The Joe Cole, Sr. Collection


I visited Joe Cole, Sr.'s house when Joe Jr. was graduating. I knew Joe was a die-hard fan....but, wow! Here are some peeks inside the Cole Museum of Frankenstein!:

A pop Frank monster painting and great stills from various Universal Frankenstein flicks.

A tribute to he Creature in Joe's collection...note the autographs from Ricou Browning, who played the underwater creature in all three Universal movies.


A shelf of monsters...from trolls to all our Universal favorites!


More monsters to watch your every move...


Look at all the Frankenstein material on the upper shelf....I see my personal favorite (the Soakey Toy Frankenstein) and a life-size standee on Lon Jr.'s Wolf Man warns you not to get too close!


More creepiness in the Cole collection with a life-size moterized Uncle Creepy-type.

Frankenstein goes to the "head" of the class! That cylander is a waste paper basket from the early 1970s! I have one of those myself.

Lobby cards and photos...a wall of Frankenstein!

More framed Frankenstein from Joe Cole's THE WALL OF FRANKENSTIN (sounds like the sequel to HOUSE OF FRANKENSTEIN to me!).

BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN throw and pillow.

Above is an interesing Frankenstein piece I had never seen before.

A terrific bust (I think made by Tom Savini) holds a place of pride in Joe's collection. And, check out that "head shot" of Karloff in the frame on the wall!

More Frankenstein Art at every turn!

Joe is quite the artist too. Look at the amazing Adam West as Batman piece he was working on while we were there!

A very smart looking glass table top!

One cool painting on canvas on Joe's wall.

Love the Monster Old Maid Cards (great collectible from hte 1960s) and check out the autograph from Vincent Price!

Steins and Franken-steins too!

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