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Concept submitted by Mike Adams of Cartaret, New Jeresey.

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The Creepy Classics Movie Night From February 18, 2012

"13 GHOSTS" (1960) A William Castle special. Castle directs another chiller full of sensationalism. 13 ghosts are haunting a house and reveal themselves to a young boy (Charler Herbert) who has just moved in. Suggested by Arch Shoultz, Greensburg, PA.

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A favorite William Castle flick! Opens much like HOUSE ON HAUNTED HILL (without the faces) - a series of blood-curdling screams!

Charles Herbert got top billing on this. It was one of the ways William Castle secured Charles for this movie. He told Charles' mom, besides the pay, Charlie would get top billing!

Margaret Hamiltin is wonderful....semi-reprising her rold as "The Wicked Witch." Even without the original "Ghost Viewer" gimmick, it's still a fun haunted house movie with gruesome ghosts!

-Ron Adams, Ligonier, PA

Ron, here is a small review of last week's film. Thanks so much for "hosting" these. They are great fun to watch, and it is enjoyable to know that others around the nation are watching the same film, as well...kinda like we are in the same theater together.

The first time I watched 13 Ghosts, many years ago, I was a bit disappointed. Was this supposed to be scary? I found it more amusing than frightening Years later, I watched it on dvd. Somehow, I got a hold of a pair of glasses that enabled me to watch it in one of William Castles's many gimmicks. This time, it was Illusion-O! Wow! What brilliant marketing! And, I was brave enough to watch of the Brave Ones, I assume. I still wasn't scared, but I gained a better appreciation of what the audience saw back in 1960, when it ws released. Boy, those were the days. How I would give money to sit in a theater back then and watch House on Haunted Hill with the Skeleton zipping through the theater, or watch The Tingler, and have my seat zapped.

Margaret Hamilton is still spooky as a witch. Look out, she gives the shivers, even today! As for young Charles Herbert, I have been disappointed to hear about his struggles later on in life. In this film, he is quite effective. As for the remake, I wouldn't even bother. 13 Ghosts...not a great film, but a fun one to watch.
-John DeGarmo, Georgia


Hi Ron:
I  saw "13 Ghosts" when it originally played in the theatres in 1960. I was 7 years old. The movie scared the living daylights out of me.
I was so frightened by the movie that I actually looked through the blue part of the viewer to avoid seeing the ghosts.

With nostalgia, I viewed the movie on Saturday. Actually, "13 Ghosts" is actually a pretty ordinary haunted house film. The ghost gimmick adds a little novelty  to a cliched theme. 

It's still a fun viewing. Margaret Hamilton steals the movie with her whitty performance. She adds just the right amount camp. The scene where she is sweeping the floor and raises her eyebrow is priceless. The rest of the cast is fine in mostly underwritten roles. The one interesting bit of casting was Donald Woods as the father. He played James Cagney's cohort in the classic 1931 film, "The Public Enemy."

I do like the headless lion tamer and the Dr. Zorba ghosts.

"13 Ghosts" will not win any prizes but it is still a fun ghost story.
Bruce Tinkel
Edison, NJ

A great William Castle film. First saw this at the Hines Theater in Portland in early 60s. I think it was the black & white version because I don't remember the ghost viewers. Watched this over the weekend with two grandkids who thought this was scarier than the universal movies I've shown them in the past.

Great cast -the family  plus Margaret Hamilton as housekeeper/witch and Martin Milner as the villian.  I was also curious to see who played the messenger . So I got on Internet Movie Data Base and saw that it was David Hoffman -who was the disembodied head at the beginning of the Inner Sanctum movies that were made in the 40s. This is a great movie and it was fun to watch.  thank you    

DM Bryant, In

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