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Ron Chaney

We celebrate A Century of Chaney's with Lon Chaney's grandson, Ron Chaney. Ron will talk about his grandfather and his great grandfather....the Chaney legacy. Ron is currently involved with finishing a two volume bio-photo book that was started by his grandfather. Ron recently was consultant on the musical stage show about his great grandfather - "A Thousand Faces." From The Phantom of the Opera, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, The Wolf Man, The Mummy, Dracula...the Chaney family has portrayed an army of classic movie monsters. Lon Chaney Jr. also appeared with Shemp Howard in SAN ANTONIO ROSE and other comedies including the iconic ABBOTT & COSTELLO MEET FRANKENSTEIN. Don't miss this east coast appearance with Ron Chaney.


The Shemp Howard Family

Joining the Monster Bash celebration it's The Shemp Howard family: Geri, Jill and Sandie! Geri is Shemp's daughter-in-law and has great Shemp stories. Jill and Sandi are Shemp's grand daughters. Get ready to see some rare family photos of the family. Shemp was a riot as one of the Three Stooges.


Joe Flaherty

Joe Flaherty From SCTV, to USED CARS, BACK TO THE FUTURE II, HAPPY GILMORE, POLICE ACADEMY TV show, MANIAC MANSON, THAT 70s SHOW, FREAKS AND GEEKS, THE WONDEFUL WORLD OF DISNEY and so much more. It's "Count Floyd" his TV Horror Host personna. Maybe the "Blood Sucking Monkeys from West Mifflin" will turn up too?!



Johnny Whitaker

Hugely prolific chld actor Johnny Whitaker is ready to Bash! Johnny's credits include, of course, FAMILY AFFAIR...but it goes far beyond that! He was in Disney's THE MYSTERY IN DRACULA'S CASTLE as a young monster movie maker, TOM SAWYER, SIGMUND AND THE SEA MONSTERS, ADAM-12, SOMETHING EVIL, GUNSMOKE, GREEN ACRES, BONANZA, BEWITCHED, THE RUSSIANS ARE COMING and even more.



Jackie Joseph

Actress Jackie Joseph joins us for fun and smiles! She's in the classic horror-comedy, the original LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS. Plus, you must remember her as the girlfriend of Ernest T. Bass in THE ANDY GRIFFITH SOW. She's the voice of Melody in JOSE & THE PUSSYCATS. Her credits include GREMLINS, GREMLINS 2, Boris Karloff's THRILLER, THE BRADY BUNCH, THE DICK VAN DYKE SHOW, F TROOP, WILD WILD WEST, McHALE'S NAVY, HOGAN'S HEROES, PETTICOAT JUNCTION, WHO'S MINDING THE MINT, GOMER PYLE, THE CAROL BURNETT SHOW....yes, there's even more.


John Russo

One of the last key players standing from the original NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD (1968)! John co-wrote and acted as a zombie in the iconic film. He's gone on to write books, produce and direct other films and will never be forgotten as one of the creators of an entire genre within a genre! Meet him at MONSTER BASH and see the amazing historical film materials he has.



Jeremy Ambler

One of our favorite contemporary horror guys, the ever fan-friendly Jeremy Ambler. Known for THE WALKING DEAD TV show, THE TOWN THAT DREADED SUNDOWN, THE DUKES OF HAZZARD and more.



Bill Luciani & Tony Pitocco's Life-Size Monsters

Bill Luciani is back at MONSTER BASH with his life-size monsters lining the hallway! Bill, along with Tony Pitocco create these amazing figures, some over seven feet tall. Their torch-wielding assistant is Paul Palmireri. Don't miss the photo-ops with these great creatures in our Horror Hall.



Monster Muppeteer Bill Diamond Returns To MONSTER BASH!

Emmy Award winner, former Henson muppeteer and now MONSTER TV producer and amazing prop collector, Bill Diamond is now set to appear at MONSTER BASH this October! He'll have the giant man-eating plant for photo ops and MANY rare movie props as well on display.



Zach Zito

The one man "Titan of Terror Theater," as a friend puts it! If you've never seen Zach perform his one man shows, you must not miss it this Monster Bash! Sometimes he recruits guest actors from our Guests of Honor...but, regardless, this guy has more talent than any human should have. Don't miss Zach's performance.


Son of Ghoul

The horror host that rocks Cleveland through to its bones! Son of Ghoul will be back to put the scare on you. Make sure to visit him at Bash and if you're in Ohio, check your local listings for that SOG listing! Son of Ghoul will host Saturday Morning free cereal and cartoons at Bash.

Drac and Countess Carita

Robert Kokai (Drac) starred in the fondly remembered "Frank and Drac Show" in Cleveland during the 1980s. A 2019 inductee to The Horror Host Hall of Fame, he's gone on to create the show Transylvania Tonight for The Monster Channel and Internet streaming which has been seen in 1,442 cities in 117 countries around the world. Along with his wife Stefanie (who co-stars and produces) as Countess Carita they continue to entertain as horror hosts. Robert is also a fabulous artist, has worked on stage as an actor with The Great Lakes Shakespeare Festival and The Actors Theatre of Louisville, and has written and produced for television in Los Angeles.  We welcome back to BASH, Drac and Carita!!


Tom Weaver

A writer and historian, Tom Weaver is back! He'll run the MONSTER BASH BRAIN TWIST quiz show and you could win prize packs from Creepy lassics. Tom is the author of many, many book on classic horror...including "The Bible"...UNIVERSAL HORRORS. His latest series of books is SCRIPTS FROM THE CRYPT. One of the best interviewers and reserachers for classic film.


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