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It's our latest offerings, and a look ahead at cool classic monster, horror, & science fiction releases.

Celebrate the classic horror and science fiction films & retro TV from the silent era through the 1970s. Can't remember the title of a movie? Here's the place to ask. Want to reminisce about childhood monster movie memories? Ask questions about the Monster Bash Classic Movie Conferences.

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Friday June 18 - Monday June 21, 2021

TODAY'S MONSTER BASH PHAN FOTO: Edmund Lowe and Bela Lugosi face-off in CHANDU THE MAGICIAN (1932). Get it on Blu-Ray or DVD here at Creepy Classics.

Get all your favorite monster movies on Blu-Ray or DVD here at Creepy Classics. Come in a shop around for all the classic horror and science fiction collectibles here at Creepy Classics.

Note: If you made reservations at the Double Tree Hotel in Mars, PA for the June 18th weekend MONSTER BASH, you'll need to cancel. Our MONSTER BASH block was canceled already, but best to double check to make sure your room was. The original hotel show was to be on that weekend. The hotel is projected still not to be able to do a full MONSTER BASH gathering yet. As soon as we can get back at the Double Tree, we will announce it on this page.

In the meantime we are doing a drive-in MONSTER BASH UNDER THE STARS on June 11-12, 2021.

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Rondo Remembers: Classics in School

When classic literature and books in school cross into the world of movie monsters. That is exactly when my interest in books in school was the most keen. It was a combination of locating these books through four main avenues in my school days. There were the books we were assigned to read, books in the library, books that some teachers had in their classroom and, of course, book services like Scholastic.

My run-in with monsters in classic literature included Frankenstein by Mary Shelley. This one was a tough read for a kid in fifth grade. I don't know about others, but I would have to read and re-read paragraphs as I would get bored and drift on this one. It was heavy plodding for me. My copy of that came through the Scholastic book club, along with Dracula by Bram Stoker. Now Dracula I found much easier to read and loved the "diary/journal" format. It was interesting, intense and scary. The Dracula copy I got from Scholastic also had a wonderful image of Bela Lugosi on the cover even though the book would describe him as a nasty looking, gray-haired man with a big mustache.

One of my first books of classic horror was a Tales of Mystery and Imagination by Edgar Allan Poe. A collection of his stories that had things like The Pit and the Pendulum, The Cask of Amontillado, The Black Cat and others. While this was harder reading than I was used to in fifth and sixth grade, I found it easier to get through that Frankenstein. I remember my sixth grade teacher, Mr. Miller, raising an eyebrow (but not in a bad way) that I had it sitting atop my school books at my desk. He made some comment like, "some interesting reading there Mr. Adams." Maybe, in the back of his mind, he worried I may end up in a county asylum.

I found Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson in the school library along with H.G. Welles The Invisible Man. Both I found easy reading and loved them. In particular, I really liked The Invisible Man. A great cover on that one with a close-up of the bandaged face, holding the secret an invisibility beneath.

In seventh grade I was on the school newspaper staff, writing and drawing for The Silhouette at Park Forest Junior High School. That is where I met my friend Kevin Slick who assists at the Monster Bash conferences to this day...some 50 years later. Gulp. It was also where I met Classics Illustrated! The classroom we held newspaper meetings in after school was Mrs. Laughlin's room. She was a wonderful English teacher who was the advisor on the newspaper. The room was stocked with "free-time" reading books including Classics Illustrated. They were comic books that told the classics in comic book form. They mashed up my interests in the monsters, books and comics! She let me borrow the Frankenstein one which I took home and plowed through.

I also took to school a copy of The Hunchback of Notre Dame by Victor Hugo. They didn't have that one in the library, but I had one I got from my grandparents. It was an abridged version from Reader's Digest books. I recall it having a few cool illustrations.

I would probably never have read these classics if it had not been for my interest in monster movies. I still have many of those same books that I had back in elementary school. They seemed to have survived better than a lot of my monster toys. Treasured books for sure.

Ron Adams
Ligonier, PA
June 2021

Fifth grade flashbacks! I remember so many titles I'd heard about showing up as paperbacks at the school book fair, along with us being able to order Scholastic Books through our teachers on a fairly regular basis. In the early Seventies, when Disney's 20,000 LEAGUES UNDER THE SEA was reissued theatrically, I remember ordering a movie tie-in paperback copy of the book through our class that had a cover painting taken from the squid fight. Another staple of those school book fairs were the Airmont Classics library of paperbacks, the very same paperback editions that were also sold though the Captain Company in the back pages of "Famous Monsters of Filmland." They always had incredible cover art...even if it didn't quite match what was inside. (Probably the biggest offender there was their copy of JOURNEY TO THE CENTER OF THE EARTH, showing a crew of people in thermal suits aboard some wild-looking boat afloat on a sea of lava!)

Reading those familiar titles led me to seek out other books by the same authors, so the names Jules Verne and H.G. Wells became very well known in my home! Not all of these discoveries brought the same joy, though. Like Ron, I found Mary Shelley's FRANKENSTEIN tough going at the time. (Where's the hunchback assistant? Where's all the electrical gizmos? What's up with all this chatter about Victor Frankenstein's friends and family? Get to the graveyard, already!)

"Bibliophile Bob" Statzer
Richmond, Indiana



Monster Bash 2020 VIPS All Honored For October 2021

PLEASE NOTE: All VIP Memberships from June & October of 2020 will be honored at this show. If you can't remember if you signed-up for either show in 2020, please call (724) 238-4317 and we will check. Leave a message and we will call you back.

Details at



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Just Added to MONSTER BASH October 2021: Pamula Pierce

Actress and make-up artist Pamula Pierce makes her first appearance at MONSTER BASH! You've seen her in THE LEGEND OF BOGGY CREEK and BOGGY CREEK II. Her father, Charles B. Pierce, was the director of THE LEGEND OF BOGGY CREEK. Get ready for some serious Bigfoot action at Bash!

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All the details about the show are HERE.




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The world's greatest classic monster magazine! This all glossy issue features mummies, mummies and more mummies! Beautiful RARE photo reproductions. Film historian a writer Frank Dello Stritto digs deep in Egyptian sands for the real story behind Kharis, the living mummy of the Universal films. Historian Tom Weaver has found something better than ancient scrolls, the missing scenes from THE MUMMY'S HAND, photos and script excerpts from the Universal vaults. Step inside Boris Karloff's house on a trip back in time to 1931 with renowned writer Greg Mank. Photos direct from Karloff's house to the pages of MONSTER BASH. The hardest working man in horror....John Carradine, is spotlighted by Thom Shubilla. The early make-ups of master make-up man Jack Pierce. Fan Flashbacks: the readers talk! A stunning cover by retro renaissance artist Daniel Horne.

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Here are some sample pages from this flashy fright fest of an issue:



Just Added To MONSTER BASH October 22-24, 2021....Hammer Horror's Veronica Carlson

Veronica Carlson

Hammer Horror's Veronica Carlson has graced out movie and TV screens in DRACULA HAS RISEN FROM THE GRAVE (with Christopher Lee), FRANKENSTEIN MUST BE DESTROYED (with Peter Cushing), THE HORROR OF FRANKENSTEIN (with Ralph Bates), THE GHOUL, CASINO ROYALE, OLD DRACULA and more!

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RETRO FAN #15 - Magazine
The al glossy retro magazine of pop culture, TV, movies and toys! In this issue: THE MAN FROM U.N.C.L.E., Ricky Nelson, Evel Knievel Toys, The Fabulous Freak Brothers, The Super Seven Cartoon, Killer Car Movies and more...packed with stuff that will take you back!

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New! Rare Ad Mat from 1964, AIP's TOMB OF LIGEIA

What is this odd looking thing? Why it's a super rare ad mat distributed to theaters for newspaper ads. Thick wood-based mold. When held up to light, you can see the amazing detail. Most were used and destroyed as the lead that was poured into them would destroy them. Here's a super cool one available now, get it quick, these things go fast:

TOMB OF LIGEIA (1964) - 6.5 x 9 Inch Original Ad Mat
A very rare original ad mat distributed to theaters to supply local newspapers. It's basically a wood-based hard paper mold that lead was poured into to produced newspaper ads. Almost all were destroyed. This is a rare unused one. Held to the light, the subtle detail is all revealed.

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Here they are...we just received a coffin full from the distributor...back in stock:

HORROR IN THE ATOMIC AGE (2020/Documentay) - 3 DVD Set
A three DVD set from the documentary makers that brought you LUGOSI: THE FORGOTTEN KING. It's a look at the movies that scared America in the nuclear age! The most impressive list interviews on DVD anywhere. Actors, actresses, filmakers, special effects technicians and historians. Just some of the interviews and reflections include: Colleen Grey, Julia Adams, Ib Melchoir, James Karem Robert Dix, Richard Anderson, William Schallert, Ann Robinson, Brett Halsey, David Hedison, Joyce Meadows, Jimmy Hunt, Kathleen Hughes, Phyllis Coats, Hugh O'Brien, Billy Gray, Pat Boone, Kenny Miller, Terry Moore, Laurie Mitchell, Caroline Munro, Peggy Webber, James Best, Paul Mantee, Paul Lukather, Bob Burns, Vincent Price, Boris Karloff, Roger Corman, Samual Arkoff, Russell Johnson, John Agar, John Carradine, Jack Arnold, Bert I. Gordon, Ricou Browning and MONSTER BASH MAGAZINE editor, Ron Adams.

LUGOSI - THE FORGOTTEN KING (1984-2017 Expanded!) - DVD
Officially licensed by Lugosi Enterprises Edition. First ever documentary about iconic actor, Bela Lugosi. Originally produced in 1984 and hosted by horror legend Forrest J Ackerman, the film has been digitally remastered with over an hour's worth of new material added. This edition is fully authorized by The Lugosi Family. You'll see interviews with Bela Lugosi, John Carradine, Carroll Borland, Alex Gordon, Ralph Bellamy, Sara Karloff, Bela G. Lugosi, Donnie Dunagan, Janet Anne Gallow, Terry Castle, Carla Laemmle, Louise Currie, Ann Jeffreys, Bob Burns and more.

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New! Marvel Magazines From the 1980s

Get groovin' on some comic magazine from in stock at Creepy Classics:

Comic magazine from the Marvel Comics Group. This issue features "The Secret Lives of the X-Men." Chris Clairmont and George Perez!

A comic magazine from the Marvel Comics Group! Features Elektra, Triton of The Inhumans and more. Amazing art from Neal Adams and Frank Miller.

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Equinox & WKRP Actor Frank Bonner Passes

This in from Monster Bash Magazine writer Leonard Hayhurst (photos thanks to Joey Vento):

Television actor Frank Bonner died June 16, 2021, from complications of Lewy body dementia, according to Variety. He was 79. Bonner was born Feb. 28, 1942, in Little Rock, Arkansas.

He’s best known for playing sleazy salesman Herb Tarleck on WKRP IN CINCINNATI from 1978 to 1982 and the revived series THE NEW WKRP IN CINCINNATI from 1991 to 1993. He had recurring roles as a priest on JUST THE TEN OF US from 1988 to 1990 and SAVED BY THE BELL: THE NEW CLASS from 1994 to 1997 as a country club owner. He also directed episodes of those programs and other series.

While he primarily did television guest spots, Bonner made his film debut in 1970’s EQUINOX as Jim Hudson. Other movies were THE HOAX, LITTLE CIGARS, LAS VEGAS LADY, THE LONGSHOT, YOU CAN’T HURRY LOVE, GOING UNDER, A LIGHT IN THE FOREST and SHUT UP AND KISS ME.



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Coming To A Future Monster Bash...The Wedding We All Wanted!

The above images are from Tony Pitocco and Bill Luciani's "Bride Project!" Tony sculpts, Bill outfits and assembles life-size monsters seen at many MONSTER BASH shows. Here's what Bill says:

Hi Ron,
I would like to share the newest piece from Tony Pitocco The Bride Herself. Tony finally got time to finish this up after she was on the shelf for a long time. Please share her with the fans. I can't promise this but there may be a chance that she could make an appearance at the Bash as a life size figure. I am working on doing two of our Frankensteins over from scratch and if time permits doing another three new figures. -Bill

Looking forward to seeing Bill and Tony back at Bash as soon as possible! -Ron



A Peek Inside A Collector's Room

Above and below...check out some of the new collection photos from super collector Steve Wyka! Steve sent these great photos in to share with fellow fans. Thanks, Steve!

Check these out:



Monster Bash Alumni Claudia Barrett Carried Away From Us

This sad news in from MONSTER BASH MAGAZINE writer Leonard Hayhurst:

Actress Claudia Barrett died April 30, 2021, of natural causes at her home in Palm Desert, California, according to The Hollywood Reporter. She was 91. She was born Nov. 3, 1929.

Barrett played Alice in 1953’s ROBOT MONSTER, who the villain Ro-Man is attracted to. She made her film debut as a cashier in 1949’s WHITE HEAT opposite James Cagney.


Claudia Delighted fans at the MONSTER BASH CONFERENCE sharing memories and signing autographs along with ROBOT MONSTER co-star Greg Moffett.



The BASH is Back!

The multi-Rondo award winning MONSTER BASH classic monster conference and film fest is back this October 22-24, 2021 at the Double Tree Hotel in Mars, PA. Discounted room nights for MONSTER BASH, Call 724 776 6900. NOTE: King bedrooms have sold out...still double available for the same discounted rate.

Guests of Honor being and more, stay tuned on this web, bookmark it and keep checking back for updates.

The web page ( is updating with details.

If you're a vendor and didn't already have a table purchased, you better hurry...not many spaces left! Attendee membership admissions and dealer tables purchased for 2020 (June and October) will be honored now at this show.

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MONSTER BASH OCTOBER 22-24, 2021 - Membership Admission
October 22-24, 2021 at the Double Tree Hotel, Mars, PA. The classic monster movie conference presented by Creepy Classics! Three days of monster fan fun. Movie and TV stars appearing, wall-to-wall monster merchandise, special events, special screenings. The multi-Rondo award winning best convention. Discounted $10 for a limited time.

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MONSTER BASH was last WEEKEND: Wonderful photos from this BASH BLAST!

The Outdoor Classic Monster Festival!

Here are a bunch of random photos from the great MONSTER BASH UNDER THE STARS. It was a merging of the hotel MONSTER BASH shows and an outdoor festival of fun...and fun it was:

See more and bigger pictures with descriptions by CLICKING HERE.

And now...we present more fun photos from MONSTER BASH UNDER THE STARS compliments of Malcolm Gittins:

Three great people at MONSTER BASH UNDER THE STARS, Writer Frank Dello Stritto, Linda Dello Stritto and artist Malcolm Gittins.

Two wild and crazy ghouls....Ohio TV horror host Son of Ghoul and artist Malcolm Gittins.

Malcolm Gittins dispays a plethora of retro monster goodies.

A pyramid holding not mummies, but model kits inside the concession building.

Time slip's Pepsi in bottles vending for fans...sorry no A.I. here.



Rock Sings His Way To Bash

There are vicious rumours that David "The Rock" Nelson will make an appearance at MONSTER BASH this October. Stay tuned for the gory details.



Rondo Remembers: Back To The Drive-In

Since Creepy Classics/Monster Bash is hosted MONSTER BASH UNDER THE STARS at The Riverside Drive-In (Vandergrift, PA) this past weekend (June 11-12, 2021), I thought we'd revisit memories and flashback to the drive-in:

It was the late afternoon on a hot September day. It was the day of the drive-in. I think everybody that grew up in the 1950s-1980s had the experience....and some lucky ones might still have the experience today.

My dad was washing and waxing the car. I helped him rub off the foggy gray-green wax to leave a clean, shiny finish on the Dodge station wagon. It was metallic gray and the interior was Twizzler red. My mom was inside getting blankets and pillows for the back of the car.

Off we went to the drive-in. We pulled up to the booth and my dad shelled out for the admission. As the family car pulled past the booth, there was the crunching of gravel under the wheels. And you could hear the other vehicles snapping the rocks as everyone vied for that ideal parking spot. Pulling up on the hump with the front wheels to hopefully see over the vehicle in front of you. Close to the poles that had detachable speakers on them. You hung it on your driver's window.

My family didn't go to many horror was a family outing. BUT this night, it was MUNSTER GO HOME! The monster-comedy that was a spin off of the TV show. Kids played at the small playground to the right of the big screen. The announcements echoing through the parking area. My sister and I had blankets and pillows in the back. The back seat folded down so we could stretch out. We were ready for the previews and the movie!

There was a second feature, I can't quite remember which it was...maybe a Disney film with Dean Jones or Kurt Russell. In between films, my dad and I ventured out, the gravel sounding under the soles of our shoes now. A beeline for the snack bar. Ice cold Pepsi-Cola, pizza pie, hot dogs and all kinds of candy.

Those were days of magic, days of the drive-in theater.

I'm ready to relive the good times again. You bet.

Ron Adams
Ligonier, PA
June 2021

Howdy Ron,

Loved your drive-in memories! When I was a kid growing up in Wisconsin, there was a drive-in in our city but it was called The Mid-City Outdoor. I grew up saying "outdoor" instead of drive-in. Over the years, though, I've graduated to saying drive-in.

I really liked your mention of walking on the gravel. I can absolutely hear that in my memory. Drive-in food was also a real treat!

I have many drive-in memories, but a fun one involves the 1976 movie RATTLERS. I can remember sitting in the back seat and putting my feet up on the seat whenever any rattlesnakes were on the screen! Who knew what could be down there on the floor of the car?!?

Brian Nichols, TX

Those descriptions of the sounds so perfectly capture those nights at the drive-in when I was growing up. Ironically, my house is now just moments away from where two of the major drive-ins used to be...sadly, now long gone. But, on the positive side (even if it is a longer drive), one of the old drive-ins of my school years, the Airline Auto of Winchester, Indiana, has been back in business for the last few years under new ownership and new name, The Hummel Drive-In. Last year, during "Pandemic Summer," when we saw many drive-ins flourish as the only cinematic game around, most of the fare was retro. So, on 4th of July weekend, 2020, a couple of carloads of family and friends decided to drop by the Hummel for a retro double feature of GHOSTBUSTERS and GREMLINS.

It was the first time most of us had been there since the late Seventies, and the current owners had given the place quite a facelift. The concession stand glistened with new tile floor, new fixtures, and colorful new lighting. But it appeared that most showings now were done digitially rather than with film. And the property had been split up to accommodate two screens, so that the drive-in could offer two double features a night. Sadly, this meant the old big screen was gone, with each half of the "twin" drive-in sporting a smaller screen and smaller parking area for each screen. But some of my old memories were still intact, as some things never change: The restroom still had that dingy little 40 watt bulb, and the fresh coat of paint in there probably came from a leftover can of Sherwin-Williams from the Sixties, as I'm sure no paint company still makes that particular shade of green!

-"Bijou Bob" Statzer, signing off to make a last-minute run to the snack bar before the previews begin!



New! It's A LITTLE SHOPPE OF HORRORS Explosion of Hammer Horror

We just re-stocked on back issues and the latest issue is here too...of the great Hammer Horror all-glossy magazine LITTLE SHOPPE OF HORRORS:

The glossy, high class magazine of Hammer Gothic horror films! In this issue: Daniel Radcliffe an the ghost horror THE WOMAN IN BLACK from Hammer. Plus, The Censored Scenes from DRACULA, A Short History of Hammer Studios, Jimmy Sangster, The Music of Hammer and much more!

The Hammer Horror focused magazine that is full glossy with beautiful photos and articles that go deep into the films. In this issue: Christopher Lee in TO THE DEVIL A DAUGHTER, Behind-the-Scenes, Hammer's MOON ZERO TWO, Natastassja Kinski Interview, British Character Actor Peter Sallis and more!

The premiere Hammer Horror magazine from Richard Klemensen. Christopher Lee as Dracula! Inside: The Men Who Made Hammer, A Tribute To Barbara Shelley, The Making of HORROR OF DRACULA, Interview with Actress Jenny Runacre, Hammer's Old Guard, THE VENGEANCE OF SHE and more! Packed!

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Check out the great cover art by Jeff Jones! It's the new issue of VAMPIRESS CARMILLA. The black and white horror comic magazine that will take you back to the 1970s and 1980s. The latest issue is here, in stock, and ready to ship bagged and boarded to you:

A classic styled black and white horror comic magazine from Warrant Publications! Terrifying tales of enchantment and horror. In this issue, great at and stories: The Sirens, Ghost Brides, Outside the Box, Little Lady and more. Vampires, demons, werewolves and more monsters!

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It's here, in shock stock, direct from the retro cartoon show:

The Creepy Coupe as driven by the Gruesome Twosome, Big Gruesome, and Little Gruesome in Saturday morning cartoon WACKY RACES! Snap-together assembly, red plastic with chrome parts. The wheels roll on the supplied metal axles. Includes miniature figures of Big Gruesome and Little Gruesome.

A Classic Returns: Saturday morning cartoons like Wacky Races have been a staple of kids as far back as the 1960s. This kit presents the Mean Machine as driven by Dick Dastardly and his sidekick Muttley. Build and Play: This kit features snap-together assembly and comes with two colors of plastic, yellow and cool chromed purple. The wheels roll on the supplied metal axles. Includes Figures: Miniature figures of Dick Dastardly and Muttley are included. Both stickers and water-slide decals are included to appeal to modelers of various skill levels.

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Remember this great glow-in-the-dark model kit from the 1970s? Well, it has returned to stomp through your jungle. Now in stock:

KING KONG (Classic Aurora Design) - Glow Model Kit
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GODZILLA (Classic Aurora Design) - Glow Model Kit
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The premiere Hammer Horror magazine from Richard Klemensen. Christopher Lee as Dracula! Inside: The Men Who Made Hammer, A Tribute To Barbara Shelley, The Making of HORROR OF DRACULA, Interview with Actress Jenny Runacre, Hammer's Old Guard, THE VENGEANCE OF SHE and more! Packed!

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New! A Used Copy of DRIVE-IN MONSTERAMA Trailer Collection on Blu-Ray

A Blu-Ray of horror trailer....not just a few...95 of 'em! Wow. This is in "like new" condition (just no shrink wrap):

DRIVE-IN MONSTERAMA (1960s-1980s Trailer Collection) - Used Blu-Ray
Like new! 95 preview trailers...hours of horror! Loads of Hammer Films in there. A perfect collection of 1960s-1980s era horror movies. A tribute to the twilight days of drive-in horror double-bills and dusk-till-dawn creature feature spook shows. 3.5 hours in HD!

Get it in our Used Blu-Ray Department, just down that dark hallway, here at Creepy Classics.



Rondo Remembers: Dinosaurs Everywhere

When I was very young I got fascinated with dinosaurs with books like THE SHY STEGOSAURUS OF CRICKET CREEK and THE ENORMOUS EGG. My mom would read them to me when I was about four years old. That expanded into classic monsters. But, I never forgot my dinosaur friends and always looked for them on TV, movies and books (fiction and non-fiction).

Whether the dinosaurs in movies were real dinosaurs or concocted ones, I loved them all.

I watched with my Dad THE BEAST OF HOLLOW MOUNTAIN on TV when I had to be five years old or less. I know my age from where we were, which was College Avenue in Grove City, PA. When we moved to Pine Street the following year I saw, again with my dad, THE DEADLY MANTIS (not a dino, but dino-sized) and same with 20 MILLION MILES TO EARTH. Also flickering across the TV was DINOSAURUS! Frozen dinosaurs are revived by a thunderstorm. It featured a fun cave man, a little boy who befriends a Brontosaurus and, best of all, a fight between a T-Rex and a steam shovel!

A set of Marx dinosaurs in a big box came one Christmas. Somehow that box (and most of the toy dinosaurs) have survived all these years. I still have THAT set. I also found them in puffed rice cereals. I ate cereal like crazy to keep getting those plastic dinosaurs. Another Christmas my grandparents got me a View Master with dinosaur slides. I didn't know, until years later, that those images came from a movie called THE ANIMAL WORLD with the dinosaurs puppets and stop-motion by Willis O'Brien and Ray Harryhausen. Another Christmas brought a walking motorized T-Rex and Triceratops. They were the kind with wired battery packs.

In the theater on one Saturday afternoon with a crowd of elementary school kids I got to see JOURNEY TO THE BEGINNING OF TIME. Kids in a raft miraculously travel back to the dinosaur age. Totally thrilling this seven year old.

The touring life-size Sinclair dinosaurs on flat bed trucks appeared at a shopping center in Ohio and my parents took me and my little sister. I got a wax dinosaur poured and pressed in a vending machine there.

Going to Disney World, one of the very best amusement rides ever devised featured life-size dinosaurs. It was in the World of Energy...both educational and absolutely impressive and magical, indeed. Sadly that ride has gone the way of the dinosaurs...extinct from Disney now.

Some of my favorite comic books were issues of STAR SPANGLED WAR STORIES which had army troops fighting dinosaurs at every turn. I didn't know that you got to see dinosaurs if you were in the army...I should have signed up!

Dinosaurs have stomped through my life and still do. One of the most exciting things in recent time was the discovery of a dinosaur mummy. Skin still attached to finally get a real look at what dinosaurs looked like. Artist renditions were not far off. This surviving mummy had scales, warts and armor. A relative of the Ankylosaurus, it's a Nodosaur. Here's a link for you to see it too, CLICK HERE.

Well, dinosaurs led to monster movies and I studied them and listened to a lot of pop music. That's my life. I bet I'm not alone.

Ron Adams
Ligonier, PA
June 2021

I have a Sinclair credit card even though the nearest Sinclair gas station is hundreds of miles from me.
I just like the logo, and I remember getting toys (and soap) from there decades ago.

-Paldin, CA


It's so fantastic you still have that big ol' box of dinosaurs! Never had that playset (did have a cowboy one though, Marx's Fort Apache), but remember getting the plastic dinos in boxes of cereal as a kid. Around that time, while looking through a stack of old newspapers in the garage, I spotted an ad in one paper for BEAST FROM HOLLOW MOUNTAIN. Had no idea what it was, but it looked cool. (Finally caught up with it and DINOSAURUS! on the late show, during one of the Saturday night card parties my folks used to have with my aunts and uncles.)

In the 1990s, I remember spotting bags of little plastic figures at Wal-Mart: army men, cowboys, and even a set of dinosaurs! (They also came in larger sets sold in plastic buckets.) Had to smile when I noticed one bag of cowboys had a plastic T-rex inside! Don't know if that was a mistake, or if someone at the factory was a VALLEY OF GWANGI fan having a little fun. I've always kicked myself for not going back and grabbing it up.

Growing up in the Sixties, I often urged my Dad to fill up at a Sinclair station, as they gave away a little green Styrofoam brontosaurus with each gas purchase. (The brontos had a hole in their stomach so you could mount them atop the car's radio antenna.)

You mentioned those vending machines that injected the hot wax/plastic into molds to create a dinosaur. Some still survive! I was at the Indianapolis Children's Museum last October, which has a massive display of dinosaurs inside and out. Among the artifacts of the epic exhibit was one of those vintage hot mold machines, recently restored. (Needless to say, the price of making a dinosaur has gone up since our days in school.)

All the beast (er, BEST!),
Bob Statzer, IN

Above: A scene from DINOSAURS - THE TERRIBLE LIZARDS educational short film.

Like you, totally enthralled by dinosaurs as a kid and giant monster movies. Things like VALLEY OF GWANGI where dinos are encountered in "modern" settings always struck a chord. Always enjoyed TARANTULA and THEM!.

Re: the cereals, I remember asking my mom once for chocolate dinosaurs for Easter instead of the usual easter candy; it didn't exist then but nowadays, you can find dinosaur candy online.

When a kid discovers Godzilla, especially those classic Toho films from the 50s and 60s, it's doubly cool cuz you get a giant dinosaur that also BREATHES FIRE! I always thought the Angilas Toho monster was somewhat based on the Ankylosaurus. And, that is really cool they found that intact fossil of the Nodosaur (Ntl Geo footage).

Giant Monsters Rule! See ya soon at MONSTER BASH UNDER THE STARS!

P.S. - I saw this recently on YT. Never saw this in school but apparently was shown in schools. FX by Wah Chang who did a lot of FX for the original Trek TV series and Outer Limits/Time Machine film, etc.

Hey Ron,

Here are some photos (above) I took of the Indy Children's Museum's restored Mold-A-Matic dinosaur machine. Don't know if you can make use of them but, if not, enjoy them for the shared memories they represent. The dinosaur exhibit there was too extensive to share all the photos I took, but the attraction isn't just inside the museum. Outside the facility are some life-size dinosaur reproductions attacking the building that greet the guests, and I've attached a couple of exterior photos to give you a sense of just how large a scale these were done/ ENJOY!

Bob Stazer, IN

RON- Have a look at this SINCLAIR promo film. Fun time with our favorite Dinos! (Click above)!

- Robert S.MacPhail



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