Every weekend we're watching movies together...whether you're in Pennsylvania USA, or Sydney Australia. It's a throwback! Back to the days when you had the anticipation for waiting till the weekend to see the classic horror or science fiction film that was listed in the TV Guide. The plan is to watch a movie at 7:30PM on Saturday night in your own time zone. Or, if you can't Saturday night...anytime during the weekend. Then, we'll all get together and e-mail our thoughts on the film...a few paragraphs...or simply a sentence if you'd like. They after-viewing reviews appear on our Creepy Classics/Monster Bash News Page. See the latest thoughts posted by viewers ther now.

Concept submitted by Mike Adams of Cartaret, New Jeresey.

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THIS LAST SATURDAY'S MOVIE: "SON OF FRANKENSTEIN" (1939) Karloff in the role of the Universal Classic monster for the last time in a feature film from Universal. Lugosi shines as Ygor. Rathbone & Atwill take turns chewing the scenery. What sheer entertainment! Lush expressionistic sets and bold direction makes for a great movie. Suggested by Ron Adams, Ligonier, PA.

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Reviews for SON OF FRANKENSTEIN (1939):

Above: Basil Rathbone and Josephine Hutchinson at the table with little Donnie Dunagan and nanny on the balcony. The visual sets and lighting are eye-popping.

A real monster show! This came out after a few years of Hollywood pulling back on horror movies. 1937 and 1938 almost no fantastic films were realeased with only a few exceptions. But, Universal brough horror moves back as big box office with the release of SON OF FRANKENSTEIN in 1939! And what a show. Beautiful sets, great actors, Karloff back as the monster and the surprise runaway charachter of Ygor by Bela Lugosi. He is so "Ygor" you donlt even thon that THIS is Bela Lugosi through the ilm. Nott only because of the make-up, but of the dynamic performance.

My favorite "Scare Scene" is when Kaloff swings from a tree a grabs one of his victim from a horse and carriage. It shocking and brutal. Ygor's really got control of the monster and he is a monster in this.

A visual nightmare of a castle and film. Not to be missed.

-Ron Adams, Ligonier, PA

Dont know if Iliked the 'furry' chest on Karloff,
I prefer the black/jacket scoop neck look, but it has the irrisistible b/w charm that makes the classics so enjoyable,
and Atwill sticking those darts in his arm...grand.

- Jay Maggio, Kingsman, AZ

Above: Karloff and Lugosi in SON OF FRANKENSTEIN.

Hi ron, would you agree on the following 1) Karloff had menace, charisma, natural talent, so proffesional made it look so easy. 2) Lugosi great but a bit wooden in some films. 3) black cat, raven, strange door, body snatcher, and of course, old dark house, are up there with the frankenstein movies.

P.S. I've all the Monster Bash magazines.

Thanks for reading.

Mervyn Percy, Randalstown, UK 

Mervyn, Boris did seem so natural is SON OF FRANKENSTEIN and everything he did. Not sure if I agree with you about Bela being wooden. Too me he seemed rather flamboyant in many roles. Just look at him in THE RAVEN (1935) -wowza! -Ron


David ROCK Nelson Speaks Today(3-13-12) on 2 of his Top-5 fave Frankenstein movies; "SON of Frankenstein" & Horror Host SvenGoolie is showing it's sequel "Ghost of Frankenstein" this Sat. nite at 9:00 pm CST(10 pm ET, 7 pm PT) on "ME TV Network"! Funny how, while "Monster BASH" Fiends(Friends) were watching "SON of Frankenstein" that our "Fiend", Horror Host "SvenGOOLie" showed a preview of his movie for Next Sat., none other than the "sequel" to "SON of Frankenstein", "GHOST of Frankenstein"! This past Sat. SvenGoolie showed a fave, "The MUMMY"s GHOST" also starring The "Grr"-eat LON Chaney a.k.a. "The LON-ster"(LON + Monster = "Lone-ster")! I think "Monster BASH" Creator Ron "RONDO" Adams invented that name, "The LON-ster"! Here ROCK plugs The "Monster BASH" Classic Monster Movie Con. which he's a guest at this June 22nd-24th at "Day's Inn" in BUTLER, Pa! Rock taped this Today @ 1:10 pm CST in beautiful Downtown Park Ridge, IL, the town he grew-up in, in the "Glorious" 1960s, where he often went to the "Ben Franklin Five & Dime Store"(the building still exists, 1 block S. of here) to buy Monster trading cards, Monster masks, Giant rubber ants, etc! I saw many great Monster movies at The "Pickwick Theatre" here!

-David "He Rock" Nelon, Des Plaines, IL

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