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Concept submitted by Mike Adams of Cartaret, New Jeresey.

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THE GROUP VIEWING FROM:Saturday May 12, 2012 - MOVIE - Thriller "THEY SAVED HITLER'S BRAIN " (1963) Stars Walter Stocker. Oh, man...this one will hurt you. Camp to the nth degree. The bulk of it filmed in 1963, but, it sure seems like some of it was shot years later (the cheap wall paneling and fashions seem to scream that). Hitler's head was kept alive on a remote island ad it's still giving orders to Nazi followers. Weird and twisted sci-fi. Suggested by Kirk Smith, Manito, IL.

I was watching 'They SAVED HITLER's BRAIN" today (Fri. 5-11-12) at 4 pm. Here's video of me watching it with "Free" computer use in "Park Ridge Library" in my ol' home-town of Park Ridge, IL., across street from the Historic over 150-years-"young" "PICKWICK theatre", where I saw The Hammer version of "The MUMMY"(starring Christopher Lee) in Spring of 1962, at age 5, for 5-cents! My Dad paid, after I begged him to see it! "Heeh"! Ok, here I am watching"They Saved HITLER's BRAIN" today! The only actor I recognised was Nestor Paiva, the skipper in the 1st 2 "CREATURE From The Black LaGoon" movies in the mid-1950s! This was my 2nd time seeing it in 15 years (the 1st time I fell asleep, heeh)!

- David ROCK Nelson, Des Plaines, IL

I popped in my DVD of They Saved Hitler's Brain this past Saturday night. The very animated menu featuring a disembodied Adolf Hitler's noggin kicked on, and I opted to watch that for the next hour and a half, instead of the movie. Somehow I think I made the wiser choice. The cgi Hitler gave a much better performance than the actor who played him in the film. Later I cleansed my brain by watching the 7 Faces of Dr. Lao. Thanks whoever recommended this movie. I have 6 rolls of toilet paper waiting for your front yard trees.

-Mike Adams, NJ

This from Kirk, who suggested THEY SAVED HITLER'S BRAIN.....


I don't know where to start. There are so many things that taxed the brain. I'll have to list them. By the way, I'm sorry.

1. There was a movie made in 1963 called "Madmen Of Mandoras". Several years later new scenes were tacked on and the film became "They Saved Hitler's Brain". IMDB says it was released in 1968, but the new scenes clearly shows it's the early to mid '70's.

2. The new scenes do not sync up at all with the original film. No attempt at all was even made. The scenes took place in the fifties. Styles of clothing, hairstyles, and cars remained in the '70's.

3. C.I.D. Headquarters: The main character of the new scenes looked like Bobby Goldsboro with a mutton chop mustache. There's a picture of Eisenhower. I couldn't tell, but I'm sure he looked confused. The man behind the desk answers a phone that doesn't ring.

4. Toni Gordon: An agent with a very strange outfit. The top half was a suit complete with a tie. The bottom half was a skirt. Very fashionable in the '50's, I'm sure.

5. Original film: A film is being shown about the effects of a toxic gas. Four men are watching it. The one on the far left is kept in the shadows, for no reason whatsoever. They kept showing it like he was going to say something ominous. He just sat there and was never in the movie again.

6. Back to new scenes: Toni Gordon is chasing a couple of guys who like a cheap stock company version of "The Blues Brothers."

7. Original film: There is a car chase that begins in the afternoon(I think)and within minutes, the car that's being pursued, crashes at night.

8. Day for night and night for day: There were a lot of cheap films that, whenever a scene called for it to take place at night, would darken the print. It never looked convincing. This film used that idea so much that by the end of the film I had no idea whether it was morning, night, mid-afternoon, mid-morning, mid-evening, sun up, or sunrise. At one point a character asks if anyone hears a plane. It was supposed to be night, but it was clearly daylight.The plane was clearly visible. Also, someone says it's 11:30. I yelled at the screen, "AM or PM!". With day and night changing instantly, everybody should have been more worried about the earth spinning off it's axis then by the threats of a Hitler in a box.

9. The wife of Phil Day, the main character of the film, has a sister who acts like she's in a different movie. When she appears, the whole tone of the film changes and the film suddenly becomes "Gidget Gets Kidnapped."

10. The actor playing Hitler reminds me of Moe Howard's imitation of Hitler. At one point in the film he is referred to as "Mr. H." Why call him that when you've already established that it's Hitler you're talking about?

11. The reason I enjoy the film: When Hitler's head is removed from the machine, it's obvious from afar how goofy it looks. His head is in something that resembles a cake dome. Two men carry the dome and walk straight into the camera daring the audience to be frightened. The closer it came to the camera, the more I laughed. The funniest point in the entire film is when Hitler's head is in the back seat of a car. Just seeing the guy driving with Hitler's head in the backseat made me laugh. The up close shots of the head are hilarious. Hitler has developed some facial tics which makes hime look like Charlie Callas. The only interesting scene involving the head is when it starts to melt. It predates Indiana Jones by quite a few years.

12. Interesting facts: The man who did photography in the film was Stanley Cortez. He did the photography for my favorite film "The Night Of The Hunter". He also did photography for "The Magnificent Ambersons" and "The Three Faces of Eve". Nestor Paiva, who plays the sheriff, is a familiar face for Universal science fiction fans. He had a great role in "The Creature From The Black Lagoon". He was in the sequel as well as "Tarantula" and "The Mole People". The music cues at the end of "They Saved Hitler's Brain" were directly lifted from "The Creature From The Black Lagoon".

I apologize, again, for those who had never seen this film before. For some warped reason, I enjoy films like this. There are quite a few very funny unintentional laughs in this film. To me, that's what it's all about. I think, maybe, that I might suggest "Manos, The Hands Of Fate" as my next film. Just kidding.

Kirk Smith
Manito, Il.


Hey Bash Synchers,

Was able to join you once again for this turkey, what a hoot! All that preliminary stuff from another era, they say 60s, I say late 70s, what was the point? When they got to Latin America, a few laughs interspersed between the yawns, My favorite moments were the flashback where Hitler was doing his Nuremburg speech in front of a handful of doctors, and the bar scene where the girl comes out like Carmen Miranda. Talk about a nostalgia trip! I wonder what happened to the guy who played Hitler with all the evil wincing in a jar. Next week we get 4 for the price of one...another disembodied head movie? OK, but it is worth it to be watching it with fellow bashers!

See you next week

Quieny "Santitito"

I did not watch the movie but instead drove out to Park Ridge IL and watched David "the Rock" Nelson watching the movie in the library. I don't think he saw me but I really enjoyed watching him watch the movie. I did not like the movie. I am a much bigger fan of "They Saved Mao's Brain" which starred Cesar Romero, Warner Oland, Hugh Beaumont and a cast of millions. I have a copy of this on many reels of 8mm that I filmed with my old Bell & Howell with the sound recorded on a Radio Shack tape recorder. I will lend it to anyone who wants to borrow it but be forewarned that about halfway through the audio there is an altercation between me and the usher who is demanding I stop filming and wants me to show him my ticket stub.

-M. Oleman, Bowels of the Earth near Pittsburgh

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