A Glimpse at Universal's Monster Cafe

It's here! Universal Studios, Florida has unleashed THE MONSTER CAFE. It's a place that all monster-Classic Horror fans should see. I had the pleasure of checking it out in August of this year, as did the Cryptmaster's fiend (errrr, friend), Sorko!

There are seperate rooms to eat in with themes, like Frankenstein's lab, the Mummy's tomb, the Creature's lair, etc. You'll see 7' figures of the Frankenstein Monster, The Wolf Man (by Cortland Hull of The Witch's Dungeon), The Creature swimming in a giant aquarium and more. The best thing is that they used the "classic images" instead of just generic images. There are posters and 8X10's everywhere. Videos screens are displaying trailers and outtakes in every room.

Thank you Sorko for providing the photos for the following ghoulish gallery....

Approach The view as you approach the Universal Classic Monster Cafe from inside of the theme park! The three large monster figures rotate above the small deco-styled building, which is a gift shop of sorts... items for sale included Polar Lights reissues of the Bride and the Wolf Man's Wagon, Nite Lights, USPS Stamp Merchandise and other Unimonster items we're already familiar with - for now, the only item exclusive to the Universal Classic Monster Cafe were T-Shirts mostly in children's sizes, that depicted Frankenstein's Monster, Wolf Man and the Creature along with the Cafe's logo...
Rotating Unimonsters
The three rotating Unimonsters... the Frankenstein Monster holds a menu, the Wolf Man serves up a pizza, and the Creature is frosting a cake with a boat oar! Sculpting kinda reminds me of 60's roadside attraction kitsch... don't know whether to love it or hate it!
Phantom A lifesize Billiken Kit!! This magnificent faux bronze is located in front of the gift shop just under the three rotating Unimonsters... for those of you who have been to Universal Studios Florida, the statue used to be in the lobby of the theater which held the old "Horror Make Up Show" a few years ago... at his feet are the correct mask from the silent Chaney version along with sheet music depicting the Red Death image and the Phantom logo...
Entrance Walking toward the entrance of the Cafe, the yellow "squiggles" are neon electricity bursts which spark outward from the main logo... as you approach, the speakers are blaring "monster" oriented rock music such as "Feed My Frankenstein", "Werewolves of London", etc. Menus are displayed on the deco-styled pillars, and there are two backlit three-sheet size duratrans on each side of the main entrance - "Frankenstein Meets The Wolfman" on your left and"Revenge of the Creature" on your right... ready to go in yet?
Going In
This is standing in the entranceway of the Cafe, looking left to right... The Wolf Man display was created by Cortland Hull (yes, a relation to Henry!) who owns and operates "The Witch's Dungeon" in Bristol, Conn., and the Frankenstein Monster display across the hall is the terrific Cine Arts display figure, sculpted by Miles Tevis and painted by Gino Acevedo. Thru the gateway, you get your first glimpse of Frankenstein's Dungeon Laboratory...

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