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Concept submitted by Mike Adams of Cartaret, New Jeresey.

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THE CREEPY CLASSICS MOVIE MOVIE NIGHT:Saturday June 16, 2012 - MOVIE - Science Fiction "TARANTULA" (1955). John Agar and Leo G. Carroll star in a great 50's sci-fi! Mutations and a whopper-size arachnid. Suggested by Quieny "Santitito,"

Remember the photos (like above) that appeared in FAMOUS MONSTERS OF FILMLAND magazin? I saw those before I saw the move. Tantilizing and weird photos. Not just a giant monster from some nuclear test blast. There were lab photos with Leo G. Carrol and pics of Leo Carroll melting??!! What was that all about? Then ther was another, hairy guy looking a bit like Mr. Hyde! I couldn't wait to get an opportuity to see this movie! Finally I got to see it on TV one Saturday night back in the early 1970s. A plot full of holes, but as The Beach Boys say - "Fun, fun, fun" for monster movie fanatics like me. John Agar is great and smooth as always. The spider scenes are really efective for their time too. The finale is awesome. In other words, I like TARANTULA!

-Ron Adams, Ligonier, PA

Hi ron/ greetings

Tarantula, starring my persnal fave John Agar, who David Rock Nelson met sometime ago, Mara Corday, Leo G.Carroll and B men Nestor Paiva and Ross Elliot, is another Universal 'gem' the story about a giant arachnoid descending upon a small
western town can still hole you captive, a scientist, the great classic actor Leo G.Carroll's experiment has gone haywire, causing a mutation. The special f/x for its time, were of course pretty good, even by todays 'standards' Tarantula comes highly recommended
from Jay Maggio, J50smonstakid(:, -Kingsman, AZ

P.S. ... we all know to look for a young Clint Eastwood as a fighter
jet pilot toward the climax..

I did not watch this weekend's movie "Tarantula" but since it starred John Agar I am giving it five hairy spider legs out of five. The reason I was not able to view the movie was because I was too busy packing and preparing for Monster Bash and keeping an eye on the Oak tree in my backyard to see if the Mothman was nesting there or if the squirrels that live there were plotting against me.

By the way, if anyone in the western Pennsylvania area is looking for Fiddle Faddle you should just discontinue your search and languish in your disappointment as I am pretty sure I have cornered the market. And please pay no attention to the rumors of a crazy man fighting with tv's Mr McFeely of Mr Roger's Neighborhood over the last box of the heavenly popcorn concoction in a local grocery store this past week. It was hardly a fight. More like a scuffle.

Tarantula. It starred John Agar. That's all you need to know.

-M. Oleman, location undisclosed

Our cable fledgling cable company in Eugene Oregon had just picked up KTVU out of Oakland California. I saw an ad for something called ¨Creature Features¨ with a guy named Bob Wilkins. The Saturday night double feature? Tarantula and Curse of the Undead. I excitedly waited for the features to begin, laughing at the dry humor of Mr. Wilkins and becoming an instant fan. Tarantula played, and blew me away. The creepy desert atmosphere tempered with small town charm. The double plot of a giant spider and deformed humans. The great effects, music and Leo G. Carroll. I still love this movie, even as multiple viewings reveal corny dialogue and glaring holes. And those obvious ¨flying monkey, hand on the shoulder to shock you¨ moments, who are they trying to fool? But hey, they work! You know, thinking about it, Leo G. Carrol was quite the trooper in this movie, enduring very effective makeup, having a monkey thrown at him and even putting out a fire. Its always fun to to see the humble beginnings of the great Clint Eastwood, with that famous monotone voice that has served him so well.

Here is an exchange that tickled me this viewing:

The tarantula is stalking the doctor and the girl. They meet up with the sheriff.

Sheriff: What´s it all about doctor.
Doctor: Turn the cars around.
Sherriff: What for?
Doctor: There isn´t time, I´ll tell you later...
Deputy: Look

Tarantula slowly crawls over hill...

Couldn´t he have just said...There is a giant spider coming around the mountain!!!

What a hoot. After Ray´s Monster on the Loose movies, this is my favorite. Long live Jack Arnold!!!

Quieny ¨Santitito¨

GREAT little movie, definitely worth a viewing or five. Great
cast, way decent special effects and although the basic plot revolves
around the "..tampering with things man was not meant to know", Leo G.
Carroll's Dr. Deemer is trying to do something good for the world by
helping to fight hunger (reasonably accurate prediction of the future
population boom), although why he would enlarge rats and a tarantula
is anyone's guess-maybe his formula had a birth control portion that
would stabilize all these people not starving , but I digress...

Movie moves well, it's always nice to see John Agar save the day,
Nestor Paiva is solid as always and Mara Corday was never lovelier.
As mentioned earlier, it's also cool to see a young Clint Eastwood,
squinting as the leader of the Air Force , who finally mutters "Drop
'Em All!!" to the planes unloading napalm to destroy the spider.

Donna and I felt sorry for the Spider, who didn't ask for the growth
spurt, but is a serious menace that does have to be contained. Kudos
also go to Jack Arnold for his solid direction . After tapping this
out, I think it's time for another viewing and say "Jumping Jupiter!"
a beat before the Sheriff does! ****

Steve Schimming
Sanbornton NH

I watched "TARANTULA" this past Sat. after digging-up my good, ol' vhs video tape of our good "Fiend", SvenGOOLie hosting it! I met "Tarantula" star, John AGAR 3 times in the 1990's, wrote him, he wrote back in Nov. '94. -I have that letter & photos of us on my Facebook photo album: "ROCK Meets John AGAR"! "TARANTULA" was the 1st 8mm movie our "Monster CLUB" Pres. Don Stillwaugh, Jr. bought with our "Monster Club" dues money, on a Castle Films 200-ft. 15-minute reel at former "Zayre's" Dept. Store(the Retro 1960s version of K-Mart)! I said: "I know, let's start a 'Monster Club'"! And so, he, our "Fiend" Len Lykowski & I started having our weekly, Sat. "Monster Club" meetings in Don's basement, we paid .15-cents dues every Sat. & ate "Barnaby's" Pizza, Dr. Pepper & Don's Mom's home-made chocolate cup-cakes as watched triple-feature "Creature Features" late-nite Saturdays on WGN-TV(we lived in Park Ridge, IL)! Our "Monster Club" Pres, Don Stillwaugh is now a Wildlife Ranger & author in Florida &  his Dad, Don Stillwaugh, Sr. is a former architect. Now, here I am watching "SvenGOOLie" host "Tarantula" last Sat.(June 16th, 2012), promoting "Monster BASH" Con, as I "chow-down" on left-overs from Old Warsaw's Restaurant buffet & "guzzling" my "Java"(Coffee)! 

-David "The Rock" Nelson, Des Plains, IL

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