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Concept submitted by Mike Adams of Cartaret, New Jeresey.

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Saturday April 27, 2013 - MOVIE - Fantasy "SHE" (1935) Starring Randolph Scott, Helen Mack and Nigel Bruce  The story of adventurers that find a hidden land where an evil woman ruler (SHE) commands a real Fountain of Youth. She is "She who must be obeyed!" Randolph Scott, the lovely Helen Mack (SON OF KONG) and Nigel Bruce (Dr. Watson from the classic Sherlock Holmes movies) are the protagonists. A great fantasy with feeling and magic. Suggested by Kevin Slick, Louisville, CO.

Reviews of SHE (1935):

I first saw this story in the later version with Ursula Andres and Peter
Cushing a long time ago. I like this earlier version much better, perhaps
it's the black and white which is more mysterious to me. Helen Mack is
plenty plucky and Randolph Scott is top notch as the good guy with the
chiseled features. I love the art deco sets and overall look of the film.
The various dance scenes are a little over the top I wonder if an aspiring
Martha Graham might have choreographed these scenes. The gigantic sets
look great and over all the special effects work well.

When She makes her
entrance through the smoking door it's brilliant. It's interesting to
think that when this story was originally published it was still in the
era of exploration when the idea that there might be unknown lands in the
remote reaches of the earth were not that strange.

For a Saturday
afternoon matinee film there's a lot going on, the idea of immortality,
the choice of life with all it's joys and sorrows and eventual death over
never ending life is played out with some depth and real emotion from the
characters. This story excited my imagination as a kid when I first saw
it and it's still a fascinating story to consider and a beautiful film to

-Kevin Slick Louisville, CO

SHE is one of those movies that I never actually got to see until I was an adult. I love it. Beautiful, magical sets....warm acting and I thought Nigel Bruce was particullary good. It was great to see him in a role outside of Dr, Watson from the Rathbone Sherlock Holmes series.

This film is a fantasy adventure of the highest degree with everything. Helen Mack is also wonderful in this. You may know her better from SON OF KONG (1933).

I better give this a "thumbs up" or suffer the wrath of "She Who Must Be Obeyed!"

BTW - The colorized version, overseen by Ray Harryhausen, is gorgeous.

-Ron Adams, Ligonier, PA

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