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Concept submitted by Mike Adams of Cartaret, New Jeresey.

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THIS PAST WEEKEND'S MOVIE:"CURSE OF THE FACELESS MAN" (1958) A petrified stone man is discovered in ancient volcanic ruins. The explorers who discovered the rock encased body, find there's an ancient evil at work. The thing walks again. Low-budget fun 50's flick! Suggested by John Pasko, Freehold, NJ.

Reviews and thoughts and fun memories:

Saw this one on Creature Feature from WNEW-TV 5, New York when I was about eleven years old. It played a few times on Creature Feature (Saturday night at 8:30) and at least once on their afternoon showcase at Channel 5, Jeepers Creepers. I can remember a miserable rating in my Leonard Maltin, dog-eared paperback. But, I really like it. It plays very much like a mummy movie. You have the reincarnated female love interest that the creature is stalking. It's an almost untoppable monster. Slow, plodding...but it just keeps coming. The movie is also slow and plodding at points...but, there's enough "monster" that kept me interested. Heck, you get to see the monster right off the bat and he dispenses with a truck driver when the movie is only just five minutes in.

Oh, and you have a scientist/historian that reminds me of the Strohmann bread baker from old TV commercials. Both in look and accent.....

Vacation to the Pompeii ruins anyone?

-Ron Adams, Ligonier, PA

It was a dark and stormy night. Shadows danced on the wall. The world mocked me with indifference. I was afraid. Somewhere out there someone was making a movie with lots of computer graphics and overpaid actors and no one would stop them. They would make a lot of money and earn a lot of accolades but the end product would be awful and forgettable and not nearly as endearing as "Plan 9 From Outer Space" even after a hundred viewings.

I tried to put that out of my mind along with a lot of other things I didn't like to think about like "why can't I get a phone call through to the DeSoto factory in Ypsilanti" and "the mysterious and unexplained disappearance of the milkman for oh so many years", and then slipped an old VHS copy of "Curse Of The Faceless Man" into the Matsushita toploader.

A plodding unstoppable monster, a curse, a museum curator with a creepy office which includes what appears to be Vincent Price's head under glass. The most upsetting thing about this movie was seeing one of those Volkswagen Pickup trucks rolled and wrecked. I'd give a kidney for that truck and I've only got one left. And why oh why is it that the authorities (in this case Inspector Renaldi) never believe anyone when they say they've seen a monster?

Note to any law enforcement personnel reading this: if we say we've seen a monster just believe us. We have no reason to lie.
Richard Anderson is in this, and Felix Locher who was in Frankenstein's Daughter. Locher who plays historian Dr Emenuel seems to have a smile on his face during the whole movie. I for one don't blame him. I'd be having the time of my life if someone dug up something that ended up terrorizing the countryside. Lord knows I've tried many times.

This a fun movie in good old black and white and after watching it I wanted to find one of those Redbox machines full of glitzy, CGI movies and smack it with a baseball bat. Wooden, not aluminum. Don't get me started on that.

-M. Oleman, Below Earth's Crust

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