The Monster Bash rocked the Marriott Pittsburgh North!

It was another power-packed event celebrating the classic films of yesterday. Check out the photos from various events.

Just an incredible time. We hope you'll make the next Monster Bash! CLICK HERE for details.

Photos provided by Ron Adams, Kevin Slick, Dave Heywood, Phil Smoot and many others....thank you!

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It was our 25th year anniversary (and about 40 total Bash shows!) .

Staffers fooling around, it's Dave Heywood, John Sargent (in back), Ron Adams and Bob Pellegrino.

Our brains of the operation. This prop has been on our registration table at Monster Bashes since 1997.

Trumpet player Andy Harbison belted it out with our house band, The Bash Boys.

Our event room reving up for three days of activities, events and interviews with the stars.

Artwork by TV horror host "Drac" on diplay.

The Atrium area where you could find guests and the show's sponsor Creepy Classics.

The attendees rolling in at MONSTER BASH!

Attendee Allen Cranfill displays his awesome autographed t-shirt!

Barbara and Greg Mank. Greg has written some of the greatest books of horror film history.

House band drummer, Bob Pellegrino, drummed during the full moon.

The Monster Bash staff hopped on board the raft to THE LAND OF THE LOST with TV stars of that show Wesley Eure and Kathy Coleman.

House band The Bash Boys perform on Friday night.

The celebration continued through the weekend.

Early in the morning, staffer Bernie Sherry checks his top secret plans.

The lovely Beverly Washburn (actress from SPIDER BABY and so much more) and Dave Heywood.

Beverly with happy attendee Dalton Smoot.

Through the weekend the cast from LAND OF THE LOST took photo ops with fans in their raft...navigating the currents of MONSTER BASH.

Browsing DVDs and Blu-Rays wit the monsters in the background (thanks to the Mazurczaks).

Above: Click to see a video visit to MONSTER BASH June 2022 by Toy-Ventures Magazine.

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