The Monster Bash Winterfest in 2000 featured guests Forrest J Ackerman, Tom Savini, Conrad Brooks, Robert Tinnell, David "The Rock" Nelson, Carpathian and others!

This show was a scaled back, easy going, old-fashioned kind of convention. A total dedication to the man that made it all happen in the 1960's & 1970's - Forrest J Ackerman. It included a live musical performance to a showing of the 1925 PHANTOM OF THE OPERA with Lon Chaney. Kevin Slick brought the haunted house down with his new score for the film that he played live on keyboards.

Below photos courtesty of the Spisak's from Kentucky and Tony Bertram of The Journal of Dark Romantism.

Forrest J Ackerman cuts the 4E cake at Monster Bash Winterfest's
Saturday night "Phantom Party!"

Carpathian, the storyteller (skeleton in white shroud), Grim
and two other entourage creatures!

Monster Kids, The Spisak's with FRANKENSTEIN & ME/BELIEVE
movie director Robert Tinnell!

David "The Rock" Nelson, no-budget filmmaker
entertains and makes movies wherever he goes! Fueled on coffee
and a mania for monsters.

Bash Guest Artist Lorraine Bush featured her great paintings,
including this one of Bela. Lugosi Lives Eternal!

The ever smilin' Conrad Brooks, PLAN 9 actor
and Bash Horrorganizer, Ron "Rondo" Adams.

Bob Pellegrino mans the Creepy Classics Video scare-station.
Can't see 'em, but there are 6 foot skeletons hanging from
the Haunted Dealer Room ceiling!

Monster Bash staffer Kevin Slick received a standing ovation
for a live performance of his new PHANTOM OF THE OPERA score,
performed live at the Winterfest!

Ken and Dan from Zanol's Zombie Hut!
They were rockin' the Bash Dealer room with unbelielable cool ghoul deals.
Things like the book THE FILMS OF BORIS KARLOFF for $5 and that was the tip
of the iceberg. They were the talk of the Dealer room....
great prices and great stuff!

Bash Staffers Mike "Octaman" Adams
and Kevin Slick near the Chaney Entertainment tables.
Notice the big Forry Ackerman heads on the wall
provided by Bash Artist E-Gor Chastain!


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