The Monster Bash this year featured Guests of Honor Ricou Browning, Sharyn Moffett, Beverly Washburn, Veronica Carlson, Martine Beswicke, Christopher Neame, Tom Savini, John Russo, Stan Gordon, Son of Ghoul, Mark Maddox, Kris Yeaworth, Greg Mank, Tom Weaver, Frank Dello Stritto, and many others!

It was another power-packed event celebrating the classic films of yesterday. Check out the photos from various events.

Just an incredible time. We hope you'll make the next Monster Bash! CLICK HERE for details.

Photos provided by John Sargent, Ron Adams, Steven Turek, David Heywood.

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The above video clip by Kevin Slick at MONSTER BASH June 2019!

The Saturday night outdoor Drive-In style screening at Bash!

The Saturday night free prize toss in the event room! Flying free flying discs, monster model kits, blu-rays, DVDs, magazines, toys and monster goodies.

More flying stuff!

Another peek at the outdoor screening.

The sun goes down in front of the Monster Bash hotel for the outdoor screenings.

The crowd getting ready for the special effects demonstration by Tom Savini, cinema wizard!

Even The Grim Reaper ("Grim") gets hungry for some chocolate at Monster Bash! Death by chocolate.

The Creature Kids were out in full comes that Gill Man!

Being a kid again! It's Basher Tom Jackson in movie monster heaven.

Renee Browning (Ricou's daughter), artist John Sargent and Ricou Browning (CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON!).****

Monster Kid Radio's Steven Turek, artist Mark Maddox and Writer, Procucer Sam Irvin hold up Mark and Sam's work from LITTLE SHOPPE OF HORRORS magazine.

A monkey, a mummy and in between...a Monster Kid (Steve Turek).

Steven Turk meets TV Horror Host.....DRAC!

Movie director Joshua Kennedy (HOUSE OF THE GORGON) and Monster Kid Radio's Derek Koch.

A pensive moment during MONSTER BASH with Steven Turek and Hammer starlet Veronica Carlson.

Ricou Browning with Ben Turek.

Just a typical Monster Bashin' family!

The Heywoods in the House of MONSTER BASH from New Port Richey, Florida.

The "Devil Ant" strikes in the movie room at Monster Bash. Dave Haywood with Devil Ant master David "The Rock" Nelson.

Cortlandt Hull from The Witch's Dungeon speaks at Bash. Cortlandt is Henry Hull's (WEREWOLF OF LONDON) great nephew.

The wonderful Beverly Washburn (SPIDER BABY) discusses her career on stage with Ron Adams and the fans.

The Monster Bash registration table with atendee and super fan, Dave Heywood. The crack registration team from left to right: Ursula Adams, Mary Bishop, Pat Lisk and Barb Heiss.

From DRACULA A.D. 1972 to MONSTER BASH's actor Christopher Neame.

Just like school pictures...with the club. The monster club!

Hammer superstar Martine Beswicke with fan Dave Heywood.

Hammer actress Veronica Carlson of DRACULA HAS RISEN FROM THE GRAVE with Dave Heywood at Bash!

The Monster Bash band...The Bash Boys play the theme to the Chiller Theater, Pittsburgh with the Chiller host "Chilly Billy" up on the screen. We all miss Bill Cardille!

The Bash Boys horn section let it rip on Friday night at Monster Bash!

Actress Beverly Washburn with fans!

Yikes! It's more monsters at The Witch's Dungeon booth.

A Q&A session with Sharyn Moffett (THE BODY SNATCHER with Karloff) and Bob Pellegrino.

Martine Beswicke gets a rousing welcome from fans! On stage with Monster Bash's Scott Goettel.

Josh Kenedy discusses his movie HOUSE OF THE GORGON with Ron Adams on stage. The movie world premiered at Monster Bash!


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