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It's our latest offerings, and a look ahead at cool classic monster, horror, & science fiction releases.

Celebrate the classic horror and science fiction films & retro TV from the silent era through the 1970s. Can't remember the title of a movie? Here's the place to ask. Want to reminisce about childhood monster movie memories? Ask questions about the Monster Bash Classic Movie Conferences.

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Did you grow up in the 1950s-1980s listening to pop radio? Well, it's back, small town classic radio. CLICK AND LISTEN WHILE YOU READ!

Friday August 7 - Monday August 10, 2020

TODAY'S MONSTER BASH PHAN FOTO: An alien creature from THE OUTER LIMITS episode "The Bellero Shield." Get this classic episode on THE OUTER LIMIT Season 1 DVD or Blu-Ray here at Creepy Classics.

Get all your favorite monster movies on Blu-Ray or DVD here at Creepy Classics. Come in a shop around for all the classic horror and science fiction collectibles here at Creepy Classics.

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New! Original Vintage Magazines at Creepy Classics

Two classic monster mags from the 1950s and early 1960s are here to help fill in your collection:

MAD MONSTERS #6 - Magazine
In this issue: The Boris Karloff Story, THE DAY OF THE TRIFFIDS, Anthony Quinn in THE HUNCHBACK OF NOTRE DAME and more monsters! Condition: From 1963 this issue looks new and excellent. Two defects: one page is torn and one small coupon is clipped out of back.

WORLD FAMOUS CREATURES #1 (1958) - Magazine (Sold!)
This is one of the original monster mags (along with Famous Monsters)! The first issue from 1958. Frankenstein and Friends, Go Godzilla, FROM HELL IT CAME, THE MOLE PEOPLE and more. Condition: well read, some cover edge chipping, dog ear tear on back cover, but no clippings, complete!

Get them in our on-line Creepy Magazine Newsstand at your Internet corner store....Creepy Classics before they're gone!



New Art By John Sargent

John Sargent, the editor of MONSTER-ART magazine has just submitted to us this wonderful art he just did. It's the lovely....DEVIL GIRL FROM MARS! Don't miss a single issue of MONSTER-ART:

Get them here at Creepy Classics in our MONSTER-ART Magazine Department.



MONSTER BASH #40 Coming This Autumn...and Basil is Back!

We are proud to present the cover for our next MONSTER BASH MAGAZINE #40! It's a masterpiece of monsterdom....Karloff as the Monster from the hand of legendary artist Basil Gogos through the Gogos estate.

Keeping the legacy of Basil Gogos and Forrest J Ackerman alive and well in the 21st century...MONSTER BASH!

This 40th issue anniversary special will feature writers Frank Dello Stritto, Dennis Druktenis, Thom Shubilla, Leonard Hayhurst, Ron Adams, publicity for FRANKENSTEIN MEETS THE WOLF MAN from the vaults of 1943 and your Fan Flashbacks!

Vendors, now's is the time to get your ad in this super special issue...CLICK HERE for details.

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New! THE SIN OF NORA MORAN Surreal Pre-Code Chiller on Blu-Ray or DVD

It's here, in stock, at Creepy Classics...this rare, strange 1933 film with Zita Johann (THE MUMMY) on Blu-Ray and DVD....ready to ship right to you:

THE SIN OF NORA MORAN (1933) - Blu-Ray or DVD
Stars Zita Johann (THE MUMMY), John Miljan, Alan Dinehart and Paul Cavanagh. An existential dream-like film that deals with murder, assault, death and the after-life. A movie that will walk you through a strange world of crime and mysticism in avant-guard Film Noir. 4K Restoration from UCLA.

Order yours for immediate shipping from our New Blu-Ray and DVD Department right now from Creepy Classics.



New! Three Different Vintage FRANKENSTEIN Paperback Books

From the 1950s and 1960s, three different editions of Mary Shelley's FRANKENSTEIN in paperback! It's summer, time to head for a hammock, or sitting under a tree with a good book in hand...and what better than FRANKENSTEIN? These editions will make any Monster Kid feel years younger:

FRANKENSTEIN By Mary Shelley (Pyramid 1957) - Paperback Book
The classic Mary Shelley novel. Great Boris Karloff cover. In very good condition, just original owner's name small on inside. Tight spine, just typical age tanning of pages. Pyramid 1957 edition!

FRANKENSTEIN By Mary Shelley (Pyramid 1965) - Paperback Book
Like new! Appears unread. Excellent condition. The classic Mary Shelley novel with cool monster cover. Vintage paperback that seems like its right off the bookstore shelf in 1965 and left unread all these years.

FRANKENSTEIN (Airmont Books 1963) - Paperback Book
Like new! Excellent condition. Appears unread, right off the shelf in 1963....the classic Frankenstein by Mary Shelley. Introduction by Mary M. Threapleton. Complete and unabridged. Airmont 1963 edition.

You'll unearth them in the graveyard out back of our Creepy Bookstore at Creepy Classics!



New! Vintage FAMOUS MONSTERS #15 with Zacheley

The above is the actual cover scanned of this item. In stock, with some imperfections (see below). But a cornerstone in classic monster magazines. Only one here, so get it quick if you want it for your collection. Details:

Please note condition: While cover is still attached, it is split along the spine crease. Cover color is vibrant and beautiful. Interior is solid and in great shape EXCEPT one small coupon is cut out of a back page. TV Horror Host Zacherley, Mad Robots and more. Vintage 1962 magazine!

It's in our FAMOUS MONSTERS Department here at Creepy Classics, ready to ship to your tomb, sweet tomb.




News Release: August 6, 2020

After a discussion with the Marriott Hotel in Cranberry Township, MONSTER BASH OCTOBERFEST 2020 is canceled. It is with deep, deep regret. Not only is it financially damaging to Creepy Classics/Monster Bash, the Marriott, but disappointing to all of us fans. But our hands are tied by the current government restrictions. Both the hotel and myself can't see the restriction coming off before October's show dates.

Under the current regulations we would have to limit the amount of people to a very few to see Q&A sessions. There would have to be long lines to get into lines to get into rooms. Dealer tables would have to be reduced and the number of people able to shop a dealer would be reduced. Photo ops with stars would not be able to be accommodated, many stars wouldn't goes on and on. We would not be able to hold a MONSTER BASH as everyone wants.

All vendor tables and advance memberships for attendees will be transferred to the June 2020 MONSTER BASH show at the Double Tree in Mars, PA. The silver lining is that the June show will probably be the biggest MONSTER BASH ever. We all will be so happy to have our monster family reunion together again in June 2021.

If you made reservations with the Marriott in Cranberry Township, you will need cancel them. Details on the June show are here: They are taking reservations for next June at the Double Tree for that show. Hotel contact, details are here:

With apologies, but, as you know, we're all in this together and we simply can't run a show under the current conditions, our hands are tied. Regretfully, Ron at Creepy Classics/Monster Bash.



New! Collectible Retro Frisbee Flyer From Disney

Now landing from another world, the Disney Sci-Fi Theater's here at Creepy Classics, now:

In our Model and Toy Department it's a sturdy full-size 10 inch "Frisbee" flyer issued by Disney to promote their Sci-Fi Theater restaurant in 2000. Clear-gray sparkles and retro 1950s styled logo. Cool collectible...and fun to throw and play catch with. Sails like saucer from another world.

Catch this one in our Models & Toys Department at Creepy Classics!



New! Haunted Manor Model Series: FLIGHT OF THE VAMPIRE

It's in stock now, and it has movement with rubber band action too....and, heck, it glows! A great project for a rainy summer night:

Vintage model kit back after 40 years by popular demand! Molded-in Glow-In-the-Dark plastic. Detailed spooky diorama. Rubber band action brings the model to life! The vampire raises his arms with bat-winged cape in a cemetery of horror. Vampire stands

Get it for immediate shipping now in our Model and Action Figure Department at Creepy Classics.



New! Vintage Mag, FAMOUS MONSTERS #14 From 1961

Shock, shock, shock in's the classic FAMOUS MONSTERS #14:

Some small crease marks on spine, but tight and otherwise like new! Amazing condition. The classic monster magazine from James Warren and Forrest J Ackerman in 1961. Inside: Vincent Price and THE PIT AND THE PENDULUM, Bert I. Gordon Behind-the-Scenes, Dick Smith Make-Up Session Photos. More!

Snag it, before its gone, in our FAMOUS MONSTERS Magazine Department at Creepy Classics.



New! Vintage FAMOUS MONSTERS in Shock Stock

Dive into a beautiful condition vintage FM that features Forrest J Ackerman's Ackermuseum, it's in stock now:

Almost like new! Slight, slight scuff on front cover. Tight spine, appears unread! A vintage FM from James Warren and Forrest J Ackerman. Inside: "The Amazing Ackermonster" (Ackerman's Ackermansion), photos and a synopsis of WEREWOLF OF LONDON, vampires, Phantom and more!

Grab it from our FAMOUS MONSTERS OF FILMLAND Department here at Creepy Classics.



New! CANDID MONSTER #7 is In Stock

1950s fans...this is your day...look what's just been released and we're stocked on it:

CANDID MONSTERS #7 - Magazine Book
Another HUGE blockbuster of a magazine book. 1950s science fiction film fans rejoice! Ted Bohus, editor, brings you interviews from the 50s stars and rare behind-the-scenes photos and info. It's INVASION OF THE SAUCERMEN, IT! THE TERROR FROM BEYOND SPACE, DAY THE WORLD ENDED, more! 140 pages!

Get the back issue too! Every issue is in stock right now. All seven!

Get the latest BIG issue now in our CANDID MONSTERS Department here at Creepy Classics. It's ready to ship fast to you!



Back In Stock! 1950s Drive-In Double Feature

Two super fun, low budget drive-in films on Blu-Ray are back in stock:

Back to the 1950s for a double HD drive-in feature! It's TEENAGERS FROM OUTER SPACE (1959) Giant lobsters may invade planet earth...will teenagers from outer space save us? Outrageous Daddy-O! Plus, THE GIANT LEECHES (1959) Backwoods swamp seems to be infested with pesky leeches...real big uns! Huge sucker-wounds are found on a body and local authorities are investigatin'. Stars Yvette Vickers.

Get this retro double bill on Blu-Ray now in our Creepy Blu-Ray, wait for it....Creepy Classics! We love this stuff, just like you.



New! FAMOUS MONSTERS #23 from 1963

In excellent, unread condition, FAMOUS MONSTERS OF FILMLAND #23 from 1963 in stock now:

The classic monster magazine from James Warren and Forrest J Ackerman. This issue from 1963. Includes The Most Unusual Frankenstein Photo Ever, SON OF KONG, Exclusive Interview: KARLOFF SPEAKS To the Readers! This issue is tight, seems unread, excellent condition! Bagged, boarded.

Get it in our FAMOUS MONSTERS OF FILMLAND Department at Creepy Classics.



MONSTER BASH BELA LUGOSI FILM FEST Postponed Until August 13-14, 2021!

Unfortunately, due to current virus restrictions, it is impossible to hold the MONSTER BASH BELA LUGOSI FILM FESTIVAL at The Canton Palace Theatre this August. The show is postponed until August 13-14, 2021. If you purchased admission memberships, they will be valid for next August 13, 14...same location, same programming at The Canton Palace Theatre.

It will be another wild adventure...a Bela Lugosi film marathon at the grand Palace Theatre in Canton, Ohio. It's August 13 and 14, 2021. A Lugosi extravaganza with some of his best and most fun films ever, plus a bonus film to wrap-out Saturday night...Tim Burton's ED WOOD. Get your advance VIP admission, CLICK HERE.

All the details on the show, CLICK HERE!

Preview trailer:

All the show details, click here:

View your Lugosi favorites in a real grand movie palace. We'll also feature the popular prize-toss late Saturday night! Free Blu-Rays, DVDs, Monster Magazines and Monster Toys will be pitched into the audience.

If you haven't been to one of our summer marathons at The Palace really need to do it. A gorgeous restored grand theatre from the 1920s. A real pipe organ with music between showings.

Above: Frank and his wife Linda.

And author/film historian Frank Dello Stritto will give two power-point presentations on Bela Lugosi...on the giant screen. One of the biggest screens in the state of Ohio.

Who let the bats out??? Why, MONSTER BASH! Sign-up for this August 2021 fear fest will be a once in a lifetime event.

Secure your VIP admission membership for all films, talks, prize toss, CLICK HERE!

Above: Jay Spencer, organist at Canton's Palace Theatre, prepares another MONSTER BASH!



Above: The greeter at our after wedding gathering, Dad (Ron) and daughter bride (Paisley). One of the posters at the after wedding gathering.

Monster Bash Kid, Married

Paisley Adams, daughter of MONSTER BASH producer, Ron Adams, was married to Jess Jaynes on August 1, 2020. She was not quite one year old at the first MONSTER BASH. Congrats and our fondest wishes to a great life ahead. Jess is a Godzilla fan and was aware of what he was getting into (yes, he already has a MONSTER BASH staff shirt! Ha!). Thanks to Brian and Tami Mizikar for these photos.

Above: Paisley and Ron a few years back! Paisley doing her best "Wolf Man" with her teeth. Above: Paisley and her husband, Jess Jaynes right after the wedding. What's Jess looking at in Paisley's bouquet? See below...

Above: Godzilla's home in Paisley's radioactive bouquet.

Above: Parents and couple. The ever beautiful Ursula, Bash Producer Ron and the happy couple. Above: The little ghoul all grown-up with a cool new Monser Kid husband, Mr. and Mrs. Jess Jaynes.

Proud parents:

As the "Just Married" couple left the gathering at the creepy Adams House, their car trailed a severed arm that Jess found a few miles down the road...



New! THE RETURN OF PETER GRIMM (1926) Photo Play Book

Direct from the vaults of Creepy Classics, this rare ghost book...a Photo Play book from 1926. It's the hardback, original novel and photos promoting the release of the 1926 film THE RETURN OF PETER GRIMM:

THE RETURN OF PETER GRIMM (1926) - Photoplay Hardback Book
A Photoplay Edition of THE RETURN OF PETER GRIMM (1926). Inscribed beautifully "From Ruth Upson, 1928" in fountain pen on inside leaf. Photo plates from the 1926 film throughout. A silent ghost movie that was a Fox Production. No dust jacket. Ghost photos illustrate.

Get this collectible hardback book in our Creepy Bookstore...deep in the catacombs of Creepy Classics.



New! Trading Card Promo Editions

Now in stock these promo trading cards:

The classic AVENGERS TV show trading card from 1995. Produced by Cornerstone Communications in association with Lumiere Pictures. Pre-release promo card!

1995 Promo Card from the HAMMER HORROR Series. This card (P2) features Peter Cushing in FRANKENSTEIN AND THE MONSTER FROM HELL.

Hammer Horror Series 2 Promo card (P4). Pictured is Christopher Lee and Veronica Carlson from DRACULA HAS RISEN FROM THE GRAVE. Issued by Cornerstone in 1996.

Get these and many trading cards dating back to the 1960s in our Trading Card Department, down the hall and to the right at Creepy Classics.



MONSTER BASH is for MONSTER KIDS everywhere of every age!

Make Sure You're Caught Up On Your MONSTER BASH Magazine Collection!

Do you have all of these?

Frankenstein, Dracula, The Wolf Man, The Mummy, Creature From the Black Lagoon, King Kong, The Phantom of the Opera, Mr. Hyde...they're all here, at home in MONSTER BASH MAGAZINE.

Collect them all....Click Here to get them right from the publisher (us!), new glossy mags shipped bagged and boarded for protection to you!

All at Creepy Classics, right now!



Bizarro Likes the Classics!

Always great to see the super Bizarro comics tipping the hat to our classic monsters. This one shared by Count Craigula!

Thanks Craig!



Scare Scenes Remembered

When you're, say between the ages of five and twelve, some scary moments stick with you. They may not be scary now...but you remember that eerie, fright that made an impression on you. It sticks with you, years, decades. It's an initial scary moment or thought, or felling that happens to you at an impressionable age. Many a movie scenes did it for me. Not necessarily scary now...but scary for the time. I'm sure you have some of those memories that you'll never forget.

Here are a few of mine that come to mind. I've found over the years, when talking with other fans, that some of these scenes "did it" for them too. Some solid spooks for us wide-eyed kids sitting in a darkened living room or bedroom...glued to a flickering TV screen. Here we go:

The white, shock haired house keeper in HOUSE ON HAUNTED HILL (1958), appearing to float across a basement...her face suddenly right there in front of the heroine in the movie. Yikes!

The hitchhiking warlock that disappears suddenly, in mid-sentence, from HORROR HOTEL (1960) on a foggy Whitewood, Massachusetts.

The slow moving close up of ornamentation on an old door as unholy murmurings and distant voices emanate from the seen by a young girl in THE HAUNTING (1963). Also from that film when Julie Harris awakes thinking she was holding her roommates hand...only to find her hand empty...saying "whose hand was I holding!"

In THE TINGLER (1959) when, in a dream-state, the deaf-mute woman sees the apartment apparently gain a mind of its own. Windows opening and closing on their own.

Across the lake, a ghost woman in a black dress, face indistinct, stands...from THE INNOCENTS (1961). She is unmoving as the wind blows. I still feel those chills.

In BLACK SABBATH (1964), another "floating" witch woman, recently deceased is upright, gliding across the floor with claw-like hands and waxen face. I'm in my parents darkened living room watching this on TV late at night (everyone else in bed). I could swear by hair stood up on the back of my neck and my head hit the ceiling.

In the Mexican horror film, THE WORLD OF THE VAMPIRES (1961), a female fanged vampire's face is super-imposed on a flapping bat's head. A nightmare vision that never left me.

I'm sure you have your own brain-branded scares from films you saw when you were young. For me they are etched for a lifetime. They come back in quiet moments, in certain situations, to do there job....again.

Ron Adams
July 2020
Ligonier, PA

Hi Ron,
Enjoyed Your recollections of being frightened out of Your wits when younger by a Movie and have some of my own . You are right that even if it doesn't have the same impact now as an "adult", it certainly did as a Pre-Teenager.

BLACK SABBATH (1964). Like You, the Dead Witch in "A Drop of Water" truly made an impact.

HORROR OF DRACULA (1958). Seeing this on the big screen for Halloween 1973 and being jolted with Chris Lee bursts into the Library.

HOUSE ON HAUNTED HILL (1958). The older Lady is a Keeper!

GHOST STORY (1972). A MFTV film with pregnant Barbara Parkins hearing odd noises. The scene towards the end with the "Former Occupant" coming towards Barbara absolutely terrified Me at age 10. Remember saying to myself "It's just a Film...It's just a Film!" Sadly, did not age so well watching it in my late 30's.

PSYCHO (1960).. The Shower Scene. Enough said.

THE LAST MAN ON EARTH (1958). Vincent Price reunion with Virginia was frightening in the extreme.

Steve Schimming
Sanbornton NH

Hi Ron, I enjoyed reading your “scare scenes remembered” and it brought back some of my most memorable scare scenes of my youth, some of which are:

Becky stares emotionlessly at Miles in INVASION OF THE BODY SNATCHERS

The “Dance of the Dead” in CARNIVAL OF SOULS

Count Orlock rises out of his coffin with his back straight as a board in NOSFERATU

The spider closes in on the hybrid fly-man caught in the web at the end of THE FLY – some find this scene a little kooky, but seeing that poor little scared face screaming with that high voice scared the wits out of me!

Karloff’s dead corpse falls over onto Henry Daniell during the climactic carriage ride in THE BODY SNATCHER

The blob suddenly moves up the stick onto the old man’s arm in THE BLOB

The victims fall off into the sand pit in INVADERS FROM MARS

The faces of the hospital staff are revealed in “Eye of the Beholder” from THE TWILIGHT ZONE


Tom Baxter, Gibsonia, PA


Love your scary movie memories! Here are a few of mine:

Princess Ananka digging herself out of her swampy grave in The Mummy’s Curse. Brrrrr!

The greenish/bluish head in the box in The Frozen Dead. The arms hanging on the wall also scared me.

Kolchak in the vampire’s lair at the end of The Night Stalker. This entire sequence terrified me as a kid.

I saw Blacula in the theater, and the slow-motion shot of the vampire woman running down the morgue hall was the stuff of nightmares.

These are just a few movie moments that scared me — and stuck with me over the years. Don’t even get me going about JAWS!

Brian Nichols, Bryan, TX

Another great article.

I too remember "The Haunting," but for me the scene was when Russ Tamblyn dropped the wine bottle as he watched the walls breathing.

The decapitation scene in "The Brotherhood of Satan" stayed with me too.

Even the corny movies had their moments. The montage of dead bodies at the end of "It Conquered the World," and its somber voice-over put a dramatic tack to it.

Have you ever considered an article on scary Disney moments? Their films are very sanitized now, but as a child I was struck by the tone of anger and vengeance from the 7 Dwarves as they stalked the evil stepmother, as well as Lampwick's donkey transformation in "Pinocchio."

Too bad about the convention. Hope to see you guys in 2021....

Kevin Browne, Fountain Valley, CA

The childhood scares: the slow motion scene from Gargoyles with the gargoyles breaking into Cornel Wilde & Jennifer Salt's hotel room at night to retrieve their dead one and the attack on their station wagon; the ending to Phantasm with the Tall Man suddenly revealed in the mirror in Mike's room at the end of the film; actually the 6 Fingered hand opening to Chiller Theater on WPIX NYC was always very spooky for my friends and I with that animation and its weird sound fx collage; In Search of or Boggy Creek Docu-dramas dealing with Bigfoot and then going into the woods out back behind my grandparents' house - he could be out there; The Last Wave - the whole film is full of these kinds of moments you are describing and still unnerving/scary to this day - a modern day masterpiece of Val Lewton-esque horror (see above photo). 

-Nick Pocengal, FL



The First Monster Show of the Year!

September 18-19, 2020

The Super Monster-Rama Drive-In, Vandergrift, PA

Creepy Classics/Monster Bash Will Be There

George Reis' DVD-Drive-In SUPER MONSTER-RAMA is on for September 18-19 (Friday and Saturday). Creepy Classics/Monster Bash will be set-up in the concession building for your first monster in-person shopping of the year. Thousands of Blu-Rays, DVDs, Monster Models, Monster T-Shirts, Monster Magazines....all on display for purchase. We are shock stocked and ready for you.

The drive-in also offers camping with your tent or in your car. Two days of horror films on the giant screen under the stars, plus trailers, retro promotional snack bar films and more.

Here are some details:

Two nights of classic horror and science fiction movies! Friday's line-up: BRIDES OF BLOOD, THE MAD DOCTOR OF BLOOD ISLAND, BEAST OF BLOOD, TERROR IS A MAN. Saturday's line-up will include the drive-in premiere of the 4K restoration of THE LEGEND OF BOGGY CREEK and three other great features to be announced soon!.

Admission is $10 per person each night (children 12 and under FREE with adult). Camping on the premises is available each night for an additional $10 a person, and that includes breakfast.

It's Friday September 18 and Saturday September 19. Location: The Riverside Drive-In, Vandergrift, PA (about an hour north east of Pittsburgh) on Route 66.

Here's the Super Monster-Rama Drive-In Page...CLICK HERE.

If you have any questions, feel free to call me at Creepy Classics: (724) 238-4317 or e-mail



Convention Show Schedule Revised

Make sure to keep checking out Convention Page to stay updated on the shows that Creepy Classics/Monster Bash will be at. With this year's turmoil, dates have changed and shows cancelled, then re-scheduled. Quite a few changes. CLICK HERE to go to our Convention Listing Page and bookmark it. Check it frequently for changes.



New, The Latest Bash Mag! MONSTER BASH SPECIAL #5...The All Creature Issue is Here

The classic monster magazine that takes us all back to a simpler time and our love of classic monster movies. The smell of fresh ink is everywhere here at Creepy Classics, as thousands of magazines have just arrived. Subscribers are mailing out today. Get your copy of this latest issue, bagged and boarded for you...and shipped right to your crypt:

The all CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON special! Inside: Creature movie matinee time with historian Frank Dello Stritto. Plus words from the men who played the Creature: Ricou Browning and Ben Chapman. The sequels, The "other" gill-men, rare photos. All gill-man glossy packed special!

Get it in our Monster Bash Magazine Department here at Creepy Classics!

Here are some sample peeks at the interior:



New! The Latest from Dennis Druktenis, FRIGHT MONSTERS

FRIGHT MONSTERS is on fire! We sold out of a case in less than 24 hours after posting it. Don't be FRIGHTened....more are on the way, stay tuned right here.

Ready for your summer's FRIGHT MONSTERS #1 from the founding editor of SCARY MONSTERS, Dennis Druktenis. All the fan fun you love with cool monsters bursting from every page...everything you wanted in a monster magazine when you were a kid...a Monster Kid:

FRIGHT MONSTERS #1 - Magazine Book
This FIRST EDITION is written like it is still 1962. Dennis Druktenis is back in full force with this new publication. Inside ABBOTT AND COSTELLO MEET FRANKENSTEIN, GORGO, Aurora Monster Models, PLAN 9 FROM OUTER SPACE, Vampires, Steve Ditko, IT CONQUERED THE WORLD. Photos! 142 packed pages!

Don't miss this premier issue, in stock now at Creepy Classics in our new FRIGHT MONSTERS Department!


A Virtual Visit to Creepy Classics:

Above, a recent visit to Creepy Classics!

Two videos shot by Kevin Slick from Louisville, Colorado on a visit.

Creepy Classics Video

Get all your favorite creeps on DVD for viewing at Creepy Classics!
P.O. Box 23, Ligonier, PA 15658
Call (724) 238-4317

Questions? e-mail:

Get all your favorite creeps on DVD for viewing at Creepy Classics!