The Fred Leaming Collection


Enter....if you dare!


Some different angles to catch more of this stunning collection that Fred has!


Creatures, Palmer figures, phantom mask...every nook and crannie...filled with monster goodness!


Frankenstein rules!


Look at those shelves, every inch filled with super collectibles.


Walking into Fred's domain is Monster Kid heaven!


One awesome collection and collector...."One of us! One of us!"


The stuff just keeps on coming! Wow!


Feast your eyes...what all can you see?


I am shock monstered at this collection. Hey, I recognize that Frankenstein trash can! I have one too.


Fred's collection goes Cinemascope!


Heck with looking for Waldo, can you find the Benard Jukes in here?


More pictures in from Fred...check out the 7' monsters...didn't we all want to order them....hoping they's be giant three dimensional figures?!

T-shirts include the HOUSE OF MONSTERS from Chicago....look at those great posters too.

Toys, toys, toys!!! Fred, this is amazing...

This is a museum of montrous proportions....

Masks line the wall....

Old Maid Monster cards, blow-ups of the monster candy, FM it.

The ceiling will be next!


Classic FM covers on shirts, Model Contest Ad, Hot Rod Models....Monster Kid Heaven!


The Thing from The Adams Family too! What a great bank that is! I want to pull up a chair and gawk at your house!


The monsters are everywhere! What a great display....notice the Wolf Man Universal Tee Shirt on the right.


Love the photos of Bela from FRANKENSTEIN MEETS THE WOLF MAN and Lon from HOUSE OF FRANKENSTEIN over the door frame!


Boy did I want those 7 foot Frankenstein and Dracula monsters I saw advertised in comic books. Fred has a Dracula one of the back of his door in this shot.


Intesting take on the Dracula Halloween hangig, upper right with the green face. It appears to me a morph between Bela Lugoi and Christopher Lee!


How abpout that Glenn Strange mask above the tee shirt? Wow!



I'm assuming that's a mask of the Phantom there...really vivid creepy cool!



Aurora models, Kharis and the Colossal Man rein at Fred's place!

Walking monsters, glow-in-the-dark monsters....see the Famous Monsters paperback in there too?!

Magazines on the wall, soakie!

Video box art, cards, little big heads....

Love that Gigantic Frankenstein box. .

A Creature snow globe in the center, sideshow eight inch figures....

Heyyyy! It the Fright Factory, man I loved that as a kid.

8mm films and more, more, more!.

The big picture!

What a collection...notice the Crestwood House Dracula book by the wall outlet!

Rev it up with the monser rods!

Creepy cool city.

Detail of the build-ups!

Christopher Lee autograph, Son of Famous Monsters book, Erik and Kharis too.

It's a monster I Spy! See the Moonster Old Maid cards?


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