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Concept submitted by Mike Adams of Cartaret, New Jeresey.

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MOVIE F ROMSaturday July 7, 2012 - MOVIE - Melodrama "CAT PEOPLE" (1942). Stars Simone Simon, Kent Smith, Tom Conway, Jane Randolph and Elizabeth Russell. Val Lewton's first impact in the horror film genre, and what an impact! A man falls in love with a mysterious, reclusive young woman who believes she is part of a demonic background. Part of a weird breed of creatures that turn into cats and must kill. A strtange web of mystery, wonderfully photographed with shocks and mounting dread. Suggested by Dave Myers, Bryant, IN.

Hi ron

The Cat People of course has that b/w touch that always gives that errie effect; I always
thought Simone Simon,Kent Smith, Jayne Randolph and the always likeable Tom Conway
pull this move together brilliantly; you have to feel sorry for Irena, who lives this with the curse
and then is 'victimized' by the lecherous psychiatrist (Conway). Rounding out this good
classic is Alan Napier and 'cat' looking Elizabeth Russell, familar face to us classic lovers.

-J50smonstakid, Kingman,AZ

Excellent performances, a rather daring premise and two of the
greatest "Golden Age" scares make this initial Val Lewton entry one of
the best. Simone Simon gives a touching and heartbreaking performance
as Irena, the Serbian emigre who fears physical contact with a man
(okay..lovemaking) will turn her into a ferocious beast and her
struggles to overcome it. Fine cast helps out with good performances
by Tom Conway as the smarmy Doctor, Jane Randolph (great in ABBOTT AND
COSTELLO MEET FRANKENSTEIN) as "the other woman), Elizabeth Russell in
a too short appearance and Kent Smith as the loving, confused and
ultimately frustrated husband who turns to Randolph.

CAT PEOPLE introduced two features that were in almost every Lewton
film: "The Walk" and "The Bus". The first time Donna and I watched
this on VHS, she jumped about five feet during the bus and one can
only imagine the screams in the theaters when this was released. The
DVD has a wonderful commentary by Greg Mank, probably the best in his
field as well as the sequel CURSE OF THE CAT PEOPLE, which I enjoy
even more than this (if you don't have them, go to CREEPY CLASSICS DVD
section and order them...NOW!).

Fantastic film and great choice. ****1/2
Steve Schimming
Sanbornton, NH

Hey Bash Synchers!

Watched Cat People with my 9 year old daughter, who is starting to not be so afraid of daddy's monster movies. We had a blast.

In this movie I can't get over how cute Simone Simon is and she is the center of my attention throughout. Great suspense and atmosphere throughout. In this viewing, I felt discomfort with one of the central themes while viewing with my daughter. Its tasteful but obvious handling of a celibate marriage, had me stumbling figuring a way to explain that! Ha Ha. I imagine it was considered somewhat bold in its day.

My daughter thought it was boring at first (victim of our modern pop culture) but liked it in the end. I told her that you really never know if the girl changes to a cat or not, you don't see the monster, and she was thrilled to figure it all out.

See you soon for The Raven!

Quieny "Santitito"

"The Cat People" is not your typical 1940s horror film. There are not a lot of scenes showing a scary monster on the prowl but there are plenty of scary scenes. This movie allows your imagination to kick in and makes you wonder what could be seen out of camera view.

Simone Simon is great as the lead character Irena. She doesn't want to be who she is and would like to live a normal life like other women. You can sense her torment. Kent Smith as Oliver does a great job trying to understand her and does what he can to help. Jane Randolph as "the other woman" sets everything into motion. Her being stalked by Irena brings about 2 classic scenes in horror that are right up there with other classic scenes from other great horror movies. You wonder if you are going to see the creature but all you see is a shadow or tree branches moving.

This is great filmmaking because it gets you involved in the movie. You don't see but you think you see. When she allows Dr. Judd (Tom Conway) to kiss her and turns into the cat woman , you wonder why. I think she just wanted to show that she was telling the truth all along. By the end of the movie Oliver knew. A great film worth watching over and over.

Thanks Dave Myers, Bryant,In.

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