The Monster Bash this year featured Guests of Honor Ricou Browning, Gary Clarke, Gary Conway, Marian McKnight, John Babcock, Debbie Painter, Frank Dello Stritto, Tom Sullivan, Larry Storch, Terry Moore, Penny Dreadful, Son of Ghoul, Mr. Lobo, Jo Morrow, Sharyn Moffett, John Russo and many others!

It was another power-packed event celebrating the classic films of yesterday. Check out the photos from various events.

Just an incredible time. We hope you'll make the next Monster Bash! CLICK HERE for details.

Photos provided by Ron Adams, Brian Nichols, Phil Smoot, Cortlandt Hull, Steve Beai, Dan Day, John Sargent, Sandy Castle, Ted Lewczyk, Joey Vento, Theron Statler, Malcolm Gittins, Bill Luciani.

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The Bash 2017 artwork by the great George Chastain!

Box 'O' Zombies provided by projectionist Geoffrey Curtis.

A neat photo from the projection booth riser way in the back of the film room as NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD is screened after a Q&A session with screenwriter John Russo.

Some of the creepy cool props displayed during MONSTER KID SHOW-AND-TELL with Joey Vento of the HAUNTED BARN MOVIE MUSEUM at BASH!

A nice night out under the stars for some monsters at MONSTER BASH!

Families having fun at MONSER BASH. A previous MONSTER BASH speaker, Rabbi Joe, is the tall one on the right.

Two smiles at MONSTER a bit toothier!

Magazines? Monster Magazines? We love 'em at MONSTER BASH.


I know it's late in the event room...but am I seeing a gorilla in the crowd? Call Stan Gordon!


TV Horror Host Son of Ghoul introduces cartoons on Saturday morning and free cereal is passed out...ah, Saturday morning ceral and cartoons.


The lovely Jo Morrow (13 GHOSTS) on stage with MONSTER BASH's Scott Goettel and Ursula Adams.

Monster Kid comedian Don Reese keeps a packed house laughing and laughing at MONSTER BASH.


Long time attendee, Sandy Castle, gets ready to haunt the MONSTER BASH castle!

Way too much fun at the MIONSTER BASH Midnight Spook show with hosts Leonard Hayhurst and Thom Shubilla.


Terry Moore (star of MIGHTY JOE YOUNG), fan Theron Statler and Terry's friend, Margaret.


Veronica Carlson, Larry Storch and Terry Moore at MONSTER BASH.


Dynamic artist David Hardy and Hammer Studio's Veronica Carlson.

A group of some of the nicest people on earth! It's Ricou Browning (CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON), Renee (Rocou's daughter) and MONSTER BASH's Mark Statler.

Mark Statler and Jo Morrow (13 GHOSTS, THREE WORLDS OF GULLIVER).

Larry Storch gives fan, Sandy Castle, the eye!

Strange critters pose in front of our big "20th Anniversary" display.

He really didn't leave the building! Elvis was in the house of...MONSTER BASH.

You just never knew what monkey business you'd find in the dealer ballroom!

Superman and Superboy at BASH....Dwight Kemper and Korbin!

A dangerous character roaming the Dealer Ballroom at MONSTER BASH.

Bela Lugosi, Jr. wishes us well for our 20th year anniversary from LA on the big screen in the MONSTER BASH event room.

Three of the six winners of the MONSTER BASH LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARDS for 2017...."The Forry." Pictured left to right: Martin Grams (MID-ATLANTIC NOSTALGIA CONVENTION), Leonard Hayhurst (MONSTER BASH staff writer) and Malcolm Gittins (Artist and Super Fan!).

A proud Malcolm Gittins with his well-deserved MBA..."The Forry."

MONSTER BASH producer Ron Adams, award winner Malcolm Hittins and MONSTER BASH's Ursula Adams. Smiles all around!

Ouch! Herbert Lom's PHANTOM OF THE OPERA was a lef-size figure...beautifully crafted by Tony Pitocco and Bill Luciani at MONSTER BASH.

A spot-on Lugosi from ABBOTT & COSTELLO MEET FRANKENSTEIN. Created by artists Tony Pitocco and Bill Luciani!

The monster stood tall at MONSTER figure by Bill & Tony! Attention to detail in the sculpt and wardrobe was incredible. WAit till you see what's coming NEXT year!

We've got to hand it to the artistry of Tony Pitocco and Bill Luciani. They brought some impressive figures to MONSTER BASH.

Author Frank Dello Stritto beats on another "Forry Award" winner....both keeping the flames alive in their own unique ways....Frank writes books and magazine articles nationally and Malcolm is one of the most enthusiastic super fans and artists out there..shouting about classic monsters everywhere he goes. The lovely Linda Dello Stritto is on the right!

Veronica Carlson (Hammer Studios' actress) and fans in the film room at MONSTER BASH!

You never know what "grim" people you may meet, just around the corner, at MONSTER BASH...

Veronica Carlson with MONSTER BASH attendee Stuart Long from Oklahoma.

MONSTER BASH guest Larry Storch mugs for the camera with happy atteendee Gary Smith from Ohio.

Above: Monica and Tim Moehring enjoy a night under the stars for an outdoor big screen movie. Above: Ron Adams introduces the house monster band, The Bash Boys.
Above: Monica and Eric Moehring in the Bash event room. Monica works on a super nice Bela Lugosi cross-stitch! Above: Tim Moehring hauns The Witch's Dungeon display at Monster Bash June 2017!
Above: Tim, Larry Storch and Monica! Above: Tim and his dad Eric celebrating 20 years of Monster Bash!

The Moehring Family Does the Monster Bash!

Hi Ron!
Hope you are recovered from the Bash! Tim, Eric, and I wanted to drop you a line, send a few pictures your way, and say thanks again for another fantastic Monster Bash (June 2017)! Every year after Bash as we are driving out of Mars and back to Richmond we collectively agree that we do not know how the Bash could get any better-and by jove it always does! Every year Tim says, "Now that was the best Bash yet" and this year it was even Bashier!!

Highlights included:
-Meeting Larry Storch-such a nice man! We're big F-Troop fans!!
-Outdoor Monster Movie Drive-In
-The Bash Band (tell Ursula we need more Go Gos!)
-Props from Joey's Barn
-Zach's performance
-And the newly renovated hotel was lovely!
-Don Reese

Thanks again for all you do to make this weekend so wonderful.
Take Care,
Monica, Tim, and Eric.


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