The Jack Nichols Collection


Jack is a big fan of drive-in memorabilia. Check out the signs on the wall and the speakers!

A very cool Drive-In model.

A closer shot of the standing Drive-In speaker....pull right up!

Here's a closer look at the various Drive-In speakers.

A Frankenstein model based on Berni Wrightson artwork....dynamic!.

Jack's Metropolis model!

Jack's model Haunted House!

Captain America making the US of A proud in this model!

Another's of Jack's detailed models....great theatre building!

Another theatre model.

Home sweet home...The Addams House.

Jack's heroes and WAR OF THE WORLDS ship.

Doc Savage, Captain America and a touch of Ray Harryhausen!

Also in Jack's collection, a William Holden hat used in promoting THE WILD BUNCH!

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