Every weekend we're watching movies together...whether you're in Pennsylvania USA, or Sydney Australia. It's a throwback! Back to the days when you had the anticipation for waiting till the weekend to see the classic horror or science fiction film that was listed in the TV Guide. The plan is to watch a movie at 7:30PM on Saturday night in your own time zone. Or, if you can't Saturday night...anytime during the weekend. Then, we'll all get together and e-mail our thoughts on the film...a few paragraphs...or simply a sentence if you'd like. They after-viewing reviews appear first on our Creepy Classics/Monster Bash News Page. See the latest thoughts posted by viewers ther now.

Concept submitted by Mike Adams of Cartaret, New Jeresey.

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THIS PAST SATURDAY'S MOVIE, JULY 28, 2012: MOVIE - Comedy "THE RAVEN" (1963). Tongue-in-cheek fantasy-horror romp with Boris Karloff, Vincent Price and Peter Lorre! Peter Lorre is literally turned into a raven as wizards Price and Karloff battle. A drive-in fun fright flick from director Roger Corman! Suggested by .Kevin Sick, Louisville, CO.

I always associate the Corman films with late movies, staying up to get a
glimpse of some of the movies I had read about in FM. It's a delight to
see Karloff, Lorre and Price trading barbs and one-liners. Watching it
now, I think it's an interesting period piece from the stand point of the
humor. It's definitely a particular style of humor that is at once subtle
and outrageous at the same time.

The off hand comments are gestures would
be at home at any Bob Hope movie. In more ways than one this film
documents the end of an era, it's an older style of comedy that was fading
away by the time this film made just as it was the twilight of the classic
horror films. And yet the movie still generates laughs from a younger
generation. My son was watching this with me and he literally spit out
his popcorn when Lorre as the raven says his first line "How the hell
should I know?" in response to Price's questions about the "lost Lenore."

All in all, I'd have to give this film a qualified thumbs up. In my
opinion the humor/horror balance doesn't always work. The film employs
some standard horror elements and features some nice creepy images but
it's not always clear to me if they're part of the on-going joke or if
there's an attempt to really include some thrills and chills along the

All three stars are wonderful as comics, each in their own way and
to my mind that's the best part of the film. It's not a movie that I'd
show to someone new to the genre but for monster kids it's a treat.

-Kevin Slick, Louisville, CO

I love this movie! it is so much fun and Peter Lorre just is a joy to can tell they all were having fun making this movie. And I think it was neat that A.I.P had bleachers on set so fans could watch it being filmed!

-Malcolm Gittins, Pittsburgh, PA

My earliest recollection of this movie is watching my best friend Steve pile into his family's blue, Ford Country Squire Station Wagon with his brothers and sisters and loads of blankets and pillows and head off to the Wexford Starlite Drive-In to see it while I stood on the sidewalk looking on jealously. They didn't ask me to go with them. But then again with five kids and a Wiener dog named Fritz I guess they had a full load.

The next time I had a chance to see "the Raven" was at a Rec Center when I was stationed in Korea. The only thing I can recall is that I drank a few bottles of Soju then fell in a drainage ditch. I don't remember watching the movie.
Finally this past weekend I dug out an old VHS copy that I purchased at a Flea Market last year for 50 cents and slid it into my old Matsushita toploader.

Directed by Roger Corman and starring Vincent Price, Peter Lorre, and Boris Karloff this is a great film. Similar to David "the Rock" Nelson's "Devil Ant" but with good audio, video, editing, and plot and minus the excessive eating scenes.

I found myself enjoying the whole 90 minutes and although some would say I'm easily entertained that's not necessarily so. It's true I have an extensive collection of "Turok, Son of Stone" comic books and I am partial to Japanese Baseball and once went into seclusion for a month when the Hiroshima Toyo Carp lost an important game, but that's not the point.

This movie is like a walk through an amusement park Spook House or a family reunion with lots of crazy aunts and uncles who only come out in public once a year. Don't try to figure out why Uncle Pete is wearing a lime green leisure suit with white shoes, just relax and enjoy. And while this is a comedy there is one very frightening scene where Dr Bedlo accidentally drinks milk. I'm still having trouble sleeping after seeing that. The horror...

-M. Oleman, Underground, Pittsburgh, PA

A little late with my comments, busy weekend! This is a fun movie, seeing all the great actors hamming it up. They are having fun and never mocking the material or mailing it in, true professionals. The lovely Hazel Court, did she ever make a Bash? And Don Reese as Grimes, he hasn´t aged a bit! When you do Fall of the House of Monster Bash, you oughta get an outfit like that for him, and he can interview special guest Jack Nicholson - Wouldn´t that be a dream guest??? I have been watching too much Twilight Zone lately.

Goofy Highlights:

Did Vincent know he was giving us the bird when tasting the raspberry blood?

The dog statue attack, low budget is showing there, I was imagining a Harryhausen (or at least a Danforth) scene there!

Jacks wild carriage ride.

We´ll see you hopefully for the next synch up, if I can get the movie in time!

Quieny ¨Santitito"

Dear Santito, Hazel passed away about a week before she was scheduled to make an appearance at the Monster Bash Conference. It was very sudde and everyone by surprise. She was a pleasure to talk with over the phone. -Ron


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