The Creepy Classics - Monster Bash House at Halloween 2007!

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For those of you interested in what the owner of Creepy Classics and Monster Bash's Halloween looks you go! Not that much different than anyone else's....except the inside looks like Halloween all year round....HA! This is the skeleton (6 footer) that we had hanging in the tree in front of the house.

One of the two "big-eyed" pumpkins designed by my daughter, Paisley.

Our Zoltron 7559 Robot, tested and ready for action!

The backside of the Zoltron 7559. Ursula stands by with the trick-or-treak bag.

Paisley designed the robot outfit and gave me a "blueprint" (made with a blue ball point pen) about 2 weeks before Halloween. I was able to help her make a pretty close replica of her blueprint concept. I'll scan her original blueprint and add it to this page later.

Building the Zoltron 7559 at the garage. Lots of duct tape...lots of duct tape.

Paisley works on the head.

The fitting stage.

More testing. She ended up winning third prize in the town's Halloween parade!

The front door...and guard.

Just past Frankie and overseeing the full-size candy bars for kids our night knight.

Two pumkins designed by Paisley, lit with large candles inside.

Just inside the front door for Trick-Or-Treaters, our pet armedillo, gator head and...well, Bride head!

See you in 2008.

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