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Monster Bash

Monster Bash June 22 tables sold out in just a few days!


Dealer Ballroom Hours:

Friday 3P-9P (events go to 2AM)

Saturday 10A-6P (events go to 2AM)

Sunday 10A-5PM


Dealer set-up times - Thursday before Bash from 7PM-11PM and Friday of Bash from 8AM-3PM.

Dealers will be happy to fill your coffins with classic monster merchandise and earth from your native land.

MONSTER BASH is a conference and expo that focuses on the classic horror and science fiction films of the silent era through the 1960s...and it's pop culture that swept generations of kids from the 1950s through the 1980s.


CREEPY CLASSICS - Thousands of horror and sci-fi films on Blu-Ray & DVD. You ask for it, most likely, they got it. Plus horror & sci-fi CD soundtracks from the classics, monster magzines, posters, tee shirts and collectibles. Sponsor of the Bash!


Alternative Images - Scott Kelley is back with Alternative Images. The great new classic monster resin kits are on hand. Get those garage monsters for your shelves!


Barry Crawford (The Clay Guy) - "The Clay Guy" is the business name used by sculptor Barry Crawford for his unique character sculptures. Each piece is hand-made at Barry's suburban Chicago home. Barry has been selling his sculptures since 1992. As a kid growing up in the 60s, Barry had a collection of Aurora plastic model kits of the Universal Studios Famous Monsters. As the years went on, Barry's interests in sculpting and model-making grew. In 1989 Barry started creating his own sculpted figures.


B-Movie Cast - Mary Rotolo carries on the B-Movie Cast and YOU can be part of it. Brenda McNeal will be operating the B-Movie Cast tables for Mary at this show.


Bob's Bin of Bargains - He's crazy, he's insane!!! Everything MUST go. The master of the liquidators of monster goodies.


Brad Braddock - Author and great guy is leading the way on fiction based on our classic films. Make sure to check out his new book YGOR: MASTER OF MONSTERS book! Plus, he's authored MEMOIRS OF MURDER, a book revealing astonishing background and story based on the film WHITE ZOMBIE with Bela Lugosi. Another publication of Brad's is BELA LUGOSI MONOGRAMTHOLOGY, a collection of short stories based on Lugosi's Monogram films by noted authors Frank Dello Stritto, Kurt McCoy and others.


Byron Winton - Fantasy and horror illustrator! Byron Winton creates colorful painted illustrations, familiar b&w portraits!


Calandra Studios - The dark and powerful art of Michael Calandra! His work is spotlighted on HEAVY METAL magazine covers. This is your chance to meet the artist, get signed prints, original art and commissions.


Chuck Penick - Check out the vast array of DVDs at Chuck's tables at Monster Bash! You'll find titles you've always wabted.


Cinema Wasteland - Ken and Pam run the big Cleveland area convention and have a stockpile of the coolest cult collectibles around! DVDs, original posters, Mexican horror stuff and more.


Corey LeChat - Munsters and more. Rare Munsters collectibles, plus loads of rare collectibles. The Tony Greco collection.


Dungeons of Design - It's Brian McGuire and Dungeons of Design at BASH! Resin kits of the monsters we grew up with!


Eclipse T-Shirts - It's Steve Unger, affectionately know as "The T-Shirt Guy" back at Bash!


Fifth Dimension Films - Juan Ortiz is back with loads of rare DVDs, original lobby cards and posters and an amazing amount of Mexican horror and wrestling material!


Frank Morea - Frank and his brother have amassed piles of creepy coll stuff from their vaults. Dig into the stacks!


From the Basement - The name says it all...those forgotten gems that were dormant in the basement are out for sale. Things like old Aurora model kits, comic books from the 1960s-1970s, monster mags, action figures and just plain weird odds and ends.


Gunga Jim - Ohio Horror Host with the mosrt bizarre tings for you to select from this creepy cool set-up!


The Haunted Five-And-Dime - John-Paul Checkett rises from the tomb to bring Monster Kids what they want. Rare digital discs of vintage publications, DVDs, monster toys and more.


Hollywood Canteen - Mike Orlando is rolling in from Canada with a huge selection of original movie posters, half sheets, lobby cards, one sheets and more.


Hollywood Hounds - Original movie posters, lobby cards and other paper collectibles from Hollywood's ghoulden age.


John Deutschbauer - From Pittsburgh to Bash, the monsters are coming!


Kartoon Comics - Casey Knoll was born, and has lived in, Pittsburgh her whole life. While the other girls in her class wanted to be princesses and put on make up, she wanted to read comics and watch cartoons all day.  Fueled by animated escapades like Batman: The Animated Series and The Powerpuff Girls, she dreamed of one day creating her own comic book with her own characters.  Today, that dream's finally been realized.  She hopes you enjoy her stories and characters as much as she enjoyed creating them.

“I'm always practicing and striving to improve my art.  Always be yourself, and NEVER let anyone tell you your dreams are worthless. As long as you keep working hard and never give up, you can achieve anything.”


Kitley's Krypt - Jon is back with all those great horror movie books you had as a kid...and WANT to buy to reclaim your childhood. Handmade monster pillows, tote bags, and the best collectibles around.


Laura Inglis Illustrations - Classic monsters, STAR TREK, super heroes....Laura does it all! Trading cards, prints and original art. See her work at Monster Bash!


Leonard's Lair of Loot - Comics, movies, books....lots of used stuff in good condition....cheap!


Lou Franchetti Films - 16mm film, 8mm film and collectible toys!


Malcolm Gittins Tribute - Monster Bash regular, Malcolm Gittins passed away in 2021 and a tribute display by family and friends will be at Bash.


Martin Grams - Old Time Radio source on CDs and cassette for that drive home from the Bash. Plus, rare DVDs or classic films. And, meet Martin, author of scores of books on the golden age of entertainment! Make sure to check out their stock at the show! Plus, find out about his great show, The Mid-Atlantic Nostagia Convention!


Mike Burn - Private collector, Mike Burn, is releasing the monsters. All kinds of rare stuff from his personal collection: Sideshow figures, Vintage FAMOUS MONSTERS magazines, comics and more.


Monsters From the Vault - Jim Clatterbaugh's beloved magazine will be at Bash. Jim and Marian helming the stacks on magazines that you know you want!


Nic Brown - Nic Brown brings his art to Monster Bash!


Nicholas Danish - Artist, Designer, Paper Engineer. Pop-up monsters and more from this talented artist!


Paisley Jaynes - Director at Hydra's Hollow Art Studios in Warren, PA. Classic Monsters made-to-order...mini-paintings, plus large format art and computer gaming. Plus, classic monster keychains, earrings and large format pieces. Visit Hydra's Hollow Art...CLICK HERE.


Paul Scrabo - From Zacherley to the Universal Monsters, Paul will have...it all!


Phil Taylor - "Taylor Made" prints of te greatest movie posters of all time. High quality, affordable reproductions.


Pop Culture Comics - The premiere Pittsburgh comic store and collectibles. Grab yourself some great memories in the form of Silver Age comics!


Pulpfest - Great vintage paper collectibles! Pulps, magazines, comics. Plus, find out about their convention too!


Retro Daddy-O - Vintage pop culture rules at Jen's Retro Daddy-O's table. Cool retro fun and toys!


Rob Floyd - Creative, original wood work, models and more. Artist Ron Floyd is plugged into our Monster World!


Screem Magazine - Darryl is back and ready to rock with SCREEM magazines, DVDs, rare Blu-Rays and much more montrous fun!


Severin Films - A premiere producer of quality DVDs and Blu-Rays with rare and imported horror!



Sophie O'Sullivan - Sophie is an artist that will do a caricature of you as your favorite monster or superhero! Live on the spot art for you.


Steven Bejma, Classic Horrors - Paintings represent some of my favorite movies and actors. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed painting them.


Stoner's Monster Mayhem - Rolling in from Michigan, it's Rick Stoner with an amazing collection of rare vintage toys, figures, monster mags and more.

Ted Panello - A big display of the rarest Monser Kid collectbles.


That's Terri-ific - Hand sewn monster shirts and accessories. A real Monster Bash favorite with the fans! Custom monster wear and gear.


Time Bomb Toys - Bob Woods in the house, the house of Bash! He's got a load of cool monster toys, license plates, posters and masks!


William Patrick Maynard - William Patrick Maynard is the authorized continuation writer for The Sax Rohmer Literary Estate and edits various collections and re-issues of Rohmer's work. Fu Manchu books and new Zorro anthology and other titles of interest (horror comics, books, films, radio shows) will be at William's table.


Words & Music - Scott & Shirley Wilson are regular favorites among the vendors at Monster Bash. Scott has original lobby cards, posters, photo glossy stills, DVDs, books, monster mags and everything creepy cool!


Zanol's Zombie Hut - The hut is back! Unbelievable deals on monster books, monster toys and various collectibles. Dan and Ken will rock your Monster World!


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