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Concept submitted by Mike Adams of Cartaret, New Jeresey.

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CLASSICS MOVIE NIGHT:Saturday July 21, 2012 - MOVIE - Thriller "THEATRE OF BLOOD" (1973). The actor (Vincent Price) scorned by critics, plots his revenge. Better think twice before trashing Vincent Price! Suggested by .Quieny "Santitito,"

A couple of things stand out for me, Rondo. First, I remember Price plugging the movie on Hollywood Squares.
"It's a musical comedy. hmmm --mm mmm!"

Second are the excellent opening credits utilizing murder scenes from silent Shakespeare movies and a beautiful score by Michael J. Lewis. Today? It's still a grizzly movie to make you quesy. But Vin'Pri's performance makes the whole thing worthwhile

Bill (a) Chase, Ohio

Theater Of Blood is a bit of a Phibes rip-off but somehow this one strikes me as a bit more serious. Perhaps it’s the theater background, the classical music themes or the fact that the story is more grounded in the real world. Or, maybe it’s just that fabulous cast of British stalwarts which lends such an air of conviction to the proceedings.

Unlike Phibes, I’d say that Lionheart has a legitimate grudge here. And, my, those critics are a snooty bunch.

Why do I get the feeling that William Woodstock, the actor to whom Lionheart lost the Critics’ Circle award, was never heard from again? (LOL!)

Dianna Rigg’s masquerade is none too convincing but it fits in with the tongue-in-cheek feel of the film.

I’ll bet Vincent Price had a blast performing all those Shakespeare soliloquies.

Devlin is supposed to be the “hero” of the film yet he, too, is quite full of himself. Somehow it seems wrong that he escapes completely unscathed.

I get a real melancholy feeling viewing this, just as I do when I watch Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein or Frankenstein and the Monster From Hell. It’s clear that the end of an era was near. For those of us whose hearts are firmly set in this period things would never quite be the same again. It sure was fun while it lasted.

Steve Thornton, Michigan

Hola Bash Synchers!

I had a great time in my second life time viewing of the wonderful Theater of Blood. Vincent Price rises once again to greatness as he chews the scenery with his Shakespearean rants, and that voice THAT VOICE. This along with the Phibes films are among my favorites. Add the beautiful Diana Rigg, gruesomely funny murders and a cool sword fight, interesting use of wide angle lenses, it all equals a great time at the movies.

Quieny ¨Santitito¨ - Mexico

You have to love Vincent Price...even if the movie wasn't all that,
he still went in full throttle and guns blazing. However, this movie
is GREAT and he still plays it for all it's worth as the hammy
Shakesperian actor taking revenge on critics who denigrated him and
gave the praise to lesser talents. With the help of a bunch of
drunken vagrants, his loyal daughter, appropriate scenes from many of
The Bard's plays and a seriously demented imagination, "Vinnie" dishes
out retribution with panache.

This is one of the funniest movies Mr.
Price ever made and absolutely one of the most violent. Grue galore
(the scene with Robert Morley is disgusting...but in a good way) and
Vincent's portrayal as an effeminate hair dresser must be seen to be
appreciated fully. He really was one of our best actors (and not just
in horror films) and this would definitely be in my top Price ten. An
excellent suggestion! *****

Steve Schimming
Sanbornton, NH

Hay ron

Ah, nobody does revenge better then the great V.P. guess he was
preparing for his role in the Phibes trilogy, but he's also pretty good at
in the Roger Corman/ Poe classics too, grand!
J50smonstakid (:, Kingsman, AZ

Hi Jay, he is looking for payback in this. But I believe this came out after the two PHIBES movies. I heard that this was originally written as another PHIBES film, then altered. Correct me if I'm wrong, just going by memory here. -Ron

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