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Concept submitted by Mike Adams of Cartaret, New Jeresey.

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THIS SATURDAY'S MOVIE:CASTLE OF THE LIVING DEAD (1964) Not to be confused with the Christopher Lee movie of a similar title: CASTLE OF THE WALKING DEAD. This also stars Chris Lee, here as Count Drago. A lord who presides over a bizarre castle working on an instant embalming formula. A traveling theatre troupe happen upon his castle and begin dropping like flies. The photography is bizarre and the on location castle scenes with weird statues is fascinating! Also stars Donald Sutherland in the duel role of a local police official and an old witch! Suggested by Vince Rotolo, Irmo, SC.


Castle of the Living Dead (1963)

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Ths is one of those creepy Euoropean films that would play late at night when I was a kid. Before the days of infomercials. I believe I saw this first one late SAturday night on WOR, Channel 9 out of New York. It had a bizarre feel. It didn't seem like a regular movie...but otherworldly. A lot of this probably had to do with me not having seen a lot of foreign films when I was about none of ten years old. It's gritty and creepy. The theme is like a gothis, heavy-handed HOUSE OF WAX.

-Ron Adams, Ligonier, PA

I saw this years ago, on a real late night television station. I was out of college by this time.

I recognized and liked Donald Sutherland, but didn't know about his European movies.
I was also used to Christopher Lee in the English Hammer films, so it made sense that he could cross the Channel to get work.

In college I saw quite a few "foreign" films, but horror movies were never included in the art house offerings, so it was fun to catch one of these "arty" hybrids on late night TV. Perfect time to watch them.

Tom Jackson, Philadelphia, PA

A pretty minor film.

The best thing I can say about it is that it may be the first horror film since Freaks to feature a "little person" as a brave and resourceful hero instead of as a mad scientist's henchman--he is the one who should have got the girl in the end!

I also notice that Christopher Lee and Donald Sutherland dub their own voices (Donald as the sergeant, not as the old lady).  
Also in the cast, though in a small part, was Luciano Pigozzi (Alan Collins) "the Peter Lorre of Italy" (I liked him in "Werewolf in a Girl's Dormitory"). 

One more thing.  The actress who dubbed the leading lady (Gaia Germani) sounds like she might be the same artist who dubbed Gila Golan in "The Valley of Gwangi."  Can anyone out there verify this?

Mark Ditoro, Moon Township, PA

Hello Everybody:
It was great to see you guys picked a film I suggested. I must say I loved this Italian made film. It has Chris Lee, Donald Sutherland in one of his first roles and it’s a duel role at that. It also has a cool castle and a little person what’s not to like!

It’s a great film for those rainy Saturdays.
We covered this on our podcast #130. So if you would like to know more about this and other films check out podcast at
Thanks, Vince Rotolo

Not sure about female dubbing...maybe someone knows? -Ron

Dear Ron and all fellow fans, it`s nice to have some free time from school, so I thought I`d join the gang again for this underrated Italian horror flick! Here`s my observations on this thriller:

1) Count Drago likes embalming people alive with his special "formula" derived from a unique plant`s juices. He got tired of experimenting with animals (especially birds) so he decided to move higher up the food chain and have fun with human beings! Talk about a grotesque, twisted hobby! Christopher Lee impresses here as his usual foreboding, evil self. He`s truly rotten to the core and ultimately meets with cosmic justice, or should we say "karma" when he gets killed by the old witch (Donald Sutherland in a great role and creepy makeup!) and is paralyzed eternally by his own embalming fluid after being stabbed by the cackling hag!

2)This story bears faint similarities to "The Most Dangerous Game" with Count Drago substituting for the driven and psychotic "Count Zaroff" character in that classic 1932 film.

3) You can see evidence of Donald Sutherland`s talent rising to the surface in this creepy production. Yes, it`s a very early role for him, but later on, he would put his horror film acting experience to good use in the classic genre thrillers "Die, Die, My Darling" (1966) "Don`t Look Now" (1973) and "Invasion Of The Body Snatchers" (1978)

4) Donald Sutherland named his son "Keifer" after this film`s American screenwriter, Warren Keifer!

5) It`s interesting to note that this film`s heroes are the dwarf and the old witch! Unusual for horror films, since most of the time we are used to seeing the strong, young man take charge and defeat the villian(s) and save the damsel(s) in distress! But not here....

6) I loved the production design, set designs,outdoor shooting locations and eerie, foreboding music used in this one! They all enhance the sinister aura of the proceedings! The stone statues are really interesting to say the least and quite creepy. {Hey, one of them even resembles one of the stone structures seen in next weekend`s movie we are watching together "The 7th Voyage Of Sinbad"!!!}

7) My favorite line from this movie is "Some Will Live" "Some Will Die" "Before Tomorrow`s Sun Is High" (spoken as a warning by the witch to our travellers before they get to the castle)

8) The late, great Michael Reeves served as assistant director on this film. In an interview Christopher Lee stated that he was heavily involved in this production and wore many "hats" He has a brief bit part in this movie, too! (as one of Drago`s embalmed victims!) Michael would go on to direct "The She Beast" (1965) "The Sorcerers" (1967) and his ultimate masterpeice, the Vincent Price horror classic "Witchfinder General" (1968)

9) This is probably Chris Lee`s BEST Italian made horror film! For people who enjoy these productions, you can check out these titles as well: "Horror Castle" (1963) "Crypt Of Horror" (1964) "The Whip And The Body" (1965) and "The Castle Of The Walking Dead" (1969)

10) Lastly, I loved the performance of Mirko Valentin as Drago`s servant, Sandro! He imbodies this character with total wickedness and malice. Being in charge of the murders, he dispatches his victims in a most gruesome and grisly manner! {Examples include death by scythe and by an poison-dipped arrow shot from a little cannon into a man`s eye!} Talk about having a major headache in the morning! OUCH. Plus that crazy laugh he emits just chills your bones......Well, at least the dwarf took care of him when it mattered!

Great movie pick! Watched it TWICE this week! Looking forward to "The 7th Voyage Of Sinbad" and the genius of Ray Harryhausen`s timeless creations! See everyone next week! -

-Dan Brenneis- Strongsville, Ohio

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