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Concept submitted by Mike Adams of Carteret, New Jeresey.

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Creepy Classics Spotlight Movie Last Weekend - THE BRAINIAC (1959)

Every week, readers here are selecting a movie to view...then we all try to watch it together utilizing our DVD/video library. This past Saturday night, many of us watched THE BRAINIAC (1959). This was suggested by by Herb Salisbury, Everett, WA. Details about movie nights to come are HERE. Please include your name and location after your comments, so we can see how we're all joining together from diffeent locals around the globe! Let's all Synch-Up Saturday nights at 7:30PM, or catch it sometime over the weekend!

One of the wackiest Mexican horror movies ever made. I watched this with my daughter and friend, Bob Pellegrino, over the weekend. We watched the really sharp version on the CasaNegra label. Wow! I had seen it once before, but this time I watcthed more closely. The story line is full of nonsnse, even beyond the dubbing and tranistion to English. But, it appeared that this was intended to be satirical and over-the-top from te beginning....and boy, does it succeed!

Salazar (who normally plays the good guy) is the evil Baron resurrected after three hundred years by the curse on a comet...? For some reasom, he's not only back (the fallen meteor turns into him), but he can change into one of the wildest looking movie monsters ever. Pulsating big head, suction cup fingers, and serpent tongue that can drill into the back of people's nexts and steal their brains.

Plus, you get to see Salazar, in human form, sneaking snacks on brains like pudding for dessert. Crazy, goofy dubbing, but never boring -- sheer South-of-the-Border monster entertainment. Ha! On the CasaNegra DVD there are a few scenes that never made it onto the American televised dubbed version. One cool scene is of Salazar turning into the monster at a gas station! -Ron Adams, Ligonier, PA.

Hey Bash Synchers!

Here is my commentary during my first viewing ever of Brainiac, the Baron of Terror. I am in Mexico right now as I view and comment, and have been for 19 years. I hope to bring a unique perspective that living in Mexico and being bilingual might bring to viewing this south of the border classic.

Before I start the video, a little about my expectations. In my 19 years here, I have seen very view Mexican Monster Moives. They just do not have the popularity here. Rarely shown on TV, and not overly available in video. For a time I was attempting to see the 100 Greatest Mexican Movies, according to a popular magazine called Somos (We Are). El Vampiro, Body Snatcher and Cronso were the only monster movie in that list (See the Whole list here). One thing I can say about Mexican Cinema in general is "over the top." Everything they do is outrageous. Their comedies are hilarious, because they are no holds barred, the crazier the better. Their melodramas are so dramatic they are ridiculous and laughable. You don´t find much subtelty in the Mexican cinema. So I am expecting the same here, wild, over the top, outrageous, ridiculous, which is alway good for a chuckle and a fun viewing time. So on with the show!!!

I am watching the movie in Spanish with English subtitles with the CasaNegra version of the DVD.
Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition. With 90% of the country being Catholic, you will always find themes related to the church in the movies. The subtitles I am seeing are very good. The music, setting that over the top feel in its drama.

Crazy, he put the chains on the guards, and willingly goes to be burned. Outrageous!
Las chismosas! Always present gossips in Mexican movies.
Interesting "unmasking" of his accusers.
Late night oral exam! Do you know your comets?
The comet looks like the monsters nose!
Starting to drag in the observatory.
Cheesy effects, hilarious comet and rock from space!
The Baron of Terror! I love that pulsing head! The brain stabbing tongue.
He stripped him down to his skivvies! I guess the baron doesn´t use underwear!
Another great thing about Mexican movies...pretty girls!
Looks like the detectives are going to be our comic relief from all the terror!
The call girls get right to work ay caramba!
Brain Tacos mmmm good...some gruesome black humor, Mexican style. Don´t forget the Xylophone, to remind you to laugh!
The girl looks just like her great great granddaddy...NOT!
Boring party. Hes got them where he wants them, now what.
Serving up some brain tacos! Que rico!
He is reading everything we saw at the beginning...boring!
Just when you thought Sr. Pantojas eyes couldn´t get wider, they did!!!
Brainiac temper tantrum! He is mad at them papers!
Yawn! Who cares about the comet.
He has a way with the ladies! Hypnotize!
I think Luis is trying not to laugh!
Move them brains from the cabinet to the trunk, no one will look in there.
Poor Francisco! Death by shower. That was original, inspired by Psycho???
I am having a hard time staying awake. Really dragging now. Not meeting expectations
Police with flame throwers, just in time. But why???
Crazy flick, good for some laughs, but dragged quite a bit. Not as bizarre as advertised. The subtitles in the DVD were fine, no comments or complaints on them, quite faithful translation.
See you next week!

Ahhh, nothing like a nice hot steaming bowl of brains! Well, this has to
be one of the weirdest films I've seen in a while. It's a unique take on
the "tired for witchcraft, burned at the stake by the church, comes back
for revenge" theme. Check me on this, but I'm pretty sure it's the only
one of those to employ comets... sort of at least.

Speaking of that, why
was everything else they saw through the telescope crystal clear but the
infamous comet suddenly out of focus? Ultimately, who cares? it was a fun
film and that's what it's all about. The worst sin a filmmaker can commit
in my opinion is to make a boring film, and Senor Salazar has not done
that. I loved the way the furry face of the Baron expanded and contracted
with his heavy breathing. And the tongue! it's like one of those toys
that you squeeze and the tongue shoots out.

The bowl of brains! that was
priceless! And what's up with the hands? were they what was actually
drilling into the skull and extracting the brains? was it the tongue? My
Spanish is not top notch so I may have missed some vital information, but
probably not, this is not the sort of film where logic serves any real
purpose it would just get in the way of the fun.
Good choice, and I'm looking forward to some "brain tacos" on Mexican
Movie Night at the Bash!

-Kevin Slick, Louisville, CO.

More from Kevin, on THE BRAINIAC...because we must find answers...

Okay, so it appears that he uses his tongue for the brain extraction, does
that mean the tongue is hollow?
What's the chance that 300 years later the descendants from the
inquisition guys are all still living in the same town?
And now I know that if someone's face starts blinking like someone is
shining a flashlight on them I should run away and not stand still while
he sucks my brain out the back of my neck.

Oh yeah, is that chest he keeps the bowl of brains in a refrigerator?
wouldn't they go bad otherwise? of course, how could you tell? What do
you suppose they made the brains out of for the film? jello? pudding?
Did anyone else think those flame throwers at the end looked a lot like
vacuum cleaners? and was the guy with glasses trying to get his to turn on
the whole time the other one was spraying the Baron?
I may have to go back to re-watch some of the film!

Hi Ron,
Here are my thoughts on THE BRAINIAC:
Boy, oh boy, this film is as goofy as it gets. But it is never boring, so I guess that says something.
This plot has a little bit of everything – an accusation of witchcraft, defiance of death, vengeance upon ancestors, astronomy, hypnotism and, to top it all off, a brain-sucking monster. You know, something for everyone.

The comet as seen through the telescope looks like a Colorform cutout.
You gotta love the look of the title menace – a hirsute devil with claw-like hands and a forked tongue. I’m sure it’s accidental but there’s something about that tongue that looks just a bit phallic.
I laughed out loud when I saw the Baron spooning out brains into a cup like he was dishing out a bowl of sherbet.
Those two cops felt really out of place, like they belonged in a completely different film.
The acting styles are rather broad too. Plenty of arched eyebrows and wide-eyed stares.
What can I say about the climax? Flame throwers inside the house. Hey kids, don’t try this at home!

Despite all the absurdity, everyone plays it completely straight.
Favorite quote – “A maniac with a lot of knowledge is a threat.”

Steven Thornton
LaSalle, MI

Perhaps the best Mexican film ever made!! Abel Salazar is a warlock who returns to earth 300 years after his death as a brain sucking monster that is one of the coolest monsters I ever saw.
The pulsating face and the long tongue always stand out in my mind. Another great choice and a great saturday Night movie.
Kevin Coon, Twin Falls, ID

Hey Ron, Bob, Paisley, Ken, Kevin, Steven and all other Fellow Bash Synchmates out there in "Mexican" Monster Movie Heaven, I too watched the "Braniac" this past weekend! (late Saturday night at 2:30 A.M.!!)--Just like I first remember watching it on Cleveland`s "UP 8-ALL NIGHT" back in 1980!! {I was 13 years old at the time!!) -on Channel WJW-TV8!! Later on (in 1985) I also remember watching this guilty pleasure on Channel 19 on "Elvira`s Movie Macabre" as well! --and remember the Mistress of the Dark cracking her usual sassy jokes at this cheesy, fun production from South of the Border!-complimented by her buddy-"The Breather"!!!

As far as the film goes~ All I can say is INCREDIBLE- This is only the 4th time I have ever viewed this film (and the first time since 2002) - and for me it retains that sense of "innocence lost" (what I mean by this term is a movie that captures a time and place where you remember yourself as a child and where and when you saw this film as a kid-and the circumstances surrounding it!!)-I remember trying to stay up watching this schlocky film and rubbing my eyes and sipping coffee while my mom was watching it with me and remarking "What lousy special effects those were" (The monster itself) and "those look like vacuum cleaners attached to long hoses" (the flamethrowers that the police use to kill the Brainiac with!)-I would remark to her "Hey Mom- they are working on a really low budget monster movie!"--Give`em a break!!"-"Hey-At Least They Are Being Creative!" and she would reply back "This Movie`s Terrible!" HA!! (Oh Well- Hey-at least us Monster Kids know what`s good for us!!)

ANYWAY- I love the opening scene in this film (The Trial)- the music is quite eerie and I love the overacting by Abel Salazar {the smug look on his face and his laugh is priceless!} when he is being accused of his many crimes {he seems to know his accusers will get their just "desserts"-HA!!- in the future when their descendants get their brains sucked dry by HIM!!!!- After he comes back to Earth after 300 years (1661-1961!) riding the "coat-tails" of a comet! The scene where the big rock containing "The Brainiac" lands on Earth is hilarious and must be seen to be believed!- and then he proceeds to kill a man (sucking his brains out with his long tongue) before taking his clothes and leaving the guy dead in the dirt!! (with only his shorts on!- Geez-doesn`t this guy have any class??!!) He then proceeds to do in a few gals before eliminating his enemy`s ancestors during the rest of the film. He also enjoys slurping raw brains from a spoon from a big glass that he keeps in a chest whenever he gets "Chest Pains" or whenever he feels like having a early brunch! (whether he has guests over or not) YECCHH!!

Anyway- at the climax of the film, the Brainiac goes after our hero`s girlfiend (another ancestor) only to be stopped in his tracks by a pair of flamethrowers weilded by our loyal lawmen! The Brainaic burns to a total crisp and smolders till nothing is left but ashes! THE END. This is one of the most entertaining Mexican monster movies of all time, and except for "The Curse of The Crying Woman" (1961) It would be MY favorite Mexican monster movie of all-time!! So until next time folks when I meet you on the fog-shrouded British moors and watch and review my choice of the week "The Man From Planet X" (1951) I wish you all a safe return to your hacienda!---Dan Brenneis-Strongsville,Ohio-Monster Bash Staff Member And FilmFan Extroadinairre

I viewed both the sub-titled and dubbed versions of The Brainiac. Normally, I would just write about what I liked or disliked about the film. This film, however, is crammed with so many things, many of them going unexplained, that to write about all of them would use up all the space on your website. So I'm just going to list the ones that really stood out for me.

1. In the sub-titled version: When the inquisitors are reading off the charges against The Baron, the sub-titles read the following: "...for having used witchcraft, superstitions and spells for clumsy and dishonest purposes." Clumsy? Apparently, among all his other sins, The Baron is also a klutz.

2. Matte shot or maybe just a picture of an observatory: Whenever someone is getting into or out of their car at the observatory, this shot is always used. Where the car is in relation to the observatory, the observatory looks about a mile away. That's the closest anyone could park?

3. The monster: The head is a cross between a devil, a werewolf, and a lizard. It's obvious the actor couldn't breathe in the mask. That's why the sides of the head kept moving in and out. There were no air-holes.

4. Did the monster ride on the comet ala Slim Pickens on the bomb in Dr. Strangelove? Was he in the comet? Was the comet actually a ship?

5. I've never seen a film with so much eye movement. I bet the number of headaches on set was huge.

6. The brains that he has in a dish, are they the brains from the people that he just killed? If so, when he sucks up the brains, where do they go? Does he store them in his cheeks like a chipmunk?

7. The brains in a dish looks like quiche or some kind of meringue. Shouldn't the brains be refrigerated or do they have a long shelf-life like

8. The death of the newly married couple- The girl is not receptive to his stares. Why? In the sub-titled version, her husband meets a fairly
gruesome death. He is hanging from his feet from a shower-head with his head immersed in water. This scene wasn't in the dubbed version
I watched.

9. The policemen: They look like Kojak and his partner.

10. In the sub-titled version, one of the policeman orders brain tacos in a diner. Or did I imagine that?

11. The death of the monster: If he can turn invisible, why doesn't he do it to avoid dying? If he rode through the solar system for three centuries on a fiery comet, why is he so easily consumed by fire?

12. The policemen really had no idea that The Baron was an alien. Why did they bring flame-throwers? Was that their weapon of choice?

So many questions. One left. Did I enjoy the film? The answer is yes. Ironically, when the film was over, unlike other films of this type, my brain didn't feel like it got sucked out of my head.
Kirk Smith
Manito, Illinois

Hello Ron, Greg here, the Brainiac is a good flick, I watch it at least once a year. The coolest  part is when he catches a ride on the comet..And also if all the police today carried flame throwers, very little crime..........Thanks...-Greg, Cleveland, Ohio

Hi Ron:

Sorry I’m a little late with my review of “The Brainiac. Better late then never!!

The plot makes no sense. The acting is way over the top. The sets are cardboard with photo backdrops. All the people, including myself, who are in the “Monster Kid Home Movies” had better special effects than this The monster wears a rubber mask and rubber hands. In other words, “The Brainiac” is probably the funniest, most entertaining of all the Mexican horror films.You have to check your brains (no pun intended) before watching this film. If you try to think about it, your head will hurt.I cannot believe that the producers and screenwriter thought this story up after having way too many drinks. That’s fine because the craziness that goes on in “The Brainiac” is unmatched.

Able Salazar appears to be smirking throughout the entire film. His over the top performance perfectly keeps pace with the action of the film. German Robles’ popeyed eye rolling act when he see his daughter first molested, the killed is one of the funniest I’ve ever see.

The monster is absolutely hysterical. I loved the pulsating face, the wobbly tongue and the bending claws. I still haven’t figured out how he makes the brain matter he sucks out into solid brains!

As far as the plot, I have many questions. Is the Baron human? It seems that nothing can kill him. Another point, if fire didn’t kill him the first time, how did it kill him the second time even though the flame throwers never actually touched him!  The biggest question I have is why, when he returns, does he turn into the creature? He was never one before! Why does he need the brains? My final question is that is he keeps a bowel of brains if a trunk in his study, wouldn’t the brains start to rot and smell after a day. There doesn’t appear to be any air conditioning in his house. Apparently the smell of rotting brains is quite common in Mexico so no one notices it.

“The Brainiac” is one of my favorite Mexican horror films. I watched the Casa Nova print which was excellent. I started with the English dub but found it to be annoying as the voices did not match the characters at all. I switched to the original Spanish with subtitles and the film was much more enjoyable.

I highly recommend “The Brainiac” to anyone who want to enjoy 76 minutes of inspired craziness.

Bruce Tinkel, Edison, NJ

You can get the CasaNegra DVD of THE BRAINIAC in the Complete DVD Catalog in-line at Creepy Classics.

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