Every weekend we're watching movies together...whether you're in Pennsylvania USA, or Sydney Australia. It's a throwback! Back to the days when you had the anticipation for waiting till the weekend to see the classic horror or science fiction film that was listed in the TV Guide. The plan is to watch a movie at 7:30PM on Saturday night in your own time zone. Or, if you can't Saturday night...anytime during the weekend. Then, we'll all get together and e-mail our thoughts on the film...a few paragraphs...or simply a sentence if you'd like. They after-viewing reviews appear first on our Creepy Classics/Monster Bash News Page. See the latest thoughts posted by viewers ther now.

Concept submitted by Mike Adams of Cartaret, New Jeresey.

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MOVIE OF THE WEEK: Saturday October 6, 2012 - MOVIE - Science Fiction "INVISIBLE INVADERS" (1959). John Carradine and a host of atomic walking dead! Incredibly fun 50's Sci-Fi. It's Saturday afternoon fodder for us fans. There's quite a connection in plot and look with NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD which shambled along nine years later.Suggested by Chuck Thiel, Michigan.

A fun, low budget film where you get to see John Agar riding around on op of a vehicle shooting audio waves from a "real science" invention to kill zombies that were activated by invaders from outer space. This is entertainment. Look for some glimpses of the monster suit from IT! THE TERROR FROM BEYOND SPACE. You can really see some early influence for NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD with the shambling corpses. Add this film, plus LAST MAN ON EARTH (1964) and you can see a lot of NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD there.

-Ron Adams, Ligonier, PA

The Invisible Invaders is my personal favorite 50's film next to The Blob.
John Agar, lovely Jean Byron, Phillip Tonge and Robert Hutton are four
people fighting an invasion from the moon of invisible beings who take over dead bodies in an
attempt to take over the Earth.

There are a lot of elements from Night of The Living Dead and I love
the walking zombies and how some of their eyes look so black!!
This is top notch sci-fi and I love it!! Highly Recommended!!

Kevin Coon
-Twin Falls, ID

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