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Creepy Classics & Monster Bash News

It's our latest offerings, and a look ahead at cool classic monster, horror, & science fiction releases.

Celebrate the classic horror and science fiction films & retro TV from the silent era through the 1970s. Can't remember the title of a movie? Here's the place to ask. Want to reminisce about childhood monster movie memories? Ask questions about the Monster Bash Classic Movie Conferences.

Just e-mail your message to: creepyclassics@creepyclassics.com.


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Friday December 1 - Monday December 4, 2023

TODAY'S MONSTER BASH PHAN FOTO: What is the Christmas Creature going to bring you this year? Maybe some Aurora monster models, some FAMOUS MONSTERS magazine back issues, DVD, Blu-Ray, MONSTER BASH magazine subscription? Get your list ready and give that loved one the web site: www.creepyclassics.com.

Get all your favorite monster movies on Blu-Ray or DVD here at Creepy Classics. Come in a shop around for all the classic horror and science fiction collectibles here at Creepy Classics.

Click HERE and start browsing the greatest store for classic horror and classic science fiction.

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All the Noose That's Fit To Post

New! Blu-Ray Selections Here Now...

These Blu-Rays are now stocked and ready for you to order before the stroke of midnight:

CUSHING CURIOSITIES (6 movies, book & more!) - Massive Blu-Ray Box Set
6 DISC COLLECTION INCLUDES 5 FEATURE FILMS, 6 BBC TELEPLAYS, 200-PAGE BOOK AND 16+ HOURS OF SPECIAL FEATURES! From Hammer Films to STAR WARS, he remains one of genre films' best-loved actors. Now celebrate six of the most unexpected, rarely seen and decidedly curious performances from the legendary career of PETER CUSHING. Cushing delivers a rare villain turn in the 1960 aviation thriller CONE OF SILENCE. That same year, Cushing brought gentle dignity to The Boulting Brothers' cold-war drama SUSPECT. In 1962's THE MAN WHO FINALLY DIED, Cushing co-stars opposite Stanley Baker as a former Nazi hiding a grave post-war secret. Cushing returns to his iconic role of SHERLOCK HOLMES in these six surviving episodes of the 1968 BBC TV series. The oft-maligned 1971 shocker BLOODSUCKERS can now be reassessed for the first time in its Restored Extended Version. And Cushing portrays a vampire for the first and only time in 1974's off-the-wall erotic comedy TENDER DRACULA, premiering here in its Director's Cut. Each disc has been mastered from original vault elements with over 16 total hours of trailers, commentaries, vintage interviews, location features and more, plus the all-new 200-page book PETER CUSHING: A PORTRAIT IN SIX SKETCHES by award-winning horror film historian Jonathan Rigby.

Michael Gough stars in the tale of horrible, but creative, killings. A sub-plot involves a Jekyll-Hyde type monster. Digitally re-mastered.Packed with commentary and loads of extras!

Also known as WHEN TIME BEGAN. Stars Kenneth More, Pep Munne, Ivonne Sentis, Frank Brana and Jack Taylor. A remake of the JOURNEY TO THE CENTER OF EARTH with interesting variations. While it's on a lower budget, it's far from being a grade Z type movie. It's very much along the lines of THE LAND THAT TIME FORGOT or AT THE EARTH'S CORE, productions that were out about the same time. A group of intrepid friends travel to the center of the earth through vast caves led by Professor Lindenbrock (Kenneth More). Extras!

DRACULA AND SON (1976) - Blu-Ray
Stars Christopher Lee and Bernard Menez. A French horror-comedy. Dracula and his son are driven from their ancestral castle. They land in London where Dracula uses his vampire background in films, while his son wants to be rid of the curse and falls in love. Family tensions are taught due to a young woman and the vampire generation gap. Includes both the original 99 minute version and the U.S. 76 minute edited version. Packed with extras!

Get these now in our Recent Blu-Ray Additions Department at Creepy Classics.



New! Still Sealed Rare VHS Tapes

Yes, indeed, these babies are still sealed and new! Rare VHS tapes that are revered by video collectors:

ALIENS, DRAGONS, MONSTERS & ME (1991/Ray Harryhausen) - VHS
New and still sealed! A Ray Harryhausen documentary. Gary Owens and Eric Boardman host this feature. Harryhausen discusses his career and reveals secrets as they tour London's Museum of the Moving Image. Rare early film sequences Ray shot with his parents. Plus, insights from Ray Bradbury, Kerwin Matthews and producer Charles Schneer. A rare and sought-after VHS...and this one is new and sealed.

Still sealed and new. A story of those fantastic programs which captured the imagination through the decades. Included clips from ROCKY JONES - SPACE RANGER, FLASH GORDON, BATMAN, SUPERMAN, LOST IN SPACE, THE OUTER LIMITS and more. Approximately 30 minutes. Plus, 14 minutes of "out-takes" and bloopers from STAR TREK.

Pick one of these up, and check out the hundreds more factory sealed new video tapes. Where you ask? Why right here in our New VHS Department at Creepy Classics.



New! Stacks of Out-Of-Print Creepy Cool Video Titles. VHS is the New Vinyl!

These titles have just been added to the hundreds of awesome VHS tapes at Creepy Classics, get your claws on the ones you want for your video den:

Like new! Up from the television archives from 1958-1959! The grandaddy of TV horror hosts, Zacherley, in full throttle greatness. His off-the-cuff, spontaneous humor is amazing. The beloved horror host is documented with tjhis rare footage produced by Zacherley himself along with super fans Richard Scrivani and Paul Sccrabo. A sought-after, long out-of-print video.

CREEPY CLIPS (Trailer Collection) - Used VHS

THE H-MAN (1958) - Used VHS
Like new! Japanese sci-fi thriller. Weird deaths and a radioactive ooze in Tokyo! People are melting and blobs are growing in the sewer systems. Now THIS is horror!

BRIDE OF THE MONSTER (1955/Rhino) - Used VHS
Lugosi in his last speaking role is terrific in this Ed Wood opus (!). This is the one with the rubber octopus and Tor Johnson getting whipped by Lugosi! If you haven't seen an Ed Wood movie, this might be the one to get started on.

Wacky Japanese twist on Superman. Alien superhero, Starman tackles slimy salamander men. All out matinees madness! Edited into a feature film for TV from Japanses shows shot in 1956-1959).

Like new! Billed as the "Plan 9 Companion!" It's an in-depth documentary on the life and films of Ed Wood. Exclusive interviews with Vampira, Gregory Walcott, make-up man Harry Thomas, Conrad Brooks, Paul Marco, Mrs. Tom Mason and more. A visit inside Quality Studios where PLAN 9 was filmed. Scenes from Ed Wood's first movie. Behind-the-scenes with Ed Wood...more, more, more!

JAIL BAIT - Director's Cut - Used VHS
The Ed Wood cult classics with added scenes found in a vault of long lost negatives.

CITIZEN KANE (1941) - Used VHS
Directed by, produced by, and starring Orson Welles. Welles and Herman J. Mankiewicz wrote the screenplay. The picture was Welles' first feature film. Citizen Kane is frequently cited as the greatest film ever made.

Like new! You get the popcorn, I'll get the Diet Mountain Dew and don't forget the chocolate covered raisins! Watching PLAN 9 is an event not to be taken lightly...though not truly the worst film ever made (as advertised by many), it's inspired high camp from director Ed Wood. Tor Johnson gets lots of lines to speak, Vampira doesn't do any (she doesn't need any!) and fleeting scenes of our hero, Bela Lugosi in his Dracula cape for a final time. Then there's the chiropractor who filled in for Lugosi's character (as Lugosi died after his footage), holding a cape over his face! A cornerstone for your collection.

Narrated by Gary Owens. A great documentary on Ed Wood's feature films. The true story of Hollywood's most eccentric filmmaker.

Get these listed above , or select from hundreds of other titles in our Used VHS Graveyard where they are resting, waiting to live again from Creepy Classics!



Rondo Remembers: Monsters For Christmas

Rondo Remembers - Monsters For Christmas

It just turned, with the flip of the calendar, to December. Christmas is now on a downhill approach and we're picking up speed. I noticed my prehistoric dinosaur playset (by Marx!) in the basement this morning. This is one of the very few toys that I actually got when I was young that has survived the years. And, it was a Christmas gift. And, it's one of the very best I ever got. So much love and hours spent playing with those figures made it so special. That's it, I need to slip back in time this morning and recount those Christmas gifts that made a lasting brand on my soul.

I received that dinosaur playset one Christmas morning, I was perhaps six years old. I remember sliding across that glossy hardwood floor in our living room at Pine Street in Grove City, PA. My socks were like skis and my flannel pajamas, a ski suit. There under the glorious Christmas tree was a big box with my name on it. Shredding the paper in seconds it revealed the playset. Next to our tree was a fake, cardboard fireplace with bright red bricks. I haven't seen those fireplace standees in decades. But, I remember ours back then.

This was also the time period that I got my Creepy Crawlers set. Little oven (you learned about not touching hot ovens quickly), metal molds and Plasti-goop! Man, you knew the smell of that stuff was not from this Earth! Whew-wee. But, you could fill the molds with the bright colors (sometimes mixing them), cook them and viola...rubber bugs, spiders, bats, ants, snakes, mice. I remember my dad overseeing it all at the kitchen table. That was a wonderful Christmas gift.

After we moved to State College, PA when I was eight, the monster stuff came fast and furious at Christmastime. My interest in monsters (sprung from dinosaurs) was in full display. One Christmas there was a big box that held the "Motorized Monster Maker!" Holy cow! My own monster mad lab. This was a super-charged set that took Creepy Crawlers to another level. Larger molds, larger oven and mechanical skeletons that you put the cooked monster parts on, creating walking monsters!

It was standard Christmas procedure; at the beck and call of my parents, they would give the "all clear" yell to alert my sister and I that we could emerge from our bedrooms and head out to the tree in the living room. I scrambled out with my bathrobe on (since I imagined it was like Dracula's cape) and plastic fangs in. Under the tree this year was a book that would compliment my FAMOUS MONSTERS mags. It was A PICTORIAL HISTORY OF HORROR MOVIES by Denis Gifford. Gee! A real book on monster movies, it kinda legitimized the whole monster movie fever that burned inside me.

After Christmas at our house, we would drive a few hours to celebrate Christmas with my grandparents back in Grove City, PA. It was there that my maternal grandfather knew how to tap into my monster madness. One Christmas I got a paperback book called HORROR IN THE CINEMA by Ivan Butler. That's where I first read about the Val Lewton films, and a movie called VAMPYR. The photos were intriguing...I pined to see those films. It took years, but I caught up with them on TV. Boy, I loved that book.

That same grandfather, James Shorts, took me downstairs in their house to let me open something BEFORE everyone else. He was excited as I was. It was the blushing, motorized Frankenstein toy. Battery powered. Its arms moved and its pants dropped (!), and its face turned red! That was so cool. I detailed this experience more in MONSTER BASH MAGAZINE #52.

Switch back to Christmases at home in State College, I found a heavy giant rubber King Kong under the tree one year. They seem to call these toys "Jigglers" now...but I didn't know that term then. He was just a cool, floppy, rubber King Kong that stood about 11 inches tall. Bulky guy. Loved it.

To wrap this up, I have cited this as the best Christmas gift ever. Under the tree was a gift from Mom and Dad. I ripped off the paper, struggled to get the tape off a generic box...only to find another box inside. This process continued through about six boxes. Each box getting smaller as I ripped through it. By the time I got to the sixth box, it was small. The size of a jewelry/ring box. What gift could be good if it was this small? Well opening that last box, there was just a small folded piece of paper inside. On that paper, in my mom's handwriting, were the words "You now have a subscription to FAMOUS MONSTERS magazine!" I wouldn't show it, but that note brought a tear of Monster Kid joy to my eye. I leaped with happiness.

Looking back, those Christmases and the monster stuff showed how much my parents and grandparents cared...and that means even more.

-Ron Adams Ligonier, PA December 2023



New! Used VHS For the Serious Tape Collectors

Loaded and ready to load in your VCR! We have the titles that classic monster movie fans want in their retro VHS collection:

THE CORPSE VANISHES (1942/Goodtimes) - Used VHS
A Bela Lugosi poverty row fave. Bela is using the blood of young woman to keep his wife youthful. Dreadfully delightful, with Lugosi giving it his all.

Peter Cushing plays Dr. Frankenstein and Chris Lee is the creature. Still startling and a cornerstone for Hammer Horror!

THE DEAD DON'T DIE (1975) - Used VHS
Made for TV movie starring George Hamilton and Ray Milland. Written by Robert Block and directed by Curtis Harrignton. It's Chicago in the 1930s, and gangland violence is everywhere. But in the underbelly of the city lies voodoo secrets and zombies.

SPOOKS RUN WILD (1941/Star Classics) - Used VHS
Bela Lugosi meets the East Side Kids for the first time. Lugosi plays a Dracula-type mystery man who slinks around an eerie old house and sleeps in a coffin.

Stars J. Carroll Naish, Lon Chaney, Zandor Vorkov, Russ Tamblin, Regina Carrol, Angela Rositto and Forrest J Ackerman. J. Carroll Naish plays Dr. Frankenstein, complete with chattering dentures and eyes following cue cards in this VERY low budget milestone in schlock cinema. Dr. Frankenstein is holed up in a seaside amusement park, complete with laboratory for grisly experiments. Lon Chaney Jr. is Groton, doing a Lenny-type, compete with little puppy dog scene. Dracula (Vorkov) speaks with a distant echo effect.

THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA (1925/Goodtimes) - Used VHS
Lon Chaney shall not die! He will eternally be remembered for THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA film. The grotesque make-up is classic.

THE NIGHT STALKER (Two Tales of Terror) - Used VHS
Features the TV episodes: THE VAMPIRE and THE RIPPER. Like new!

Quick, get the ones you want before that vanish into the ether, or some other VHS collector's stack. Get these in our Used VHS Department and check out all the other titles too, at Creepy Classics!



Re-Shocked! It's Back...The Svengoolie Action Figure

Now, talk about stocking stuffers! Get one of these babies (complete with mini-rubber chicken!) for a friend, relative, or for yourself. Santa just dropped off a bunch of cases of this mini-action figure in the cool blister pack (pictured above). Get one, two, three, or more now:

This 3.75” articulated Svengoolie ReAction Figure features the iconic TV horror host in his suit with a "rubber chicken" accessory. Beautiful backing board-blister pack art.

Available in our Models, Toys & Action Figures Department...waiting for you from Creepy Classics!



Re-Shocked For the Christmas Season! It's the Classic Creature Model Kit

Yes, indeed, the perfect gift for that fan from the Black Lagoon on your Christmas list. It's in stock now:

The classic Aurora model kit design now re-issued by Atlantis! The long box CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON model kit with lizard on base. One of the coolest model kits ever. Stands about 8 inches tall. Paint and glue not included. Assembly required.

Snag one now, Santa has them ready, in our Models, Toys & Action Figures Department at Creepy Classics.



Guests Stars Coming To Bash! Plus, More Info on the Summer 2024 MONSTER BASH CONFERENCE

Check out the guests and get your admission memberships, discounted now.

See the guests list, so far, CLICK HERE.

Get your admission memberships now, CLICK HERE.

See all the info, CLICK HERE!



Ring That Belfry Bell For Nosferatu

Above is one of our custom built and painted pieces by Creepy Classics' artist Dave Heywood. If you'd like your own Nosferatu model kit, here it is (in stock!):

Reissue of the original Nosferatu kit from Monarch Models. Kit is 1:8 scale and comes with base. Molded in Ghoulish Green plastic. Packaged in a large, oversize box. Like other Monarch kits, this will have a limited run. Monarch says this is the last time this kit will be produced. Note: Monarch is producing models with no shrink wrap on the box.

...and if you'd like it professionally built and painted, just add this to your shopping cart:

If you would like a model that you buy from Creepy Classics professionally built and painted, this is your service. To see amazing samples, you can request them at creepyclassics@creepyclassics.com. Drop in your shopping cart the model you want and this service. All sales are final, no returns. 2-3 weeks.

Get a vampire for Christmas this year in our Model, Toys & Action Figures Department at Creepy Classics.



New! More, More, More Back Issues of VIDEO WATCHDOG Magazine

We've just located boxes and boxes of VIDEO WATCHDOG magazines, all in "like new" condition. Plus, a collection of them just came in too. So, for the next few days I'll be scanning cover after cover and getting them listed for purchase on our web site here. It's the magazine guide to fantastic films and TV!

Already, the expanding VIDEO WATCHDOG selection is big (and getting bigger). If you want these before they sell out (there's only one of many issues), get 'em while you can for your collection.

Go to our VIDEO WATCHDOG Department and start perusing now at Creepy Classics.




Next summer we'll be back at the Pittsburgh Marriott North. Almost every vendor at our October show signed back up, the couple remaining sold in a hurry. The vendors are re-loading with super great stuff for Monster Kid shoppers from across the nation. Also, don't get locked out of the host hotel! The Marriott Pittsburgh North is taking reservations right now a a super discount Bash rate, CLICK HERE now, don't wait to get your room, the hotel is getting close to selling out already! On the same link you can also reserve a room at the back-up sister hotel (The Courtyard) which is only 400 feet away from the host hotel.

Just added to the Guest List that will be updated even more soon...Diane Baker, Sharon Baird, Victoria Price, plus Jessica Rains (Claude Rains daughter) will be at MONSTER BASH JULY 2024. Plus, Daniel Roebuck said he's in....and even more -- from TOMB OF LIGEIA, Vincent Price co-star Elizabeth Shepherd. And, Monster Bash Family Guests: Special EFX Wizard-Actor-Director Tom Savini, Son of Ghoul (TV Horror Hosts), Drac & Countess Carita (more Horror Hosts!), and who could ever forget, the one and only David "The Rock Nelson."

Weddings knocked us out of all the June weekends. So MONSTER BASH will be July 19-21, 2024. If you want to get a jump on discounted admission, you can click here.

Reservations at the host hotel and its sister hotel, just a few feet away are now being taken, click here.

Note from the hotel: "Please be aware that any room cancellations made after July 3rd, 2024 (cutoff date) will incur a cancellation fee."

All the details on MONSTER BASH SUMMER 2024...Click Here!




Year 2024 is a year for big MONSTER BASH celebrations!

In July it's an amazing show, CLICK HERE for details.

In November, we Hammer down for another super keen expo, CLICK HERE for more.

Sign-up up early and save on membership admissions.



New! Vintage Paperbacks

Just added:

FRANKENSTEIN by Mary Shelley (Vintage 1957 edition) - Used Paperback Book
The original classic novel of FRANKENSTEIN by Mary Shelley. This is the Pyramid 1957 edition! Great image of the Karloff monster on the front cover. Condition good. Has crease on cover, normal age tanning of pages, and name in pen on inside front page. Vintage!

This cool one, and many more vintage paperbacks, are in our Creepy Bookstore on-line here at Creepy Classics. Get the ones you want before they vanish from the shelves here.



New! More Used Collectible VHS Tapes

Here comes Al Lewis as Grampa, cackling away with some of the greatest monster clips of all-time:

Al Lewis as Grampa presents preview trailers from 28 classic monster movies! 65 minutes of classic monster fun!

GRAMPA'S SCI-FI HITS (Compilation) - Used VHS
Al Lewis as Grampa presents 28 classic science fiction film preview trailers! The greatest hits of sci-fi monsters of the 1950s. Get ready for the good, the bad and the ugly in monstrous science fiction!

Get these now in our Used VHS Graveyard....you'll find many forgotten VHS gems resting in peace there...waiting to live again at Creepy Classics.



New! Oddities in Our Collectibles Department

Here are just a few of recently added oddities for the strange collectible fans and silent movie fans:

Rubber finger puppet of a zombie that looks slightly like the Frankenstein Monster too. Nice to sit on your tower computer to watch over you...or, wear on your finger until you need to type.

For the silent movie collector! Vintage 1973 Charlie Chaplin Rotating Music Box by Sankyo Made in Japan. Working condition, rotates while playing music. Wind up on bottom. Excellent condition except for some tiny chips. Click photo to enlarge. 7.5 inches tall.

DRAGON FLUTE (Wood, New) - Collectible
Charm dragons! A real lucky dragon flute. This is wood and is still sealed in original packaging. Vintage probably early 1970s.

You'll find these items and many more off-the-wall things in our Collectibles Department right here at Creepy Classics!



Now Available! VIP Admission Memberships To the Autumn 2024 MONSTER BASH

From Hammer Horror, to 1950s sci-fi, to Universal Monsters, all your favorite creatures will be featured at MONSTER BASH, November 1-3, 2024! Guests already include Caroline Munro, Martine Beswick, Valerie Leon, Victoria Vetri, and more to come!

For a limited time, MONSTER BASH November 2024 membership admission is $20 off per person:

MONSTER BASH NOVEMBER 1-3, 2024 - VIP Membership Admission
3-day admission VIP membership! November 1-3, 2024 at the Pittsburgh Marriott North, (Cranberry Township-Mars, PA). The classic monster movie conference and festival! Movie and TV stars, wall-to-wall monster vendors, special events, screenings. The multi-Rondo award winning best convention. Discounted for a limited time. Events-guests subject to change. Non-refundable. 3-Day Pass at the door $60. Admission is non-refundable, non-transferable.

More details on the show, Click Here.

Sign-up now and save, save, save....lock in to Bash, autumn 2024 from Creepy Classics.



It's Here and Available NOW! MONSTER BASH Magazine #52

We just packed up all of the subscribers, their copies are on the way today. Now, it's available to everyone...MONSTER BASH MAGAZINE #52. And, while you're at it, get a copy for a friend too! What a line-up in this ish:

The all glossy classic movie monster magazine! In this issue writer/historian Tom Weaver takes us on a trip where the wolf bane blooms...it's Lon Chaney, Jr. (THE WOLF MAN) in his early film career. Ape women run wild in Universal Studio's horror series that started with CAPTIVE WILD WOMAN. Writer Frank Dello Stritto digs deep into the little talked about series with super rare photos! The Alfred Hitchcock books we grew up with, plus historian Gary Don Rhodes uncovers early zombie films, pre-1932! Everything a classic movie monster fan loves...packed in this issue of MONSTER BASH!

Get your issue, hot off the slab, in our MONSTER BASH Magazine Department here at Creepy Classics...your fearful foundation of fright!

Here's a peek inside this issue:



New! More Super Keen Used VHS Tapes

Check out these cool titles! What great gifts for the VHS and Monster Fan collector:

HORRIBLE HORROR (Zacherley) - Used VHS
TV horror host legend, Zacherley hosts 110 minutes of classic horror and science fiction movie clips. Zacherley's outstanding unique humor showcases why he was the king of TV horror hosts. Fun and nostagic for all Monster Kids.

MONSTER MANIA (Trailer Collection) - Used VHS
From the "heyday" of the video tape revolution! This is a collection of classic monster movie trailers. Includes THE THING FROM ANOTHER WORLD, WAR OF THE WORLDS, DRACULA, FRANKENSTEIN MEETS THE WOLF MAN, BEAST FROM 20,000 FATHOMS, KING KONG, NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD, HORROR OF DRACULA and many, many more!

Locate these VHS gems, along with hundreds more in our Used VHS Graveyard, out back, in the crypt at Creepy Classics.



August MONSTER BASH Film Fest Goes Back In Time on Friday August 16 - Saturday August 17, 2024

Pre-Registration admission available now! It's a PREHISTORIC MONSTER BASH at the glorious, beautiful grand and historic Palace Theatre in Canton, Ohio on August 16-17, 2024.

TV Horror Hosts Son of Ghoul, Drac and Countess Carita will be joined by vendors from around the country.

The greatest classic dinosaur movies of all-time on the giant screen in this grand movie palace on both Friday August 16 and Saturday August 17, 2024.

See all the details by CLICKING HERE. Movie Schedule To Come Soon!

The closest hotel, five blocks away is the Double Tree Canton.

Above: Ornamentals inside the grand Palace Theatre.



Happy Birthday to David "The Rock" Nelson

A giant ant-sized "Happy Birthday" to David "The Rock" Nelson. David is one of the most colorful characters that is always at Monster Bash. In fact, maybe one of the most colorful characters anywhere. We appreciate you, David, and wish you a very happy celebration.



Listen While You Shop This Year

Miss those days of great retro Christmas songs? Sprinkle the season on your computer, tablet, laptop or phone.


You can stream it, minimaze it, and listen while you do other stuff!

This is the radio station in Ligonier, PA that Creepy Classics' Ron & Ursula Adams manage.



Re-Shocked For Your Shocking Stuffers

Frankie is back for the season! Get your Christmas morning wear to shock your family and relatives...come downstairs Christmas morning sporting you Christmas Frankie shirt, or stuff a stocking with this great essential fashion accessory:

CHRISTMAS FRANKIE (Green Shirt) - T-Shirt
100% Pre-Shrunk Cotton comfortable green tee shirt with quality silk-screened image. Santa claws is here. Men's sizes SMALL - 3X while available. Select size in pull-down option. Retro Christmas Frankenstein Santa. Face is BIG on front of shirt.

It's in our T-Shirt Department for the holidaze. Get yours, or for gift giving, now at Creepy Classics.



MONSTER BASH MAGAZINE is for MONSTER KIDS everywhere of every age!

Make Sure You're Caught Up On Your MONSTER BASH Magazine Collection!

Do you have all of these?

Everyone's talking about MONSTER BASH! The ultimate classic monster movie magazine! Frankenstein, Dracula, The Wolf Man, The Mummy, Creature From the Black Lagoon, King Kong, The Phantom of the Opera, Mr. Hyde...they're all here, at home in MONSTER BASH MAGAZINE.

Collect them all (or, subscribe here too)....CLICK HERE to get them right from the publisher (us!), new glossy mags shipped bagged and boarded for protection to you!

All at Creepy Classics, right now!


A Virtual Visit to Creepy Classics:

Above, a recent visit to Creepy Classics!

Two videos shot by Kevin Slick from Louisville, Colorado on a visit.

Creepy Classics Video

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P.O. Box 23, Ligonier, PA 15658
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Questions? e-mail: creepyclassics@creepyclassics.com

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