The "Anton Phibes" Collection


The classics stand ready!

The masks from Don Post that we could never afford when we were kids! Love that mole man.

Chaney Jr. life masks, autographed photos, more cool masks!

The terror of Hammer!

Get out the wolfbane.

The Magic Image filmbooks threatened by Godzilla!

Dynarama, puzzles and the Zuni Warrior (thankfully boxed up!).

Werewolves on the walls!

A Peter Cushing tribute display.

An autographed THEATRE OF BLOOD poster.

Wow! A little slice of monster heaven.

Bronze busts, mummies and movies.

Cool stuff.

Bookcase display...noticet he 8mm Castle films behind the figures! Nice touch.

Universal attack!

The Auroras!

Notice the Aurora on the left....Dr. Jekyll/Mr. wasn't reproduced by Polar Lights. Tough one to find.

Home sweet, home.....mother!!!!

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