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Concept submitted by Mike Adams of Cartaret, New Jeresey.

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MOVIE OF THE WEEK: Saturday October 13, 2012 - MOVIE - Melodrama "THE MUMMY'S HAND" (1940). As much as THE MUMMY with Karloff is classy and the Chaney mummy movies are loads of fun, this one is my favorite. Lots of action and Tom Tyler is really scary as the Mummy. The effects crew has his eyes "glowing black" in this one and it gave me the "jeepers creepers" as a kid. The cast is wonderful -- Dick Foran, Wally Ford and all the others are very believable and likable. Suggested by Dave Myers, Bryant, IN.

This is my favorite mummy movie. Karloff's is creepy, but not enough mummy for me. Chaney rocks....but, Tom Ty;er's Kharis in THE MUMMY'S HAND did it best for me. Those creepy blacked-out eyes! Yeeeeshhh. Plus, a very likable cast all the way around. And, it really movies with never a dull moment. From beginning to end, this is my favorite mummy movie.

-Ron Adams - Ligonier, PA

Hi ron,

Dick Foran and Wallace Ford worked well together in this always
the b/w gives it that creepy atmosphere, the glowing black eyes were kind of a
first, as Karloff's in the original 'Mummy' just looked deep and I like the way Foran (Manning)knocks over the little tea pot of tannis leaves,
sending the creature into a panic, grand old style flick.


Jay " J50smonstakid(:" Maggio, Kingsman, AZ

THE MUMMY'S HAND - My favorite of all the Kharis' movies with THE MUMMY'S GHOST coming
in a close second, despite the abrasive and objectionable "hero".
This whole movie is FUN, with likable players, a cool monster, comedy
relief that is not annoying (although Wallace Ford comes close at
times) and unlike the original 1932 film, this one moves.

Dick Foran and Wallace Ford (who work well together) joins forces
with the Solvanis (the delightful Cecil Kellaway and the adorable
Peggy Moran) to find the tomb of Princess Ananka, but wherever George
Zucco is around, trouble will be sure to follow and does it ever as
the tana leaves (introduced for the first time) are brewed to give
Kharis his get up and go. Several players are dispatched before
Kharis is taken care of in the frankly exciting climax.

Donna and I have watched this a lot, especially around Halloween as
it's the season for "creakies" and think Tom Tyler does a great job as
the Mummy and is scarier than Lon Chaney Jr (who, I'm told, HATED
playing this role and probably would have been happier if Tyler had
done it for the duraton)-his black eyes in the close ups are
frightening as is his shambling walk. I''ve read he had arthritis and
this may account for that.
Great movie and a great choice! ****

Steve Schimming
Sanbornton, NH

Hey Ron, The Mummy"s Hand has always been a favorite of mine.

I like all of the Kharis mummy movies but this is the most entertaining of them all. Tom Tyler as the Mummy does a great job with the help of another great Jack Pierce make-up. It's too bad that this is the only monster movie that he was in that I know of. The rest of the cast do a great job .Dick Foran & Peggy Moran work well together just like they did in "Horror Island." Wallace Ford supplies the comic relief and there is never a dull moment .Of course there is George Zucco doing what he does best as the High Priest. I especially like the fact that this is the only Kharis movie that takes place in Egypt the whole time.

The Kharis movies may not rank up there with the Frankenstein, Dracula & Wolf Man movies but they are a fun series of movies to watch.

On another note: with the passing of Turhan Bey, we think about all these old movies we watched as a kid and continue to watch today. There are not many of these old stars left anymore but as we watched them perform these roles we almost feel like we knew them. I thought he was great as the High priest in "The Mummy's Tomb." To me as a monster fan his passing is kind of like losing an old friend!

-Dave Myers, Bryant, In.

THE MUMMY'S HAND may not be one of the great Universal horror films but it
surely is one of the most fun.

I love the rat-a-tat pace of this film. It just hums along from one sequence to
the next.

Usually in a horror movie, I get impatient with the exposition and can't wait
until we get to the "good stuff". But Dick Foran and Wallace Ford are so
likable that I don't mind following their exploits in the opening reels.

And, wow, Peggy Moran sure was a cutie!

I also like the lean, mean look of Tom Tyler as Kharis. It's a pity that
Universal didn't bring him back for a few more horror roles.

I love the scene in which George Zucco explains to Professor Petrie how Kharis
has been kept alive all these years and then sits back to watch while the
reanimated mummy strangles the unsuspecting professor to death. Vintage

This film has an interesting variation on the tana leave mythology too—if given
12 leaves, Kharis turns into an uncontrollable monster! I don't recall that
being mentioned in any of the other sequels.

Until I watched the film again a few years ago, I had forgotten that great
visual showing Kharis with the blacked out eyes. Creepy.

I really love those music cues. I think they were written for SON OF
FRANKENSTIEN yet somehow they suit the Hills of the Seven Jackals quite nicely.

The film utilizes some wonderful sets too. These were obviously borrowed from
some other production but they really add pizazz to what was little more than a
low budget B movie.

THE MUMMY'S HAND is one of my go-to Saturday afternoon movies. I'd gladly spend
time with Steve, Babe and Poopsie any chance I get.

-Steven Thirnton


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