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June MONSTER BASH Under the Stars!

Movie Line-Up Coming Soon....all 1950s Classic Monster Films on the Giant Screen!

Shop Classic Monster Collectibles all weekend long! Thousands of Blu-Rays, DVDs, Monster T-Shirts, Monster Model Kits, Monster Magazines, Monster Posters, Rare Collectibles, Autographs and more!


Friday Noon-2AM

Saturday Noon-2AM

***Of course, outside of the movies, we will be at the mercy of the weather. So events might have to be re-worked or canceled pending weather.

Traditional MONSTER BASH Free Cake Saturday Evening

We'll be doing sheet cakes for attendees as our traditional continues.

Classic Monster Movies on the Giant Screen

We'll be screening the most fun 1950s monster movies on the giant outdoor drive-in screen both nights! Dusk till late, very, very late. Plus all the vintage drive-in trailers, refreshment ads, and shorts you love!

Fun, Food, Friends & Films

This is the get together for all fans who grew up loving horror and science fiction films. We can't go another summer without connecting with our MONSTER BASH family.

Monster Bash Cornhole Toss Competition

You could win a huge prize package of Monster Collectibles in our Monster Bash Conhole Contest Friday afternoon and again Saturday afternoon. Your chance to win a $100 shopping spree at Creepy Classics both Friday & Saturday during the show.

Creepy Classics All Weekend

Inside the concession building you'll find Creepy Classics all weekend long with Blu-Rays, DVDs, Collectibles, T-Shirts, Monster Models, Monster Mags & more!

From the Basement

Outside in a tent left over from an expedition in Egypt (looking for the tomb of Kharis) is "From the Basement." Old monster collectibles, toys, masks, etc. See the wares they have for sale at MONSTER BASH UNDER THE STARS! A small sample is depicted above!

TV Horror Host: Son of Ghoul

35 years on the air! TV Horror Host legend SON OF GHOUL in person. Plus, the ol' ghoul will have a big set-up of rare movies on DVD, his shows and monster toy collectibles.

The Lair of Loot

Leonard's Lair of Loot will be on hand selling various toys and models...including STAR WARS and GODZILLA official products. Some that are no longer in production. Funko merchandise too. Grab an armful of goodies from the Lair.

Premiere Book Signing! Frank Dello Stritto's Latest

The new book by Frank Dello Stritto will be at MONSTER BASH UNDER THE STARS and Frank will be there to get you a signed copy. Above right Linda and Frank Dello Stritto. Frank is one of the most respect historians and writers on classic horror films. And, always innovative and fun with his writing style. Here are the details on the anticipated new, great book from Frank:

THE PASSION OF THE MUMMY. Four 1940s movies popularized Kharis’ legend, but cover only a small part on his 3,000 year existence. Kharis’ incredible life might have been forever unknown but for the unnamed narrator of this book. As a boy on a class trip to The Scripps Museum of Manhattan, he stood before the dormant mummy. Thoughts and memories transferred between the two. Their intimacy attracted notice from another  dormant force. The Cult of Karnak-Arkham tended Kharis through the centuries. His possible resurrection rekindled hope in the Cult that it might learn his final secret: the magic chant from the lost Scroll of Thoth that bestows eternal life and youth. The Cult lurked behind the narrator’s life, and led him through an uncanny world populated by immortals who walk among us. 

Monster Bash Under the Stars Welcomes Award Winning Fan Artist

Artist Malcolm Gittins will be setting up at MONSTER BASH UNDER THE STARS with a huge array of prints, t-shirts and original art for classic horror fans! Get your monster wear from Malcolm and he's always happy to talk....well, monster movies, with all us fellow fans.

Writer Brad Braddock

Don't miss Brad Braddock at MONSTER BASH UNDER THE STARS signing his Lugosi books! Brad is one of the nicest guys on the monster scene and brings us some great books!


Stay tuned right here....many more exciting events for monster movie fans of all ages will be posted as they develop.

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