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Concept submitted by Mike Adams of Cartaret, New Jeresey.

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Creepy Classics Spotlight Movie Last Weekend - THE DEVIL BAT (1940)

Every week, readers here are selecting a movie to view...then we all try to watch it together utilizing our DVD/video library. This past Saturday night, many of us watched THE DEVIL BAT (1940). This was suggested by by Kirk Smith, Manito, IL. Details about movie nights to come are HERE. Please include your name and location after your comments, so we can see how we're all joining together from diffeent locals around the globe! Let's all Synch-Up Saturday nights at 7:30PM, or catch it sometime over the weekend!

Probably the most beloved "Povety Row" movie. THE DEVIL BAT still holds fun chills, a Lugosi who is chomping and stomping the scenery, and the craziest bat scenes on the silver scene.

Non-matching footage of a fruit bat, a scene of the prop bat(s) flying out of a window (no wings flapping) that has a bad edit in it...but, is used over and over again anyway! Probably the best they could come up with. A goofy script that involves "shaving lotion" developed by a mad doc (Bela) as a lure for his scientifivally enlarged bats. This whole concept is for his mad plot of revenge for those he feels have wronged him out of his inovative perfume recipes!

You get the feeling that everyone on the project knew it was a slap-dash effort and just relaxed and had a good time making it. These people surely had no clue that this film would be seen over-and-over by legions of movie fans more than half a century later. No clue. You need to appraoch this the same way the actors apparently did....sit back and just have fun with it. Sure it's goofy, but it works outstandingly on its own turf. Screeeeechhhhh. "Goodbyeeeeeee."

Note: PRC re-hashed the same plot with a very slightly different concept in THE FLYING SERPENT a few years later with George Zucco.

-Ron Adams, Ligonier, PA

Just finished watching The Devil Bat for the 1st time, and it was fun! I remember seeing a photo of Lugosi & the title creature many times in FM, great to finally see the whole film! Mr. Lugosi is one of the greatest actors ever, and he is excellent as the heavy in this picture. To complete my weekend of spooky viewing, tomorrow night I'll watch a great film that was released on this day 35 years ago....Jaws!

In closing, keep up the good work, and have a great 2010 Bash!

-Sincerely, David Dodd in Exeter, CA.

Next week this time, hopefully we will all be in the BUTLER did it, PA for the Bash! For now time to watch Bela and THE DEVIL BAT!
I actually own this DVD thanks to the Salvation Army. I found it in Apollo, PA for 25 cents, a double feature with White Zombie. Couldn't pass that up! This will be my second lifetime viewing. On with the show!

Classic opening chord and music. Something creepy is on the way.
Lugosi is playing a guy called Caruthers, an irish name with an hungarian accent!
Kind of pokey at the beginning, watching Bela experiment with the bat. Could have used some music or something.
New shaving lotion! What a cover. Gonna call it Bats in the Belfry?
5000 bonus check! Thats a lot for the 40s!
Rub it on the tender part of yoru neck...I wonder why?
I love the thought voice over, now we no why he is mad and wants revenge.
Great car.
The shot of the bat over the trees isn't bad for this budget.
Comedy relief with a journalist. We need it after that horrifying bat attack!
A violent dislike of perfumes.
That label reads Made in Japan! It was a model of Rodan!
Pretty careless with that gun, he might shoot "one shot!"
The Devil Bat is dead, now Bela is going to be real mad!
This is a fun little programmer, a little slow at times, but not long enough to wear out its welcome. A lot of good dialogue for Bela to wrap that wonderful Hungarian accent around.

See you next week at the next Synch movie...The Thing! Will you be there?

- Ken Blose, Mexico

Hey everybody.

A great Saturday night movie , thank you Kirk Smith. Along with The Ape Man I think this is one of the best of Bela's Poverty Row films. Another example of "so bad its good". Where to start: : How about the lab, more hidden doors than the opening of Get Smart and they never explain how all the lights going on and off makes the bat grow in size. Carruthers almost spilling the beans to Morton that he is the killer then looking sheepishly away like a little kid who did something wrong. And whats with the bat itself, I didn't know bats yell before they attacked. And last but not least is the reporter Layden and his bumbling side kick "One-Shot " McGurie. I don't know what is more unbelievable that they work for a major newspaper or that someone like Maxine the maid would be attractive to a boob like McGurie. And how about Layden's shooting the first bat and somehow not hitting McGurie. Could go on and on.

But who cares, this movie brought me back to when I first saw it on a Saturday afternoon on WWOR-NYC during a Mets rain delay and loved every bit of it. And who could forget Dave O'Brien as the dope fiend from Refer Madness " faster, play faster".Bela was never more sinister with such lines as " put it on the tender part of your neck " and when ever his next victim would tell him so long he would always respond "Good By" with a little smirk on his face. But the best line was said when Carruthers, Layden and Mary Heath was sitting around the table talking about the murders and Layden's disbelief that it was an animal that did the attack because no sounds were made. And Mary chimes in with "except for that awful screaming" What!

Everybody have a good time at Monster Bash and we'll talk next week about The Thing.

Bob Swaney
Manalapan, NJ

Not only is The Devil Bat my favorite PRC film, but it's one of my favorite Bela Lugosi films as well. It's a fun story with some enjoyable characters. It has all the qualities of a poverty row funfest. Jean Yarbrough is once again at the helm directing some of PRC's finest ensemble players. Bela of course breathes the most life into this. However, he is ably assisted by Dave O'Brien as our heroic wisecracking reporter Johnny Layton, and Donald Kerr as his faithful sidekick photographer One Shot McGuire. Along for the ride is the  familiar face of Suzanne Kaaren as  our damsel in distress. The best guest appearance is made by Arthur Q. Bryan (The voice of Elmer Fudd) as Joe McGinty, the frustrated boss of  Layton and One Shot. What really makes this movie for me are some of the lines.

Joe McGinty: "they make all that goo that the women put all over their faces so they don't have wash their faces with soap and water"
and this little exchange

One Shot:  "Coulda been one of  those African Leopard Men? They use steel claws!"

Chief: "This isn't Africa!"

One Shot: "OK Chief I was just tryin ta help"  

and of favorite

One Shot: " Now here's the idea hang on to the bat until I get my camera set. When I raise my hand you give the bat a good shove and it'll swing out like it's flyin. Then I  can get a swell picture for my boss...ya get it?"

Maxine:   "Oui, I am wise no?"

One Shot:  "No" ( Maxine frowns)

That's the tone of this film throughout. There's a light atmosphere that doesn't take the preposterous plot too seriously. The actors are all rather spirited and do a great job.
I remember this movie being played frequently by our local station WOR on Saturday at 5:00 AM. I usually woke up in time to catch the last 20 minutes. It was a pleasure  to finally watch the whole thing when it was released on VHS back in the 80's. I'll leave you with Lugosi's finest line in the movie:

 "Imbecile! Bombastic ignoramus!"

Until next week when we all gather for the superior "The Thing From Another World". Hope to see as many of you at the Bash as possible!

Have a safe trip!
Michael Adams

Hi Ron,
“The Devil Bat” Wooweee! Where do I begin? Probably shorter if I just stick to my feelings about the film rather than hashing through the plot, etc.

The film is fun. Almost absurd at times, but fun nonetheless. If you forgive that Carruthers is an odd name for a Hungarian you can just about forgive everything throughout. It’s not a “check your brain at the door” type of film, but a healthy ability to suspend your disbelief helps (like when the investigative reporters get their jobs back after pulling an unforgiveable stunt just to have something to send back to the editor).

. So butter the popcorn, dim the lights, sit back, and have fun!

Here are my thoughts and observations on The Devil Bat.

1. The film goes out of it's way to tell you that "all Heathville loved Paul Carruthers, their kindly village doctor". From the onset
of the film, it's pretty obvious he has a great deal of contempt for everyone around him.
2. Where does he get the bats? How come nobody notices the huge bat flying in and out of an attic window? How does the
huge bat get through the small window?
3. Part of the fun of watching a Bela Lugosi film is listening for lines that give his accent a workout. The first one I noticed
happened when he noticed the growth of the bat. It became large due to the "glandular stimulation through electrical
4. When he has his goggles on, he looks like an Eastern European Buck Rogers.
5. The first victim of the bat. Paul Carruthers wants him to put on the lotion. He tells him to "rub it on the tender part of your
neck". As he's talking to the first victim, Carruthers uses so many malvolently evil pauses in his statements that a convoy
of trucks could go through them. The clincher occurred as the victim said good night to the doctor. The doctor said "Good-
bye, Roy" putting an accent on every letter. Conclusion: In the context of the film, the first victim deserved to die just by
being stunningly clueless.
6. The newspaper editor is Arthur Q. Bryan voice of Elmer Fudd in the Warner Brothers cartoons. The reporter is Dave
O'Brien who starred earlier in his career in the notorious Reefer Madness.
7. Another example of Bela Lugosi's vocal workout routines occurs when he is listening to a scientist on the radio. The
scientist has a theory as to the existence of the large bat. Bela Lugosi calls the scientist a "bombastic ignoramus". That
line reading alone makes this film memorable to me.
8. With all his victims, Paul Carruthers keeps giving himself away. He keeps asking people to put shaving lotion on at night.
He keeps saying to put it on the "tender part of the neck". The way he said "tender", he might just as well have said
"juicy". The way he says good-bye, he might as well have said "I'll kill ya later".
9. Towards the end of the movie, why did he have the bat in the trunk of his car? Wouldn't the sound of a giant bat flopping
around in the trunk have given him away? What if he got pulled over for speeding?

Out of all the poverty row films Bela Lugosi made, this is my favorite. He seems to be having fun. I believe that he was an intelligent enough actor to realize when a role called for scenery chewing. It's a testament to his ability that if another actor were put into that role, that The Devil Bat wouldn't even register a blip on the radar of horror movies.
Kirk Smith
Manito, Illinois

Hey Everybody, By the time you (all of us) read my review for this cheesy PRC gem directed by the great economical director Jean Yarborough which clocks in at a nice, quick 69 minutes we all would have experienced and enjoyed Monster Bash 2010!!---and then SADLY the show will be over and we will be back safely in our home surroundings----looking forward to Vampire Bash 2011!!---

Anyway, on to the movie at task, folks!-- Watching this ultra low-budget movie with an open mind and realizing what these people had to work with (the lack of funds, the cheap sets and the lousy props) IT AMAZES ME HOW ENTERTAINING THIS FILM IS!-- Say what you want about this film`s weaknesses and flaws, but this film still manages to hold up upon repeated viewings (I WATCHED IT TWICE!) ---no doubt largely to the star power of Bela Lugosi himself, who really is quite wonderful in his role here as the revenge-crazed doctor/scientist Dr. Paul Carruthers, who because he is taken advantage of by his big business associates (they want to sell and mass market his perfume/cologne) he goes off the "deep end" and swears to himself to take revenge upon them (by killing them with his giant bat{s}) All goes well for our resident mad cologne manufacturer until Johnny Layton comes on the case! (potrayed wonderfully by Dave O` Brien)- In the meantime, our mad doctor has proceeded to wipe out a good part of the Heath and Morton families and is now aiming his evil sights on Mary Heath! (potrayed nicely by Suzanne Kaaren) Eventually our good man Johnny puts two and two together and figures out who is behind these dastardly, gruesome murders......But will he stop our villian before he strikes again??!!

Watch (and/or buy this film from Creepy Classics) to find out, folks!!!! My Rating for "The Devil Bat" (1940) : 2/5 stars. By the way fellow film fiends, here`s a few more bits of trivia on this film for you: 1) This film is also known under the title of "Killer Bats" (The VHS copy I own of this film has this title on it! - released under the "Goodtimes" Home Video Label in 1985!) - The Video Cover Box is a BRIGHT RED! (Heh! Heh! -Ironic, Isn`t It?!) 2) Jean Yarborough, who directed this film on a shoestring budget, also was behind the camera for "She Wolf Of London" "House Of Horrors" and "The Brute Man" {all 1946 films- with the last two starring the late Rondo Hatton) He also directed the Lon Chaney Jr. schlockfest "Hillbillys In A Haunted House" (1967) 3) actor Dave O` Brien, who plays our resident hero Johnny Layton, also starred again with Bela Lugosi in the Bowery Boys vehicle "Spooks Run Wild" (1941) 4) Lastly, actress Suzanne Kaaren, who provides nice window dressing for the fans of this cheap-jack production also had a nice, meaty role in the Curly Three Stooges short "What`s The Matador?" (1942) playing the character of Dolores Sanchez! (this Stooges short featured our gang as bullfighters,I believe!)

So until next time, when we convene once again as ONE MONSTER NATION,HEMISPHERE AND WORLD to watch, analyze and review "THE THING (FROM ANOTHER WORLD)" {1951} "LIVE" from Monster Bash 2010 - THE DRIVE-IN SATURDAY NIGHT MOVIE!- I bid all of my fellow monster buddies a "very good E-V-E-N-I-N-G!!! ----Dan Brenneis- Monster Bash Staff Member And LifeTime FilmFan Extroadinairre.

You can get the DVD of THE DEVIL BAT (1940) in the Complete DVD Catalog in-line at Creepy Classics.


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