The first Monster Bash in 1997 featured guests Sara Karloff, Bela Lugosi Jr., Ron Chaney, Forrest J Ackerman, Tom Savini, Monster Bash make-up artist Ron Chamberlain and many more.

Our events included the east coast unveiling of the Classic Monster Stamps by the United States Post Office and Forrest J Ackerman's east coast 80th birthday party! What a time....

Forrest J Ackerman
The Phantom (Ron Chamberlain)
The Monster (Frank Rios)
Travis (the youngest Bash staffer)

at Forry's 80th Belated Birthday Bash Party!

Welcome to Bash Registration!
Notice the large stamps in background - This Bash featured
the East Coast
unveiling of the Classic Monster Stamps
by the United States Post Office.
Jar labeled "Abnormal Brain" also resides at registration!

Bela Lugosi Jr. with Bash programmer Ron Adams

Bash '97 VIP badge

Bash supporter Barb Heiss and Pittsburgh Chiller Theatre
Horror Host - Chilly Billy Cardille

Happy Birthday Forry Ackerman!

Giant Bash Monster Banners hang outside the hotel!

The U.S. Post office was on hand during
the east coast unveiling of the Classic Monster stamps!
Sara Karloff, Ron Adams and Ron Chaney.

Front page of the Pittsburgh Post Gazzette Weekender
Lead story is Monster Bash!

A mystery guest at Monster Bah 1997 - Mr. Nosferatu!

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Monster Bash has brought you great guests like: Jane Adams, Beverly Garland, Dolores Fuller, Ray Harryhausen, Carla Laemmle, Forrest J Ackerman, Sara Karloff, Bela Lugosi Jr., Ron Chaney, Dwight D. Frye, Gary Don Rhodes, David Skal, Elena Verdugo, Tom Savini, Chilly Billy Cardille, Richard Valley, David Prowse, The Blob!, David "The Rock" Nelson, Conrad Brooks, Kyra Schon, Karl Hardman, Marilyn Eastman, Bill Hinzman, John Russo, Russ Streiner and many, many more to come!

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