The Charlie Arrigo Collection

The classic Auroras....beautifully painted and displayed. The foundation for a real fan's collection.

Looks like a resident of the Black Lagoon lives here!

Famous Monsters of Fandom.

Don't look's The Wolf Man.

One bat-faced Nosferatu invades Charlie's home nightly.

Wall of fame with Jack Pierce creations.

Nice framed build-up photos framed...gorgeous.

Space cadet, ready for action at a moment's notice.

Closet of the Apes...a little known film sequel.

Lon Chaney had his make-up box, Charlie's got his make-up closet.

Gotta hand it to Charlie, he's got some great books and magazines.

Figures and resin kits, nicely painted and displayed.

What are you staring at?

Forry, Godzilla, Chaney...Creature...all in our batty ballpark!

Chic....oh, Chicccccccc!

A final glance back at a wonderful collection. Thanks for sharing, Charlie.

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