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Concept submitted by Mike Adams of Cartaret, New Jeresey.

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THIS LAST SATURDAY'S MOVIE:"IT! THE TERROR FROM BEYOND SPACE" (1958) A spaceship crew isolated in space with an alien aboard. A huge lizard man (Ray "Crash" Corrigan) rips through metal hatches and stalks the crew. Horrifying and claustrophobic with Marshall Thompson. Watch out! Watch the air ducts...there IT is! Suggested by David Peel, Wichita, KS.

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Watched this with my father over the weekend. While this movie is not profound or high budget, it's one of my all time favorites. A science fiction monster film hat is fun, fun, fun! My generation has always seen this as an obvious template for the 1980s film ALIEN (along with PLANET OF THE VAMPIRES). However, my dad made a different connection. He hadn't seen ALEIN (to my knowledge), but drew from this movie being inspired by THE THING (1951). I had never thought of that. But, he said it reminded him of the arctic isolation in that military fascility in THE THING (1951) where the creature was inside (or just outside) and breaking down barriers to get to the crew as a food source. I had never thought of that...but that major element is exactly the same.

Love this fun rubber-suited movie with the Pail Blaisdell suit and Ray "Crash" Corrigan (an old Hollywood ape-man) as IT. Bob Burns at a Monster Bash conference noted that if you look at the shadow when you first see the monsters image in the movie....Corrigan was not wearing the head piece of the suit. You can distincly see the shadow of a normal man's head for the monster. Saw that again this viewing. Bob was on the set with friend Paul Blaisdell assisting during the filming.

Also, I beileve there are a few subliminal IT! images thrown in through the film. One of a few frame flashes. They're more obvious on the trailer, if you've seen that.

-Ron Adams, Ligonier, PA

Hi Ron,

Great flick, scary atmosphere, the crew slowly being killed off, we all know 'Alien' was based on this great old
sci/fi flick, great classic cast too! -Jay50stmonstakid

Above: Two busts custom painted by fan David Peel. ALLIGATOR PEOPLE and IT! THE TERROR FROM BEYOND SPACE.

A timeless horror flick space style!one of my favorites of the late 50s!loved the man in the monster suit ray (crash) corrigan but blaisdell could have done better!the stow away creature is still amazing I remember it very well the first time I saw it in the late50s! I am enclosing the bust headshot photo I have!note that the original suit was red and not green as the lobby card suggests!

David Peel, Wichita, KS


I love the old silver needle space ships, this is what Sci-Fi is supposed
to look like! It’s like a cover from Amazing Stories come to life. The
inside of the ship is great too, part of it looks like the basement in my
grandparents house filled with strange objects that appear to have been
useful for something but who knows what. It appears to be decorated in
early auto parts. And look at all the space they have! High ceilings,
plenty of room to lounge about with your coffee and cigarette, they could
probably bring in a ping pong table if they wanted… in fact wasn’t there
one down there in the basement when the guy was fighting the monster with
the torch. I wonder if the original Mercury astronauts had watched films
like this and then were bummed out when they discovered they were going
into space in something smaller than a port-a-potty.

I love the doors with wire mesh on them…what do you suppose that is for?
In one scene we noticed everyone drinking coffee which wasn’t floating
into space, while they sat around large wooden tables, that also were not
floating not to mention weighing a ton but I guess that was not an issue
in space travel in those days and everyone was smoking which for some
reason wasn’t causing a massive explosion!

I like the “goth” make up that people who have encountered IT seem to have
all over their faces. Oh yeah, and shooting off guns inside the space
ship, I have to believe that’s not regulation procedure.
“Uh-oh they’ve got a bad case of the IT” said my son Jamie while we
watched this. I like the classic sci-fi/horror trick on not showing the
monster completely in it’s first couple of passes. Oh yeah, and using
hand grenades on the space ship? And pistols? Why not laser guns? It’s
interesting – the story is based on the idea that we’re going to Mars but
we’re still strapping on the old Colt 45. It’s interesting too that they
try to explain the science even though it’s so far-fetched. For example
the one guy explains why the monster would be draining all the liquid from
the victims as if it’s the most normal thing you could imagine. Oh yeah,
Mars is a dry planet I guess they all really need a good stiff drink. Oh
yeah, and did I mention that they really smoke a lot of cigarettes?
But I still enjoy the film!

Like most good science fiction, it’s more about the human drama than the
space ships and monsters. The plot employs the old “Ten Little Indians”
theme of a group of people who begin to be killed off one by one while the
others try to figure out what or who is causing it and who will be next to
go? The story could take place on a space ship or in an old dark house.
I enjoy a good story and when watching films of this era I’m always
interested in various story elements and what they tell us about the
film-makers and their audience. Notice the women serve the men food in
the scenes when they’re eating even though they seem to be of equal rank. 
Of course the better looking woman has to fall in love with one of the
male characters. Some time it would funny to see one of these films
where the attractive woman says “No thanks, I’d rather be with someone who
could have figured out that we could drain the oxygen and kill the monster
thirty minutes earlier in the film!” Films that came from the early days
of the Atomic age seem to either show great faith in the military and
technology to defeat anything or be very cynical about heavy weapons and
the people who wield them. But what we have here is just plain old fun in
space. The basic plot is solid enough and things move along quickly. 
It’s a perfect Saturday afternoon movie.

-Kevin Slick Louisville, CO

I always enjoy viewing this one! It moves a fast pace and the monster outfit on Ray Corrigan was pretty eerie when viewed in silhouette or hidden in the shadows. Marshall Thompson was always a likable hero in these kind of movies. In my opinion one of the best horror/sci-fiers of the 50s.

-Justin Thompson
Waterloo, Iowa


Thanks, RON! Atleast I know, thank you. I was watching "IT! Terror From Beyond Space" this afternoon, too, after "Dragnet" episode on Antenna TV, I love that movie & watch it about twice a year on "video"/vhs. That's the coolest-looking monster of the 1950s! IT was made into one of the 7 classic "Palmer" plastic Monster figures in the early 1960s! We had those, all the classic monsters came in a bag that had the monsters' images printed on the bag & there wasa the Glenn Strange Frankenstein, Creature, dracula, werewolf(the Steven Ritch version, wearing a coat- the 1st one my older, late brother gave me when he got these monsters as a Christmas gift), King KONG, GORGO, CYCLOPS _& yes, even "IT! The TERROR From Beyond Space"! I re-bought 4 of these from John of "Time Tunnel" in Chicago(on N. Milwaukee Ave)! I-ROCK! David ROCK Nelson- "Monster" movie-maker, actor, former Marine Corporal("OO-Rah"), etc, etc. I'll try to get to the Bash picnic the 1st day of "Monster BASH" on Fri. June 22nd w/Yarbers, that should be fun -& "Free" hotdogs, "Goooood".

-David "The Rock" Nelson, Des Plaines, IL

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