Every weekend we're watching movies together...whether you're in Pennsylvania USA, or Sydney Australia. It's a throwback! Back to the days when you had the anticipation for waiting till the weekend to see the classic horror or science fiction film that was listed in the TV Guide. The plan is to watch a movie at 7:30PM on Saturday night in your own time zone. Or, if you can't Saturday night...anytime during the weekend. Then, we'll all get together and e-mail our thoughts on the film...a few paragraphs...or simply a sentence if you'd like. They after-viewing reviews appear first on our Creepy Classics/Monster Bash News Page. See the latest thoughts posted by viewers ther now.

Concept submitted by Mike Adams of Cartaret, New Jeresey.

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CREEPY CLASSICS MOVIE OF THE WEEK: Saturday August 25, 2012 - MOVIE - Science Fiction "QUATERMASS AND THE PIT" (1967). Known to Americans as FIVE MILLION YEARS TO EARTH. Alien bugs in this Quatermass story. Third in the series. The first was THE QUARTERMASS EXPERIMENT (THE CREEPING UNKNOWN). There's a very cosmic background to these ancient invaders that are unearthed below London's subway system and there's still a spark of life waiting to explode upon civilization. Alien pests the toughest to get rid of once you got 'em. Suggested by Dan DeSouza - Los Angeles, CA.

Hey Bash Synchers,

When I was a little kid in San Antonio Texas, 5 - 6 years old, my family would go see movies at the Fort Sam Houston base theater. One of my earliest memories are the titles for this movie. The skull scared me so much I closed my eyes and slept through the whole movie.

Later on as I grew older, I saw the whole movie, and thought it boring and incomprhensible.

Now, seeing it as an adult, I find it interesting, intelligent and it is quite good. I guess that means it was an adult Sci Fi film. My only problem with it are the special effects. This is one film that could use a devoted fan to redo the effects scenes, especially that dream sequence with the plastic grasshoppers. Other than that, a fine film.

Next up, the Blob! Beware!


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