The Monster Bash in October of 2021 was a wonderful event in Mars, PA (Cranberry Township).

Actors and actresses included Victoria Vetri (WHEN DINOSAURS RULED THE EARTH), Veronica Carlson (DRACULA HAS RISEN FROM THE GRAVE), Bevery Washburn (SPIDER BABY, OLD YELLER, THRILLER), Pamula Pierce (THE LEGEND OF BOGGY CREEK), John Russo (NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD), TV Horror Host SON OF GHOUL...plus many others!

Just an incredible time. We hope you'll make the next Monster Bash! CLICK HERE for details.

Photos provided by Ron Adams, Dave Heywood, Sam Irvin and others.

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Great Photos From MONSTER BASH October:

Above: Hallmark writer, director Sam Irvin meets the monster in McDoogle's House of Horrors at MONSTER BASH.

Above: The nutty MONSTER BASH staffers Dan Weber, Dave Heywood and Ron Adams.

Above: Bill Diamond's LITTLE SHOPPE OF HORRORS display devours fans all weekend.

Above: AV monster man Ted Lewczyk at the projection stand keeeps things rolling at Bash.

Above: Friday night music break provided by The Bash Boys, playing music we grew up with while readingh FAMOUS MONSTERS magazine in our bedrooms. John Sargent, Andy Harbison, Kevin Slick, Keven Scarpino, Bob Pellegrino and Steven Thornton.

Above: The Bash staff, bashed. This is Sunday night after cleaning up the rubble from MONSTER BASH, the staff stops for dinner. Plus, writer/historian, Tom Weaver, joined us.

Above: Dave Colton (far right) presented the award for Best Classc Horror Convention to Ron Adams and MONSTER BASH Saturday night.

Above: Clear the aisle, here comes Bigfoot past THE LEGEND OF BOGGY CREEK display.

Above: Super fan Dan Day hangs out with writer/film historian Frank Dello Stritto.

Above: Suzanne and Brandon, happy shoppers, at MONSTER BASH.

Above: Bash staffers Leonard Hayhurst, John Sargent, Eddie Curtis, Earl Lisk, Ron & Ursula Adams, and Joe Russell...just some of the Bash staffers that make it all happen.

Above: Serving free cake in the hotel lobby Saturday night for hundreds of Bash fans. Five sheet cakes disappeared in a hurry.

Above: Bashers getting ready for the free prixe tosss on Saturday night.

Above: The gracious Veronica Carlson takes time to pose with Dan Day at MONSTER BASH.

Above: The display of about a dozen life-size monsters displayed by the Mazurczaks make some fans...a little nervous. Does that one bite?

Above: Shoppers looked over mountains of monster merchandise.

Above: The next movie by David "The Rock" Nelson? THE DEVIL ANT VS. BIGFOOT.

Above: The Horror Hall was lined with familar faces.

Above: Author, actor and film historian Greg Mank reeives a Monster Bash Lifetime Achievement Award..."The Forry."

Above: Writer Frank Dello Stritto does a talk on the horror elements of THE WIZARD OF OZ.

Above: David "The Rock" Nelson's speech goes so long, projectist Geoffrey Curtis decides to get a little shut-eye...on stage!

Above: Frankenstein Monsters meet. Universal verses Hammer at MONSTER BASH!

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