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Concept submitted by Mike Adams of Carteret, New Jersey.

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Horror Hotel (1960)

Your thoughts on HORROR HOTEL (1960)? e-mail your comments!

I've had a real fondness for this movie. I believe the first time I saw it was near Halloween on "Jeeepers Creepers" coming out of New York on Channel 5 at noontime on a Saturday. I did also see it on 5's "Creature Feature" at 8:30PM one Saturday.

It's a real creepy, creepy movie with atmosphere so thick you have to cut it with a long sword.

The scene that always gets me is when the young woman is speaking with the warlock-hitchhiker in her car. She turns to say something and he is just gone. No noise, no nothing...just gone. Wow.

The hitchiker is Valentine Dyall who was also in, at least, two ther GREAT supernatural movies: THE HAUNTING (1963) and THE GHOST OF RASHMON HALL (1947).

Love this little film. As an adult I can hear many of the Britsh actors trying to do an American accent. Interesting.

-Ron Adams, Ligonier, PA

This has been a favorite of mine since I first saw it on Pittsburgh's Chiller Theatre as a teenager.  As I write this I am watching the British version (City of the Dead) on DVD.  The main difference from the U.S. version seems to be that Elizabeth Selwyn shrieks out a longer curse at the beginning while she is being burned at the stake.  Okay, so no witches were actually burned at the stake during the witchcraft hysteria of 1692.  The "American" accents are all over the map. And there does seem to be a lot of London fog in Massachusetts!  

On the plus side, it's dripping with the sort of atmosphere you just can't achieve in Technicolor. It does not feel "dated" because the Village of Whitewood clearly exists outside of time. It's not too long; with some trimming it could have been a dandy episode of Boris Karloff's Thriller.  But I have trouble buying the climax...(spoiler)...a guy with a knife in his back carrying a heavy stone cross? It's a great image, but really?

I want to single out Valentine Dyall as the head warlock, Jethro Keane.  He had a superbly sinister voice. 

Mark Ditoro
Moon Township, PA

Hey Bash Synchers!

A beautiful blond girls travels by herself and ends up at a mysterious hotel. After getting to know her and her situation, she is surprisingly killed at knife point early in the movie. A couple, unrelated to each other, go searching for her and get in trouble. After dispatching of the killers, they find the main one was a decomposed dead person. Does this sound familiar???

I remember seeing Horror Hotel when I was kid and its atmosphere spooked me. In this, only my second lifetime viewing, I was struck by what it really is, a homage, copy, rip off, however you want to see it, of Hitchcock's PSYCHO, just with witches instead mental illness as its central theme. It moves along quick and has atmosphere to spare, and is successful at delivering the chills, but at the same time it is obvious they were trying to cash in on the success of that 1960 classic, with which, quality wise, it cannot compare.

It was fun seeing Christopher Lee in this movie. I couldn't figure out if he was using his accent or trying out an American one, it didn't seem English enough to be his real accent, but it wasn't quite American either, or am I crazy?

See you for Man Made Monster!

San Luis

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