The Monster Bash rocked the Marriott Pittsburgh North!

It was another power-packed event celebrating the classic films of yesterday. Check out the photos from various events.

Just an incredible time. We hope you'll make the next Monster Bash! CLICK HERE for details.

Photos provided by Ron Adams, Dave Heywood, Ted Lewczyk, Ursula Adams, Chuck Cox, and many others....thank you!

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A standing room only theater room at Monster Bash for the 3-D screening of ROBOT MONSTER!

The Wolf Man (Chuck Cox) chokes Monster Bash's Ron Adams. No worries, Ron survived to create another Bash.

Joking around it's Monster Bash's John Bishop, a Lugosi figure, and the one and only Zandor Vorkov, actor, from DRACULA VS. FRANKENSTEIN.

Child actor. Great guy Carl Craig, gets animated with fans!

Staffer Dave Heywood about to get choked by a monster (Dan Weber). And...he seems happy about it.

A break from the movies and movie talk for a little classic rock from The Bash Boys: Nick Pocengal, John Sargent, Andy Harbison, Kevin Slick, and Dave Walters.

Basher Bob Pellegrino and Kathy head into the dealers room at Bash.

Bob Pellegrino, actor Greg Moffett, Bob Furmanek all having a load of fun on stage Saturday night at Bash.

Joined on stage by one ROBOT MONSTER!

Bashers joined by some of the Bill Cardille family! Bill's sister-in-law second from the right and Bill's nephew, third from the left.

Early Sunday morning church service at Bash. Pastor Mark Statler was joing by these three singers: John Sargent, Ursula Adams, and Steven Thornton.

One of the cool vendor tables at Monster Bash. Look at all that groovy stuff!

Movie in's director David "The Rock" Nelson and Chuck Cox as The Wolf Man.

Zandor Vorkov greets Steven Turek (celebrating a birthday at Monster Bash!), and his son.

Great people, good times. On stage it's Zandor Vorkov with Dan Weber as The Monster.

Fans talk with Bob Furmanek, the man behind the restoration of the film ROBOT MONSTER!

The "Free Prize Toss" in action at Monster Bash.

Some of the great registration team at Bash...Ursula Adams, Pat Lisk, and Jenny Hayhurst.

Projectionist Geoffrey Curtis mans the 16mm film at Bash.

Ron Adams, Greg Moffett, and Sandy Moffett add smiles to Monster Bash.

Happy Bashers.

October Monster Bashers head to the lobby for free cake.

The man in black...not Johnny Cash, but Johnny Bishop!

John Sargent with actress Linda Miller.

A lean-mean long time Basher leads The Bash Boys for some music Friday night.

Chatting with fans, it's Linda Miler from KING KONG ESCAPES.

Monster Bash award winners Dan Wegrzynek and Joe Kolakowski!

Just a few of the tables of models found at Monster Bash.

Some of the many dealers at Monster Bash!

Ursula and Ron Adams serve up the cake and grab a slice before it all disappears. Free cake in the lobby and a display of many sheet cakes is a tradition.

Nick, John, and Andy of The Bash Boys.

Spooky girl (Paisley Jaynes) dances around the room as the band plays "Spooky!"

Free DVDs, Blu-Rays, model kits, and rubber monsters in flight during the "Free Prize Toss."

Custom made pumpkins from Nick Danish at Monster Bash.

More of the outstanding registration team, Janet Dwyer and Mary Bishop!

Zandor Vorkov meets Robot Monster and Dave Heywood at Bash.

The vendors had the good goods, for sure!

Finger puppet Sherlock hangs with Bashers.

Dealers setting up on Friday at Monster Bash.

The Bash Boys smokin' with Smoke on the Water.


After a hard day's weekend that lasted five's the Bash staff finishing off with a staff dinner.

A talk under way at Monster Bash.

Actress Linda Miller with staffer Ted Lewczyk.

Terri-ific with the monster apparel in the dealer room.

Three Draculas...Bela, Zandor (yikes, he's the real deal), and Christopher in the Bash atrium.

Uncle Gill makes an appeance during the "What's My Monster" game show hosted by Leonard Hayhurst.

Ursula Adams hangs out with Ro-Man.

Everyone loves the vendor arreas.

More dealers make for happy monsters.


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