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Concept submitted by Mike Adams of Carteret, New Jersey.

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Plan Nine From Outer Space Reviews From the Creepy Classics Movie Night

As we all know, watching a lot of films in the genre, this is not "The Worst Movie of All-Time" as billed almost everywhere. It won a Golden Turkey Award and well, that's probanly deserved. But, it's not the worst. It's low budget, the acting is rough...but, probably due to a lot of "one takes." The dialogue is pure Ed Wood...non-sensical mish-mash, most of the time.

But you have to love this film. It's never boring. The lines are so outrageous, it keeps you thorougly entertained. Plus, you have a Bela Lugosi in his next to his last movie. THE BLACK SLEEP was really his last, though it was released before this film. Tor Johnson has a lot of lines as the police inspector, turned zombie. Vampira looks like an early experiment in CGI with a waistline that seems inhuman (ouch!) looks as though she has a 14 inch waistline! Conrad Brooks is in the police department....and the aliens....oh, and Criswell predicting at the open and close of the film - "The future is where we will spend the rest of our lives."

I must say this is one low, low, low budget film - but is highly enjoyable.

-Ron Adams, Ligonier, PA

I hope everyone enjoyed the return of the Creepy Classics sync-up and my suggestion, Plan Nine From Outer Space. Obviously not the worst movie of all time but perhaps among the most stupid (x3).

Growing up in NYC I was able to see the classic graveyard image of Vampira during the opening credits for Chiller Theater every week. I've always thought PNFOS was a compact, reasonably believable script (Ok, using the word "there" three times in one sentence meaning three different things won't win a Pulitzer) supported by actors doing the best they could with minimal set design and special effects support.

It's a lovable movie, sort of like Charlie Brown's prized Christmas tree.

Lers Zuckerman
Cherry Hill, NJ

Hey Bash Synchers!

Stupid, stupid, stupid!

Just one of the many great lines in this comedy classic. Sincere and total ineptitude adds up to absolutely hilarious entertainment. Most movies TRYING to generate laughs don´t deliver like Plan 9 does. Ed Wood had some sort of hidden talent. He tried to make a serious sci-fi, but a comedy came out instead. I am glad he didn´t try comedy, it would certainly have been quite depressing. We must remember, this movie was produced, and someone was responsible. I hope Ed knows his goal was met, and he made a movie that is a classic, one for the ages, right up there with Chaplin, Keaton and the other greats of comic cinema.

Ken Blose
San Luis Mexico

Hi Ron...well I survived the aliens terrifying Plan 9 this weekend!Pesky aliens.....what a fun movie and it really isn't the worst film ever.

For me, I truly admire Ed Wood, cause here's someone who had a dream and never gave up on it...and under different conditions, who knows what he could've done. And besides isn't the true measure of a film is how popular it is?.. It's a shame he died so young...he would've made a 'fantastic' guest at Monster Bash!!

-Malcolm Gittins, Pittsburgh, PA

I went to my barber a few years ago and asked him to give me a Criswell. I tried to explain the low part on the right side with the swoopover and the curls on the left, but he just blinked at me then gave me a crewcut. I almost didn't tip him then I purloined a 1972 copy of "Canoe Monthly" from his pile of magazines when he wasn't looking just to get even.

Plan 9 has Criswell and Conrad and Kelton the Cop. And Tor and Vampira and Bela.and Dudley. How could anyone not like this movie? And the dialogue sticks in your head. Once when I asked why the men's room at Gimbels was closed the attendant yelled at me, "Because all you of earth are idiots!" I immediately countered, "Now you just hold on, Buster" doing my best Jeff Trent as I tried to defend the intelligence of all earthlings even though, frankly, a lot of us are idiots.

And who among us can honestly say they haven't been muzzled by Army brass or been the one in your group who always got the spook details?

I can only leave you with the words of Criswell and hope you heed them:

"My friends, you have seen this incident, based on sworn testimony. Can you prove that it didn't happen?"

-M.Oleman, Earth Center

I think calling the film "the worst movie ever made" set the bar too high. When I first saw it I was in no way laughing all the way through. Okay an occasional chuckle, but not the howl-fest I was told to expect! As a matter of fact, I was bored. It was a dreary poorly paced sci-fi film.

Lugosi, in the short scenes he was in, is simply sad. And why shouldn't he be? He plays a man who just lost his wife! So as per usual, Bela gave a fine performance with what he was given to do. The shots of him in his Dracula outfit in broad daylight only made sense in the context of the film not being a vampire film (as I understand it, Wood filmed those scenes for a script called "The Vampire's Tomb" which was scuttled when Lugosi passed away).

The rest of the films famous goofs are here and gone... night in one scene, daylight in the cutaway; the using of a pistol to scratch one's head; Tor Johnson attempting dialog... all come and go so fast you end up with, again, an overly talky sci-fi film with little sci-fi. Oh forgot, the wobbling spacecraft. Yes those do get a chuckle.

In repeated viewings I have not noticed anything else noteworthy that would change my initial opinion of the film. It is not the 'worst movie ever made', it's simply a bad movie. Not even funny. You want 'funny bad'? Watch "Robot Monster"!


Paul Tait


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