The Monster Bash rocked the Marriott Pittsburgh North!

It was another power-packed event celebrating the classic films of yesterday. Check out the photos from various events.

Just an incredible time. We hope you'll make the next Monster Bash! CLICK HERE for details.

Photos provided by Ron Adams, Phil Smoot, and many others....thank you!

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Bill Luciani display heads from Bill and Tony Pitocco's collection. The one of Bill is particularly realistic!

Bob Pellegrino and Bill Luciani working on the life-size monster display.

Tom Weaver manages his Bash Brain-Twister Quiz show.

Cartoons under the stars on Saturday night at Bash!

A Creature loose in the original movie poster room at Bash. Hey, wait a minute, that's cool kid fan Sol!

Dan Weber heads into the Frankenstein watchtower.

Waiting for the next big event at Monster Bash.

Ready for his close-up, it's the 1931 Frankenstein Monster.

A presentation by author/historian Frank Dello Stritto.

Greg Mank brings us movie history at Monster Bash.

Monster Bash Match Game in prograss at Bash on Sunday.

Monster Bash's Mark Statler sings and tells stories from the heart at Bash.

Sculptor Mike Adams displays his cool creations.

Another life-size monster thanks to Tony Pitocco and Bill Luciani.

Monster Bash Match Game panel Dan Roebuck, John-Paul Checkett, and Lynne Lugosi with host Leonard Hayhurst. What fun!

The Bashin' movie and event theater.

One giant-size monster outside on the big screen at Monster Bash.

Where else will you find fans sharing their shrunken heads collection, but at Monster Bash! The collection of John and Tim Frick.

Tom Weaver stumps attendees with his incredible quiz show.

Monster man Bill Luciani stands between two iconic life-size monsters from his collection at Bash.

Linda and Frank Dello Stritto. Frank is the author of many monster movie books that are true blue love letters to the classic horror genre.

THe Smoot Gang rides again! Having fun at Monster Bash, it's Mark Hannah, Don Reese, Dalton Smoot, and Phil Smoot!

The Bash family...Paisley Jaynes, Ron Adams, and Ursula Adams.

A Q&A session moderated by Ursula Adams with actress Beverly Washburn.

Quiz show fun with film historian Tom Weaver, assisted by Monster Bash's Leonard Hayhurst and some contestants.

Bill Luciani fills in for Peter Cushing on Christopher Lee for making a monster at...Monster Bash!

Ron Adams with actress Audrey Dalton during a Q&A Session Saturday evening.

Actor Dan Roebuck on stage cracking everybody up!

Mark, Dalton, Dan Roebuck, Phil...Bash buddies.

Lynne Lugosi, Dalton Smoot, and artist Kerry Gammill at Bash.

Cool models available in the Monster Bash Dealer Room.


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