The 2005 Monster Bash featured Guests of Honor Richard Gordon, Sara Karloff, Gwynne and Greg Gilford (Anne Gwynne's kids), Dolores Fuller, Bob and Kathy Burns, Susan Gordon, Ben Chapman, Cortlandt Hull, Forrest J Ackerman and many others.

It was another power-packed event celebrating the classic films of yesterday. We held a tribute to Anne Gwynne with her children in attendance. Forrest J Ackerman gave two wonderful talks that thrilled the fans that grew up with his magazine. We threw free stuff to the audience again, including Tor Johnson frisbees! Our Mexican Monster Night featured free burittos and tacos for hundreds of attendees. Giant sheet cakes depicting our favorite film monsters were dished out to a shoulder-to-shoulder lobby crowd.

Ron Chamberlain, Monster Bash Make-Up Master, re-created the SON OF FRANKENSTEIN with the monster and inspector (who got his arm ripped-off in front of fans --- a special effect that really worked). Michael Thomas delighted fans as Ygor and Dr. Vornoff (from BRIDE OF THE MONSTER). Ron Chamberlain also made-up nationally popular comedian Don Reese as Tor Johnson with extra-amazing results (why it was FANTASTIC!). Tor then presented Dolores Fuller with flowers on stage.

Just an incredible time. We hope you'll make the next Monster Bash! CLICK HERE for details.

Photos provided by Barb Heiss, Karl Spisak, Brian Nichols and Phil Smoot.

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Rock singer Larry Wolf and family meets the monster and Inspector Krogh.

Fans await the Saturday night cake cutting in the hotel lobby.

Orange-shirted Monster Bash staff enjoying the premier of 50 YEARS OF THE GILLMAN. A wonderful documentary on the Creature From The Black Lagoon with speakers Ben Chapman (who played the Creature in 1954) and Sam Borowski.

A cast worth repeating. Some of the Monster Bash staff. Note the Donnie Dunagan wig on Tom Adams (lower left).

Jerry and Susan Armellino really add the spooky spice to the Monster Bash mix for photo-ops with their lobby displays!

The beaming Forrest J Ackerman (Uncle 4E) with Barb Heiss at Bash.

Jack Linendoll with Barb Heiss in front of the giant Monster Bash Crossword Wall Puzzle, designed for fans by Barb.

Mug shot of the average, everyday Monster Movie FANATIC! Bill Petko at Monster Bash 2005.

Bob Pellegrino and Ron Adams at Bash.

Brian Nichols mugs during the introduction to the loving satire - THE FRANKENSTWINE TRILOGY.

A surprise award for Monster Bash founder and manager Ron Adams. A diabolical plan seen to fruition by Monster Bash Magazine Research Editor Jeffrey Barnes and a host of friends. Art by George Chastain.

Cortlandt Hull, founder of The Silver Screen Movie Museum in Bristol, Connecticut. Cortlandt always has a great display of wax figures at Monster Bash.

One of the sheet cakes dished out to attendees of Monster Bash 2005.

The left wing on the Monster Bash Movie Room, packed again for Brian Nichol's FRANKENSWINE family movies.

The natives are restless tonight. Midnight givaways at Monster Bash 2005.

Attendees Dylan and Dalton on the Monster Bash set of SON OF FRANKENSTEIN.

Dalton Smoot and Dr. Vornoff/Bela Lugosi (Michael Thomas) at Monster Bash.

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