MONSTERS (1954) Stars Leo Gorcey, Huntz Hall, Lloyd Corrigan, Ellen Corby, John Dehner, Bernard Gorcey, Paul Wexler and Laura Mason. The Bowery Boys visit the owners of a vacant New York lot. They hope to convince them to donate the property as a baseball field for city kids. The owners are the Gravesend family, living in a remote, spooky mansion. As the boys try to plead their case, the Gravesend family have different plans. Like using the boys' brains for experiments. The house is complete with robot, gorilla, a couple of mad scientists, one creepy old lady (Grandma Walton, Ellen Corby), a butler that turns into a Hyde-like monster and a beautiful female vampire. Introduced by an old fashioned Spook Show that will chill and thrill the audience...can you take it? Spook show by Leonard Hayhurst, Thom Shubila, Dan Weber, Monica Moehring and the gorilla -- Mighty Joe's son!


2:00 AM -THE BASH LATE MOVIE: THE LAND UNKNOWN (1957). On an expedition to Antarctica, explorers find the a hidden land in a plateau crater. The "land unknown" is filled with prehistoric monsters. One memorable scene has a plesiosaur in a swamp/lake after the hero and heroine. Fun stuff when you were a kid, fun stuff again!


SATURDAY June 23, 2018



9:00 AM - SATURDAY MORNING CARTOONS & CEREAL. Cartoons for kids of all ages. Plus, FREE cereal is passed out to the audience...just the way Saturday morning used to be growing up...cartoons and cereal. Hosted by TV horror host SON OF GHOUL!

10:00 AM - MOVIE: GHOSTS ON THE LOOSE (1943) Leo Gorcey and The East Side Kids with Bela Lugosi in a comedy spook show! Lugosi "haunts" a house the boys are fixing up for newlyweds. The beautiful, young Ava Gardner plays Huntz Hall's sister! Introduced by Bowery Boys' historian and biographer Leonard Getz.

11:30 AM - Q&A: BRANDY GORCEY. Brandy is the daughter of the chief Bowery Boy, Leo Gorcey. He was Mugs McGinnis in the East Side Kids and Slip Mahoney in The Bowery Boys. His foil was always Huntz Hall. Brandy grew up with ol' Slip...known to her as just "Dad." Find out about the man behind the malapropisms and ask your questions to Brandy. Moderated by Ron Adams.


12:00 noon - BRAIN TWISTER QUIZ SHOW with Tom Weaver. You better start studying....this is a fast-paced, no holds barred quiz show. A quiz on your knowledge of classic horror and science fiction films. A huge grand prize of blu-rays, DVDs, books, monster magazines and t-shirt! Plus, consulation prizes. Tom's one of the greatest authorities on the subject in the get ready.


1:00 PM - MONSTER KID HOME MOVIES: THE NIGHT KHARIS CAME TO VISIT. Brian Nichols demonstrates how Monster Kids pass on the love of fun, scary Monster Kid traditions with two short movies. You'll see kids cooking tana leaves and the shocks that ensue. Plus, a trip to the HOUSE ON HAUNTED HILL with a group of kids and some movie magic. Brian did it and you can too....chill the next generation with good fright fun!


1:30 PM - MOVIE: THE BODY SNATCHER (1945). Stars Boris Karloff, Henry Daniell, Bela Lugosi, Russell Wade and Sharyn Moffett. A young medical student finds himself in the midst of a medical professor with skeletons in his closet. Local cabman Grey was also mixed-up in the business and won't let the medical teacher forget. Gruesome doings with Lugosi attempting to blackmail "The Body Snatcher" and unscrupulous means for acquiring dissection material. All this unsavory story is unfolded with delicacy and poetry by director Robert Wise and Producer Val Lewton. One of the best films in the horror genre ever made. A shock ending that was edited out of British and television prints for years. "You'll never get rid of me, never get rid of me, never get rid of me......heh!"

3:00 PM - Q&A: SHARYN MOFFET. RKO stock player in the 1940s is here at Monster Bash...she's worked with Boris Karloff, Tom Conway, Cary Grant, Myrna Loy, Margaret O'Brien, Jimmy Hunt, Robert Mitchum, Fay Helm, Una O'Conner and some many familiar actors. Don't miss this talk wth someone who was there in Hollywood's golden age. Moderated by Ron Adams.

3:30 PM - MOVIE: MAD LOVE (1935). Peter Lorre at his most brilliant and evil as an insane surgeon. He sews the hands of a murderer onto Colin Clive (Dr. Frankenstein in the 1931 classic). The hands seem to have a life of their own, still bent on killing. Wild, intense and beautifully filmed by Karl Freund.

5:00 PM - TALK: THE COLIN CLIVE STORY with Greg Mank. Author and film historian, Greg Mank, will unveil the life and filmwork of Colin Clive. Clive was Dr. Henry Frankenstein in the first two Universal Frankenstein films. We saw him in MAD LOVE as well as JANE EYRE, JOURNEY'S END and more. A dramatic story, with lots of new info and pictures. Part of MONSTER BASH's 200th Frankenstein birthday celebration.

5:30PM - LAST CALL FOR THE DEALER BALLROOM TODAY. Get your groovy, ghoulish goodies before the dealer room closes. Quick! Only a half hour left for shopping in the Dealer Ballroom today. If you don't get it now, you m,ight never see that item again!

6:00 PM - MOVIE: THE MAD MAGICIAN (1954). Stars Vincent Price. Follow-up to HOUSE OF WAX. Vincent Price is a wronged magician gone totally crazy. Circular saws and magician tricks become methods of mysterious murder. Catch Ed Wood actor Conrad Brooks in a brief crowd scene where they light a huge, deadly bonfire.


Above: Victoria Price left and Vincent Price with Victoria on the right. Look at the smile resemblance from Victoria now (left) and Vincent (right).

7:30 PM - TALK: VICTORIA PRICE. Get ready for an amazing talk. Victoria will talk you through her dad's life, her life with her dad, his legacy and wrap it all into an inspirational talk that will leave you with more than you came with. An incredible speaker. A testament to an icon in our lifetime, Vincent Price.


8:30 PM - LET THEM EAT CAKE! The famous MONSTER BASH cake feeding frenzy. Giant, atomic monster sized sheet cakes are served up by the MONSTR BASH staff to fans for as long as it lasts. Think ahead...chocolate or yellow cake...some hard of a decision! A a nice break and the kick-off for Saturday night MONSTER BASH madness.


9:00PM - LIVE THEATER: THE PIT AND THE PENDULUM and FRANKENSTEIN. Actor Zach Zito presents two tales of supernatural horror. If you've never seen Zach perform before, you are in for a real treat! An amazing stage actor with incredible intensity that will grip you to the bone. He will perform Edgar Allen Poe's The Pit & The Pendulum and an excerpt from Mary Shelley's Frankenstein in honor of its 200th anniversary. Large props by Dan Weber.



The following two events will take place in the grassy area out front of the hotel. We'll have a sound system and do our drive-in style open air movie.

Brought to you by The Wade Williams Collection

10:00PM OUTDOOR MOVIE: THE BRAIN FROM PLANET AROUS (1958) John Agar stars as a man possessed by a giant floating brain from outer space! His eyes turn silver and he grits his teeth a lot. The contacts probably hurt! Great, great cult classic from Science Fiction's golden years. It stars our MONSTER BASH Guest of Honor, Joyce Meadows! Don't miss her question and answer session tomorrow in the events room.

The film will be projected in the grassy area out front of the hotel. If you park your car, in advance, facing away from the front ofthe hotel, you'll be in line to see the screen. Bring a blanket or lawn chairs for the grassy area. We will provide a PA system so you can hear the feature.

A special thank you to Wade Williams for providing this feature for your drive-in experience! Visit The Wade Williams Collection, CLICK HERE.


Above: The prize toss, besides beach balls, get ready for the flinging of free DVDs, Blu-Rays, Monster Magazines, Monster Toys and more!

12:00 MIDNIGHT BIG EVENT - THE MONSTER BASH "FESTIVAL OF THE NEW WINE Song." A Monster Bash tradition. Bob Pellegrino sings the "Festival of the New Wine" from FRANKENSTEIN MEETS THE WOLF MAN. Plus, the great free prize toss, this year featuring magazines, DVDs, and just plain cool Monster Kid stuff. WARNING: If you do not wish to get hit by flying free stuff, do not stay in the room for this event. Enter and stay at your own risk. Thanks to Creepy Classics, Scary Monsters for providing the cool prizes for....what else?....our PRIZE TOSS! We'll kick off the midnight fun with the Monster Bash Lifetime Achievement Awards.


12:30 AM - SHORT FILM: THE ST. AUGUSTINE MONSTER (2016). A new black and white short film by Joshua Kennedy. On the night of November 29, 1896, something strange washed onto the beaches of St. Augustine, Florida: a giant octopus with telepathic powers. Filmed in the style of the horror films of the 1920's. Introduced by director Joshua Kennedy. Josh will also reveal more on the HUGE fun coming at next June's Bash in 2019.


1:00 AM - BASH LATE NIGHT MOVIE: CURSE OF THE DEMON (1957) One of the scariest movies (even today) to grace horror's hallowed halls. Dana Andrews is great as the unbeliever. An ancient "rune" is passed off to undesirables by an evil cult. The recipient is then doomed to face an immense demon and annihilation.


SUNDAY June 24, 2018



MAKE THIS YOUR LAST CHANCE SHOPPING DAY! YOU MIGHT NEVER SEE THOSE COOL ITEMS IN THE DEALER ROOM AGAIN. Sunday is shopping day at BASH. In between our final great programming you have to hit the dealer ballroom. Hurry before that person that was next to you in the hallways gets that rare item you really wanted! Note: Some guests will be catching flights, so get them early.


8:00 AM - MONSTER BASH MASS. Father Mike returns to give Mass at Monster Bash. All denominations are welcome. Yes, Father Mike is a real priest from Ohio. Attendees don't have to go out looking for a church. We do it here with all your friends.


9:00 AM - SUNDAY MORNING FILM SHORTS. Two spooky episodes from the Little Rascals canon: BOUNCING BABIES (1929) Wheezer is fed up with being second fiddle to his baby sister, and tries to return her to the hospital! It's Halloween and the other kids put a real scare into Wheezer with their creepy costumes. THE FIRST ROUND-UP (1934) has the kids going on a camping trip, chocked full of late night scares by campfire light. Plus, a bonus episode selected by this program's host -- Ohio TV Horror Host and fellow Monster Kid brother -- Son of Ghoul.


10:00 AM - LIGHTS OUT AT MONSTER BASH: With Your Host Mike Adams. Mike Adams will host a vintage radio program, and the lights will go down for a scary vintage radio show....A chiller. Spooky fun for the whole family. Tune in with Mike Adams. This year's program: Vincent Price in "Three Skeleton Key" from the show ESCAPE (1949).


11:00 AM - Q&A: JOYCE MEADOWS. One classy lady who starred in scores of films and TV show that we love. She battled THE BRAIN FROM PLANET AROUS, was in William Castle's I SAW WHAT YOU DID....also, THE ALFRED HITCHCOCK HOUR, SUSPENSE THEATER. BREAKFAST AT TIFFANY'S, MEN INTO SPACE, LOCK-UP, WAGON TRAIN, MAVERICK, PERRY MASON, LOIS & CLARK: THE NEW ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN and many, many more! Moderated by Scott Goettel.


11:30 AM - MOVIE: COMIN' ROUNDTHE MOUNTAIN (1951). It's Sunday, church is over and it's time for Abbott and Costello! In this feature, it's a western/voodoo fun farce. A highlight is Lou and Margartet Hamilton as a, Glenn Strange is along for the ride too!


1:00 PM - TALK: MONSTER BASH - FRANKENSTEIN...The First 200 Years! Film historian and author Deborah Painter gives a power point presentation on 200 years of Frankenstein ad the movies through the years that we all love. Don't dare miss it...., or we'll send Fritz to "collect" you.


2:00 PM - MOVIE: SPOOKS RUN WILD (1941). Bela Lugosi meets the East Side Kids for the first time. Lugosi plays a Dracula-type mystery man who slinks around an eerie old house and sleeps in a coffin.


3:30 PM - MONSTER BASH SHOW & TELL: JOEY VENTO. Joey runs THE HAUNTED BARN Movie Museum & Theater in upstate New York. He will be sharing some of his props with BASH attendees. They include items from Ray Harryhausen movies and so much more. Bashin' Monster Kid fun!


4:30 PM - LAST CALL FOR THE DEALER BALLROOM TODAY. Get your groovy, ghoulish goodies before the dealer room closes. Quick!


4:30PM - MONSTER BASH MEMORIES: MONSTER BASH 2017. See the video that Digital Solutions put together documenting last year's Bash! It rocks. Maybe you'll see yourself in the monster mix. Relive last year's show. We'll see you again this August at the MONSTER BASH GODZILLA & FRIENDS MOVIE MARATHON in Canton, Ohio at the grand PALACE THEATRE with vendors and giant screen movies!

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