The Monster Bash 2013 featured Guests of Honor Valerie Leon, Ron Chaney, Wes Shank, Kris Yeaworth, Victoria Price, Greg Mank, The Abbott & Costello Ultimate Tribute Show, Tom Savini, John Russo, George Kosana, Kyra Schon, Cortlandt Hull, Chilly Billy Cardille, David "The Rock Nelson," Son of Ghoul, Mr. Lobo, and many others!

It was another power-packed event celebrating the classic films of yesterday. Check out the photos from various events.

Just an incredible time. We hope you'll make the next Monster Bash! CLICK HERE for details.

Photos provided by John Tatarelli, Jr., Ron Adams, Ursula Adams, Leonard Hayhurst, Phil Smoot, Malcolm Gittins, Paul Speidel, Charles Arrigo, Charles Henson, Ted Lewczyk, Mark Matzke, Malcolm Gittins, Sandy Castle - thank you!

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Abbott & Costello Meet the Mummy MONSTER BASH! Joe Ziegler (Lou Costello), The Mummy (Ron Chaney) and Bud Abbott (Bill Riley).


Saturday night in the tomb at MONSTER BASH!


A&C, The Mummy and....the make-up man - Ron Chamberlain.


Roberto Cotter, author/historian hosts Friday night Mexican Monster Night!

One of the many life-size mummies that greeted MONSTER BASH attendees. This one thanks to Jerry Armellino and family.


Greg Mank and Frank Dello Stritto, the historians that unearth the information we love about the movies we love.


Attendee Dalton Smoot at Victoria Price's booth.


Kris Yeaworth, the son of the director of THE BLOB. He was there on the set during the filming of THE BLOB, DINOSAURUS and THE 4-D MAN. He had the stories!


MONSTER BASH Comedian Don Reese with Dalton Smoot.


David "The Rock" Nelson, independant renegade movie moker and Dalton Smoot....the Rock rocks MONSTER BASH.


Charles Henson introduces his documentary on Una O-Connor, part of "The Face is Familiar" series.


The Acker Monster thanks to Jerry Armellino graces MONSTER BASH!


She's coming for you....put that ring BACK! Another great figure from The Armellino Family.


Christopher Lee at MONSTER BASH in spirit across from our registration tables.


Victoria Price merged into figures of her famous dad at The Witch's Dungeon display.


Make-up master Dick Smith tribute at The Witch's Dungeon booth at BASH!


Enjoy a Slideshow By Phil Smoot on the MONSTER BASH CONFERENCE, JUNE 2015:



Monster artist Malcolm Gittins and "The Boys."


Malcolm Gittins with Lon Chaney, Jr.'s grandson, Ron Chaney.


Monster Basher Malcolm Gittins looks a little nervous.....perhaps The Blob has just been dormant....waiting for the right return!


Malcolm Gittens hangs out with NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD actor and host Pittsburgh;s Chiller Theater. Malcolm appeared on Chilly's show back in the 1970s!


Malcolm gets all choked up by Joe DeMuro as the Frankenstein Monster. Make-up by Ron Chamberlain.


The masterful make-up of Ron's Charles Arrigo as The Wolf Man.


Another monster masterpiece of make-up by Ron Chamberlain. The Mummy behind the make-up, Kharis' grandson, Ron Chaney!


Little Gaby meets a monster!


Monster Bashing Ghostbusters get new recruits Korbin and Gaby!


Ghostbusters' Eco-1 with a couple of hitch-hikers!


Abbott & Costello Meet Monster Bash attendee, Korbin!


Kids have fun at Monster Bash too! ***


Ron Chaney and moderator Bob Pellegrino on Friday's talk at BASH.

Everyone gets choked up with monstrous memories at Monster Bash...just like David Hardy here.

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