The Monster Bash in October of 2021 was a wonderful event in Mars, PA (Cranberry Township).

Actors and actresses included Victoria Vetri (WHEN DINOSAURS RULED THE EARTH), Veronica Carlson (DRACULA HAS RISEN FROM THE GRAVE), Bevery Washburn (SPIDER BABY, OLD YELLER, THRILLER), Pamula Pierce (THE LEGEND OF BOGGY CREEK), John Russo (NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD), TV Horror Host SON OF GHOUL...plus many others!

Just an incredible time. We hope you'll make the next Monster Bash! CLICK HERE for details.

Photos provided by Ron Adams, Dave Heywood, Sam Irvin, Steve Turek, Kevin Slick, Greg Ochaba, Shawn Israel, Rob Craig and others.

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Great Photos From MONSTER BASH October:

Above: Steve Turek with THE LEGEND OF BOGGY CREEK's Pamula Pierce.

Above: The shirts say it all. You're home.

Above: Steve Turek with Bash's Ron Adams...it's The Wonderful World of MONSTER BASH.

Above: Alex (Veronica Carlson's grandson) and Veronica at Bash.

Above: NIGHT OF THE LIVING MONSTR BASH, it's Steve Turek and writer/actor John Russo.

Above: Steve Turek (right) hangs out with animator/cartoonist, sculptor Rick Catizone at MONSTER BASH.

Above: Hammer actress Victoria Vetri and Steve Turek.

Above: Basher Steve Turek was making all the rounds to meet as many Guests of Honor as possible (and interview them too for his web site too!). Here he is with the class act Beverly Washburn.

Above: Monsters of all ages love MONSTER BASH.

Above: Take a picture of me...why you! I'll Creature claw ya!

Above: Eye see the hotel bar got into the spirit of things.

Above: In the back of the event room, Kevin Slick has a philosophical discussion on life and...death.

Above: Long time friends...long time. Monster Bashing together since 1971.

Above: The audience went crazy when a rogue Bigfoot presented Pamula Pierce (THE LEGEND OF BOGGY CREEK) with flowers on stage.

Above: Friends of Bash flew in from everywhere...some of them as bats (like Greg "Bela" Ochaba).

Above: MONSTER BASH is like stepping into a black and white movie. Photo of Greg Ochaba by Shawn Israel.

Above: Frankenstein Meets Dracula, the lost Universal at MONSTER BASH. Figure provided by The Mazurczaks and Dracula (Greg Ochaba).

Above: Wolf Man (I think attendee Chuck Cox) prepares to claw it out with Dracula (Greg Ochaba).

Above: The Count revives the monster at McDoogle's House of MONSTER BASH. Crate and Glenn Strange delivered to the House of Horrors by Dan Weber.

Above: Run, before it's too late...Greg and David "The Rock" Nelson. ****

Above: Lots of Creatures and Marx monsters in the dealer ballroom.

Above: Lots of Munsters collectibles in the dealer ballroom.

Above: The crew labeling tables, pre-Bash for the dealer ballroom.

Above: Renfield was quite happy and smiling at MONSTER BASH!


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