The Charles Henson Collection

Charles with Dolores Fuller snuggle with some Angora at Monster Bash.
Charles is "Lost In Space" with Bob May, Mark Goddard and a robot friend at Wonderfest.


My collection is small and not really on display, but here are some shots you might like.

This above photo sent in by Charles Henson. He found this painting that looks similar to the style of paintings used in the AIP Poe films by Roger Corman. Nicely displayed. Here's Charles' background on it:

As promised, here’s the oil I picked up in Ozark, MO. It’s on masonite, painted in 1967. Somewhere along the way, it was stored somewhere wet and the paint has flaked away at the top, which adds to the overall effect. I varnished it to stabilize it, and that really brought out the color. It’s 14x18, and I had enough old molding to make a nice frame for it. Later I’ll add a black crepe drape. The artist (John Greenbank) had priced it at $15 in ‘67— I paid $20, an appreciation of 33% in only 45 years. Vincent Price has nothing on me. The two nickel-plated candlesticks came from the same shop. I got it because the girl reminded me of Barbara Steele, but the painting also looks like something from one of Corman’s Poe movies, don’t you think? The more I look at it, the more I like it.


Anna Marie (Charles' wonderful wife) is the robot fan, although the small square-headed robot was mine back in the fifties. Most of the others came from Bash vendors.

A few of my choicer books include an autographed copy of "Out of Space and Time" by Clark Ashton Smith; Bomba is signed by Johnny Sheffield (I mailed it to him) and the Karloff collection is signed by Sara.

The metal case of 8mm films (12) are the first ones I bought in the early sixties from Captain, Blackhawk, and Entertainment. The 50' Mother Goose is Harryhausen's animation. The others are assortments of 8mm and 16mm reels dating back to around 1930.

Some of the lobby cards are signed by various Bash guests.

The shrunken head is my best one, the others being plastic. This one is made from goatskin by the Jivaros (the goverment frowns on using people).

More heads, robots....and things....


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